Saturday, January 9, 2016

Things You Should Pack When Visiting Australia

As a follow up from a post I did here on Ten Things You Think You Will See in Australia I decided that I would have no doubt (!) really tempted you to come visit us here 'Down Under'.  I will just quickly point out that in that post I wrote that you won't see any people wandering about with hats with corks on them.  WELL....... today I actually saw a guy wearing one!!  And he was walking down the street in my town!  He was an old dude, so maybe that's forgivable....but was a pretty major fashion faux pas.  Also, just to add, the corks really don't keep the flies off.  A few corks dangling down is not going to stop flies from sneaking through and landing on your face.

Anyway...back to the point.

If you decide that you do want to come visit (and even come and visit me specifically!)...then here is a little helpful list of things to bring, that I have put together for you to help you survive!
Mosquito repellent.  If you're visiting during the summer then mosquito repellent is an absolutely must.  I was away up north at Wakool over the New Year period and I got positively EATEN alive and over a week later I'm still itching. 
Sunscreen.  Don't be caught without it.  The sun here gets hot hot hot.  Although I'm sure it gets hot everywhere else too, but here it certainly gets a nasty 'bite' to it, and I've noticed that over the last decade it seems to be getting worse.  I like this "How to Apply Sunscreen to a Child" because this really does apply to me when I'm trying to get it on my kids.  It's such a tedious thing....particularly because I have to repeat the steps three times.
A hat.  A broad brimmed one is the best, so it shades all sides of your head.  A peaked cap works too of course, just make sure you use that sunscreen you brought along and put it on the back of your neck.  Oh, and don't forget your ears.
A swimsuit.  Unless you're coming in the winter, then yes, a swimsuit is a must.
Sunglasses.  I just bought my husband some sunglasses for Christmas actually.  He did not own a pair at all and actually hasn't since I've been married to him which is 6 and a half years.  I knew they probably wouldn't suit him and he would have to go back and change them to suit his face (because unfortunately I couldn't take his face into the store with me when I was picking them out), but I knew that it would then force him to HAVE to go into the shop himself and pick a pair that did.  The lengths we have to go to just to get our partners a pair of sunnies!  Anyway don't forget yours when you pop on over.
Boots.  If you are planning on visiting the countryside, say wandering about the bush, or maybe you are thinking about coming over for a working holiday and think that farm work might be for you (!), then a pair of boots is a must.  Elastic-sided boots are really comfortable and you can get some great ones here, so don't bother bringing some over (because they will be heavy in your luggage), buy them here.
Camera.  Australia is so wide and varied.  So many different things to see and do.  So many different types of landscapes to experience and take photos of!  So definitely don't forget your camera...even if you have to take out the mossie repellent to fit it in your bag!


  1. I know a few relatives who are visiting Australia very soon, I'll be sure to redirect them over haha ♥

    1. Yep! Hopefully it helps! Bit of a 'survival guide' really!!

  2. Lovely post! I want to visit Australia one day and these tips are great! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Ooo..that would be nice! It still is another 7 hours flight from Thailand however, but if you got the chance it would be awesome! You should drop by for sure!!

  4. I've said it a million and one times, but I WILL visit AU someday. Everything about it appeals to me. The county, the calmness. Idk. There's something about it that makes it all so magical to me. I've always felt that way. Actually, when I was in 5th grade, a friend's mom came back from a business trip in the AU and he gave me an Australian dollar. I think it's a dollar. Idk. It's gold colored and has kangaroo all over it. ?? I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I still have it to this day and always new I'd one day visit. (: I have sun allergies, so I'd probably have to apply sun screen every half hour over there. haha (;

    1. Yes, you must must must visit! It is an Australian dollar that you have with the 5 kangaroos. Come and visit me and then we can go on a big Australia Road trip!!