Sunday, March 27, 2016


Easter has always been my favourite holiday, and not just because of all the chocolate!  My childhood was spent each year holidaying with the family on a farm up near Kyneton, and every year it was the same.  The same crisp, cool but sunny weather, the same sights and smells, the same animals greeting us like old friends.  There was something about the 'feel' of Easter, a time of year that had it's own atmosphere. 
Now, with my own family, we don't go away at Easter because there is always something happening on the farm or with our sheep that needs doing.  At the moment my husband is busy harrowing the paddocks, getting it ready to put in a new crop.  With the change of seasons it spells a new beginning and another faze in our lives surrounding the going-ons at the farm.  With a soil test done recently the fertiliser will soon be spread, before the clover and rye grass goes in.
At home the vegetables in the garden reached the end of their life cycles and last week I spent three hours clearing out the garden beds and mowing the lawns.  The soil can now be prepared for winter greens such as broccoli, broad beans and perhaps even garlic.  I'm looking forward to winter soups filled with our own produce.
I've become a little fascinated with colour lately and today's palette celebrates both Easter and the mood it provokes within me; a somewhat relaxed and lazy blue.
Have a Happy and safe Easter.



  2. Your eggs are quite pretty and very organic-looking, Amber. Happy Autumn to the entire family.

    Sheep, crops, harrowing, weeding, fertilizing and later: Broccoli emerges from the soil to enhance dinner plates and salads and casseroles. Our asparagus season has begun and we are eating it many times a week here. The thin stalks are my favorite and I made a Hollandaise Sauce the other night; hubby and I ate the whole portion in one fell swoop. And i'm really thinking of making it at least one more time before the yummy stalks go out of season... What do you think? Do you like Hollandaise, Amber? Do you ever make it for the family?

    How's the dancing going? I look forward to seeing your son's progress as he goes thru the classes he loves so much.

    Your blue is gorgeous and it's one of my favorite shades of the blue family. Good choice.

  3. You have such fond memories of Easters gone by! And it's good to stay home also, I like to stay home and have a rest lol And we are STILL eating chocolate and STILL have eggs missing from the easter egg hunt, I can't remember where I put them xo