Saturday, November 28, 2015

What I'm Thankful For

We obviously don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, this was because of something that happened in America, so why would we.  But what a fabulous reason to get festive!  Doing some research into the whole reason behind Thanksgiving and I'm suitably impressed.  I mean, not only do you guys get to eat turkey (nom nom nom) but the fact that the Pilgrims shared their harvest with the American Indians, and that they showed thanks for the help they received from them, I'm all for it.  There are some gigantic life lessons that should be brought forward to today's world, not only messages I'd like my children to learn, but the current world climate could take a few leaves out of this book too.  Let's be grateful for what we have and, yes, let's share it with others.

So even though the Thanksgiving season has just finished it got me thinking about what I have to be thankful for, and even though I sometimes grumble about my life, and moan about my back pain, and sometimes (actually, quite often) yell at my kids, I do have a lot to be grateful for.
This Guy

This hard working shearer is my husband and I've never been more grateful for somebody in my life.  He stuck around when I told him he didn't have to and he's loved me ever since.  He sweats it out everyday, bent over a smelly old sheep (actually about 200 a day really), so that we have a roof over our heads, food to eat, clothes to wear and all those other luxuries that make up our lives.  He's a fantastic father and step-father, kind and caring, loving and fun to be around.  He is sporting some mighty fine mutton-chops in this photo (it was taken last year) but they are (thankfully!) no longer on his face.  But mutton-chops or not, I love him anyway.
Boys Dance Too

This is my eldest son.  He started doing classical ballet at the start of this year and he is a natural.  I know I'm his Mum and all but he is really good at it and had me completely gobsmacked while I was watching him doing his first class.  He took to it like a duck to water and now, just after a year, his teacher is recommending him for special classes that The Australian Ballet School will be running next year.  This is THE best school in the country and if anything is going to help him achieve his dream of dancing for the Australian Ballet this is his chance. Words can't describe how proud of him I am or how grateful I am for this opportunity.  For a twelve year old he is mature, well spoken, driven and always helps me when I ask him to!
My Six Year Old

He's quiet, he's thoughtful, he's gentle, he loves cars and riding his bike, he is very good at playing the piano (he's only been learning a few months) and he has Autism, which doesn't define who he is.  He has challenges ahead of him but he tells me he loves me and gives me lots of cuddles. He was an unexpected surprise but he was a truly wonderful surprise and I am always grateful for him.
My Brown Eyed Boy
This little fella will be turning five in January and will be starting school together next year with the six year old.  Two of them in the same class! (do I feel a bit sorry for the teacher?!?)  He has an enormous capacity to love and is incredibly caring.  He hugs his little sister and rushes to greet his six year old brother when we pick him up from day care, giving him a hug and a kiss and is genuinely excited to see him.  He's funny and clever and loves drawing and trains and when he sees me flinching with the pain in my back he will run over and start rubbing it better.  Strangely, even though he is touching me so lightly when he does this, it feels remarkably good.  It's like he has some sort of magic healing touch.  He also loves foxes (hence the face paint), although he's very keen to go hunting with his father and "shoot the foxes."  Go figure.
My Little Ballerina

So after having three boys I suddenly have a girl.  I didn't think it was possible but here she is.  She's obsessed with ballet.  She's two and she lives in a tutu and gets about saying "and pointe and pointe" (while pointing her toes), "and spin" (does pirouette), "and tutu" (and will do a lovely curtsy whilst holding out her tutu).  She recently stole the show at my sons ballet concert when she got up on stage during the interval and proceeded to entertain the audience, running about and doing her 'ballet' and dropping the most gorgeous bows.
This was it.  I actually have this on film and should share it with you.  The audience were clapping and laughing and making the appropriate "isn't she gorgeous" noises.  It was very funny and what I think is the start of years of ballet concerts and me endlessly sewing sequins on costumes.
She's cheeky and sweet and head over heels about her Dad (and he's crazy about her), she loves ballet and dancing and more ballet and just a bit more dancing, as well as Angelina Ballerina.  She's very spoilt, (of course), owns more tutus than any girl I know and is going to self combust with excitement when she finds out that next year she will be doing a proper ballet class at the very good school that her big brother goes to.  To put it bluntly, she will lose her s**t!

She is also prone to falling asleep in weird places due to her insistence that she DOES NOT have a nap during the day when she clearly needs one.... Observe...
It's often a common occurrence to find her asleep while wearing a tutu.  No doubt dreaming of dancing.
This Dog

This is Pip.  She's my husband's working dog.  She's a kelpie and she's gorgeous.  She's the nicest dog.  She doesn't normally live at home with us but stays out at the farm, or is even up north with my brother in-law.  My husband doesn't like dogs in the back yard, nor does he really like domestic pets.  He's grown up with dogs being a working tool and when they are done for the day they go back on the chain.  They are well cared for, don't get me wrong, but they are not for cuddling.  I miss having a dog as my kelpie Kate ran away almost two years ago.  But over about the last three weeks Pip has been living with us and I have been spoiling her rotten.  She' actually been helping get me out of a bit of a slump.  I mean there is only so long you can live with chronic back pain and no sleep.  Two years and I'm a bit over it and she's cheered me up no end.

And then there's the little things, like my roses...
They've gone ballistic this year because we had such a cold winter.
Then there's family and friends; like my parents who are always there for me, my in-laws who have been so generous and welcoming.  My sister and brother are just a phone call away and my best mate Meaghan, who I unfortunately don't get to see a lot due to busy lives and distance, but she is always my best mate and our friendship will pick up where it left off every time we see each other.
Speaking of friends I am also thankful for my lovely blogger buddies, Stephanie, Kiki and Bianca.  You guys are all quite a bit younger than me, yet you still accept me into the fold, and although I am yet to meet any of you, I love you all and am eternally grateful for your friendship.
I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. Gorgeous impressions! Your kids are beautiful... And Pip is a very cute girl, I can totally hear you about dogs cheering one up :)
    Christina ♥

    1. Thank you Christina! Yes, Pip is gorgeous!

  2. Thats so cute you have sheep! I hope you had a great thanksgiving

    1. We have over 200 of them and about 320 lambs at the moment! Chaos! x

  3. What a beautiful post! I love the Imogen sleep-compilation. Always will, silly girl! Wonderful photos to back up some wonderful writing. I am very thankful for you as well! Life is an amazing journey, and I'm so glad I get to share it with you. If we'd never built up the courage to write out blog posts, I wouldn't know you! Can you imagine that!?!? I can not think about it!! MUCH LOVE to you and your amazing family!!!

    1. Thank you! x The latest sleep photo with the book didn't make this post because I wrote this a few days before that happened (which was yesterday) No, I won't know what I'd do without your friendship either! xo

  4. I love that you observed Thanksgiving in your own way. (: I also think it's super cute you did a bit of reading up on the holiday. However, I don't advise reading what happened after they all held hands and ate turkey. It's sort of messed up, and not very pretty. Any who, I think it's always good to look around and remind yourself reasons to be thankful. The holidays really do bring people together. Your kiddos are all so precious. Hope your back starts giving you some relief soon! I can't imagine having that all the time. When I was pregnant, that was enough for me!

    1. Ok, so now I'm really curious about the whole what happened after the 'love-in' at the turkey bake. I'm re-reading 'The Hunger Games' at the moment so I'm having all sorts of terrible images. Christmas is the time that my family all catches up. It should be nice this year!

  5. Aw, haha...the pictures of Immy falling asleep all over the place are so cute! xx

    1. I got another sleeping photo yesterday actually. I couldn't find her (I went looking because she had gone I am assuming she is doing something getting into my makeup again!)..and I discover she has gone to sleep in the boys wardrobe on a pile of books! Got a photo of course.