Monday, March 21, 2016

A Teenager's Study Nook

Doing up my eldest son's room was a sort of comedy of errors.  But it was one of those times where you kind of stuff up but it works out for the best.  I shall elaborate.

I ordered this little study desk from Officeworks, a little 'pop together yourself' little number that was only $69.  I also ordered a student chair, one of those on wheels, you know, the type that you spend a lot of time procrastinating on when you are a teenager and are supposed to be doing your homework but instead you are spending your time spinning around and around, while staring at the ceiling, making yourself dizzy, then seeing if you can walk across the room without falling over.  I should know about this game.  Many a "study evening" was spent playing it. 

Anyway....I'm getting side tracked.  So I ordered the desk, and this spinning chair which was a lovely bright blue, and then I waited.  And I waited.  And I waited.  And I waited.  And then I waited some more.  But nothing.  It didn't come!!!!  What had I done???!!!  

Ok, as it turned out my order didn't go through and the desk and the magical spinning chair weren't ordered so I had to put the whole thing through again.  Annoying?  Maybe.  But fortunate?  Yes!!  I ordered the same desk but instead of going for the time wasting spinning vomit inducing chair I hopped on over to the Target website and ordered this gorgeous Replica Eames DSR Side Chair in blue.  And it's SUCH a PRETTY blue!!  Ignore the fact that this chair is pretty and it's for my son, but I love it and it was only $49. 
Now that my son is in high school I figured it was time he had his own study space for all the so called homework he's now going to get.  Of course it's now the last week of Term 1 (yes really, where did that time go?) and I'm yet to have seen him do any homework at all.  Anyway, never mind. 

The book shelf has always been a feature in my son's room, it was something he's had since he was three, although this is the tidiest it's ever been because I went through it the other week and had a massive cull of random useless bits and pieces and books that were way too young for him.  I bought him a couple of charcoal grey plastic boxes with lids to store all those bits and pieces that make shelves look untidy, which these boxes are identical to the ones I bought for my two other boys (see here), except for the colour of course!

I also shopped at Kmart (yet again) to get a few decorative things that I thought a teenage boy would like; such as the light-up arrow, which I thought was a bit of fun, the little set of drawers that I sat on the desk, the pencil holder (which is actually from the bathroom section of Kmart and is supposed to be used to hold toothbrushes), and this really cute notebook.

The poster on the wall is one I found a while ago, a male ballet dancer doing a leap of sorts.  It took me ages to find this online actually.  I wanted a poster of a male ballet dancer (as my son does ballet) doing some sort of dramatic leap, but I wanted him wearing all of his clothes (so it wasn't weird!!), and doing a really strong, dramatic leap.  The poster is framed by my Dad, who is a picture framer.
The cactus I got from my local IGA supermarket (because we all need something botanical to murder) and the blue desk lamp I ordered off eBay for $40.  I deliberately went for blue to match the chair.  Although he does have an overhead light in the ceiling (obviously!) I knew it was important to have the desk lamp because he will throw a shadow over his work when he sits down to study.
I changed the bedding in this room quite a while ago because it was a little bit boring and he was due for a change.  I got this versatile charcoal grey which has bright yellow and navy accents, good for a teenage boy. There was also this little pillow with the headphones that matched the set, which I thought gave it a nice teenager-y feel, and as it was another Kmart purchase, it wasn't much extra.  The painting above the bed is an original done by my best friend's husband, which are whales in the ocean, and the picture beside the bed is my son's favourite car, (don't ask me what it is I have no idea).

I was really pleased with how it all turned out, with the creation of a study nook not costing much at all.  Now let's see how long he can keep it tidy!


  1. I lost my mind when you said "because we all need something botanical to murder." bahahahahahaha seriously, isn't that the damn truth! Dont we all have the best intentions with house plants only to "forget" and find them shriveled up weeks later. I'll admit I am a lot better than I used to be. (;

    I think your son's new study area is brilliant! Even if he "never has homework." Yea yea Ethan, I used that excuse on my parents all the time in high school!

  2. Funny story, AWESOME outcome. I love my light up arrow, so good thinking ;) The cactus is super cute, and doesn't require much maintenance.. Love the whole look.

    Much LOVE!!!