Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Day Before the Day Before

It's Christmas know, that weird day where you feel like it's almost Christmas but not and when you were a kid you're like "one more sleep until it's one more sleep until Christmas" or some such faff.  It was all so exciting.  Actually, it's still all so exciting but for different reasons.  Wait until you have children!  (if you do already you know what I'm talking about!)

This year I'm a lot more organised than normal.  I always have my Christmas shopping done by now, although I'm usually getting to it late...not like some super organised people who start putting things away in June.  I bought the last thing today (a little something extra for my husband), and although I haven't wrapped it yet I've actually wrapped up everything else.  It took me two hours.  BUT....normally I'm up for ages the night before Christmas, madly wrapping up presents on the floor in my bedroom while my husband lounges around flicking between channels on the TV, trying to decide between watching the 'Carols' (big live Carols by Candlelight that happens in Melbourne every year) or 'Die Hard'....a mans version of a "Christmas Movie".  Usually 'Die Hard' wins. 

I'm actually a little bit more forward thinking this year in that I have already started on one of my New Year's Resolutions.  Actually, I didn't plan this, it just sort of happened.  Two days ago I did a big clear out (again) of my wardrobe and started to try on all the jeans I had crammed in my drawers.  Depressingly some are quite hard to get on and even more depressingly some I can't get on at all.  Arrggghhh.....!!!  Yes I have had four babies and yes I've reached middle age (so some excuse maybe for 'middle aged spread') but youngest baby is TWO!  What sort of excuse is that!!  Last year I stopped eating sugar for three weeks and actually got into my awesome Wrangler Booty Up jeans, which is my standard measurement for "Hell Yeah my arse is looking good and I'm the skinniest version of my fluffy self", but then after a little while I wasn't able to get into them again.... but now.....well the last four months I've actually put more weight on top of the weight that was stopping me from getting back into those jeans.  Does that make sense??!  Anyway, I've decided to take the bull by the horns and over the last two days I've been partaking in the 'Lose Baby Weight' diet.  Yes!  It's actually a thing.  Check out the website here.  There are all of these fabulous recipes to make, telling you how many calories in each, and great easy exercise plans for each day...exercises that you can actually do easily at home around the kids.  You know, the type of exercises that you can quickly do while you're cooking the tea.  Really, I was doing "step ups" while cooking dinner last night and this morning I was supposed to dance for  6 minutes.!!  I can do that.  So I bopped around to Michael Jackson in my bedroom with my head phones on....although I did lock the door so the kids didn't walk in on me and have me inflict upon them some serious psychological disorder when they witnessed my "Mom dancing". 

Anyway, this is one of the meals.  I made this for lunch today.  Mushroom and Ham Crostini.  It was delicious.  Who knew diets could be soooooo tasty?  Why didn't I do this before?!
This scrumptious little number consists of a piece of sour dough bread toasted, topped with a slice of ham that has been cut up and heated in the fry pan, along with spring onions, mushrooms, thyme, parsley and garlic, and then drizzled with a combination of yoghurt, lemon juice and pepper.  It was the best thing EVER!!
Yes, I know it's weird to decide to go on a diet BEFORE Christmas, but honestly I just couldn't stand the sight of myself and my wobbly bits any more, and having a considerably younger husband, I've just got to get back in the groove and start looking....well....more groovy.  I'm mentioning this diet here, although I did have some reservation because then...well...then I'd have to actually DO it...but then I thought...YES...I'll tell you to make myself accountable and it will make me stick to it even more and then I can show off how gorgeous I look in a swimsuit in a few months time. I won't be doing that to you but I can let you in on how it's going.
I actually had a hair cut the other day to help me on the way to grooviness (I hadn't had one for 9 months...yes really....before that hair cut it had been 12 months in between chops) and this time I let the hair dresser take 3 inches off and straighten it.  It looked so lovely.  Of course as soon as I washed it my hair went back to feeling coarse and looking like a gigantic boofy triangle on my I actually went back to the hair dresser and inquired about the fabulous shampoo and conditioner they used.  At $58 and $48 a pop respectively I think not...but instead I got something that would do the job just as well at about half the price.  I did, however, invest in this remarkable hair oil that she used before she dried and styled it, some incredible concoction with Camellia Oil in it that was $64.  She did assure me that it would last me 12 months so I took the plunge.  I then went and bought a hair straightener, headed home and popped in the Camellia Oil marvel, used the straightener and was a changed woman.....
I can now wear my hair down.  A miracle.  So my early New Year's Resolution is to shrink and do something other than scrape my hair back in a pony tail like some kind of exhausted soccer mum.  As you can see it doesn't take much to get me excited.  I'll think of some more inspirational New Year's Resolutions, I promise.

Santa is busy doing his rounds on the back of the local fire truck as I write this, a tradition I mentioned in a post here about what Christmas is like in Australia.  The kids are excitedly dashing about the back garden, listening to the whoops of the siren getting louder, and pretty soon the truck will come down our street, with Santa hanging off the back, throwing bags of lollies at the kids.
Anyway I feel like I can finally sort of wind down before Christmas now and take it easy for a while.  It was pretty busy at the end of term there, what with multiple ballet concerts, school graduations, day care graduation (since when do kids graduate from day care??) and starting to get things organised for kids starting school NEXT year...both primary school and high school.  Next year my crazy schedule is only going to get worse, due to the kids, but I'm really looking forward to it.  But for the moment I'm going to settle back with a good magazine or three and just smell the roses.



  1. First off, a very Merry Christmas to you, your husband, and your little munchkins. <3 Secondly, I think as women the absolute worst thing we can do for ourselves is keep clothing with the thinking "oh I'll just lose weight and wear it again." We may mean well, but in reality, we're setting standards for ourselves and promises we may or may not be able to keep. I have a friend who is awful at this. She was very very small in high school, and like all of us, her metabolism went way down. Not to mention when you're in your early 20's you tend to drink a lot and eat late at night. Or having kids. haha. So both are weight gainers. Long story short, she keeps clothing she will never realistically fit into. She's not actively trying to work out and fit into it, she just keeps it, sees it every time she steps into her closet, and you know what? It makes her miserable. Honestly the best thing you can do for yourself when you are feeling less than great is get rid of the things that dont fit you. The more you keep them, the more you are reminded that time has changed you. That doesn't have to be a bad thing. (: I do think healthier eating habits are always welcomed! Whether someone is unhappy with how they look or feeling groggy. So yay to eating healthy! Just do it for you and no one else. You are a beautiful mama of 4 kiddos with a loving husband. You are an amazing person and not being able to fit into a pair of jeans wont make you a bad person. (: So keep your head and heart high and bring in the new year right. <3

    ps... your hair. <3 You look like a Bombshell! Girl I go insane amounts of time between cuts. Mostly because it's a phobia. haha. No shame or judgement here.

    1. Thanks Kiki, I hope you had a great Christmas. Healthy eating and 'diet' going well after a week (despite Christmas!!)..lost a kilogram and reduced centimetres around all the bits you are supposed to making progress. Feeling better too with the exercise and just the general uplift of putting some time into myself for a change! It was so nice to have a haircut, particularly because I left the kids with Lindsay! I'll go back in another 12 weeks I think. Start making it a regular thing.

  2. Very exciting about the hair, and the pre-Christmas organization!! I hope that your Christmas was amazing!!! I love your resolutions! Although I'm not really "in to participating" in New Year's resolution-making, I would have to say one of my resolutions is to do more with my hair and makeup on a daily basis. Usually I don't feel the need to get made up, and Spencer never mentions a preference each way, so my days continue on with bed head (which I actually love because it gives my fine hair texture!!) and au naturel face.
    Congratulations also on your fit-journey. Who knew there was a challenge? Glad you found it, it sounds practical for a Mom. How handy! I mean, it even sounds practical for anyone who is busy.. The crostini looked amazing!!!

    MUCH LOVE!!!!

    1. I'm with you on the au naturel face! That's me everyday, although yesterday I did purchase a new Clinique lipstick..although when I say new, it's the same one I have had for years, I just got another because it's my favourite colour in the whole wide world, and even though I still have some left in my old one I just don't want them to stop making the colour (like they have done) and then I won't be able to get it any more!! (it's the Clinique Almost Lipstick, colour in Black's THE BEST)....Anyway, I've gone completely off topic..... I'm enjoying the fitness and diet challenge, the recipes they give you to make are so delicious and I'm finding it all easy to stick with. I've even lost a little weight and centimetres over this week, despite having Christmas smack bang in the middle of it!! yay!