Saturday, March 26, 2016

Industrial Country Kitchen

Country style with anything is certainly more the look I prefer.  But spending time roving through different magazines and blog sites I've discovered a mix of styles works really well.  Such as the idea of a rustic country look mixed with a bit of industrial style, softened with pretty feminine touches like fresh pale pink flowers.
Love this cluster of lights hanging at all different levels.  The slight variation in shape only breaks up the display and adds interest.  A great feature over the table, just make sure it's not hanging too low so that obscures people's view!  A display cabinet is not only great for keeping crockery on hand but means these treasured items can become a part of your room.
Move away from the traditional country look by introducing these metal chairs.  As well as giving the room a more modern feel it reduces the appearance of clutter.
As well as introducing a hint of colour, soften the room by moving these peonies out of the lounge room and on to your kitchen bench!
With a large family I put having ample storage space on the top of my list, and this goes for the kitchen as well.  Instead of hiding food items display them in attractive containers, mixing it up with both old fashioned clip jars and more modern canisters. 
If you are lucky enough, having a strong focal point, like this old fashioned stove, would be wonderful in any country style kitchen.  Bring it forwarded into the 21st Century by avoiding too much 'rustic' clutter, (so keep away from the patchwork and chicken printed tea towels!) and keep it clean and fresh with simple white and natural timbers.


  1. Well, I wont be discussing with you here much longer. (; But, I totally agree with you on industrial looking rooms. Kitchens and beyond. Really, it's such a functional style because it can be made modern or vintage just by swapping the surrounding decor!

  2. I love mixing styles, the industrial country is one of the favorites! After nearly half a year in an old mill (can't believe it's already 6mos) I realize that in my final house that Spencer and I hope to build I want to incorporate more industrial elements, modern but classic styles and BRICKS or STONES. Whatever compliments the design best.

    Interior design is so much fun. I'm glad you're getting so into it. It's a great form of physical and livable art!!

    MUCH LOVE!!!
    PS: that stove is awesome. We both need to invest.... ;)