Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Things You Can Do When You Are Bored At Home

You know you would think this would never happen to me. Being bored at home. I have four kids ranging in ages from 12 to 2 so this house is never still. Actually it's a little bit of a mad house at times and I'm the main offender for never being still. There's always someone to clean up after, someone to take to ballet classes or kindergarten, food to cook, clothes to clean, more mess to clean up and, if I'm lucky, lots of sewing I want to get done.
But occasionally, just occasionally I do get a little bored. Now I'm at home A LOT. And I really mean most of the time. Having kids it's difficult to get out, and since my husband is either shearing or doing farm related things the majority of the time, it's not often that we do go out and do things. You know, things like go on picnics or go to the beach or the zoo or the movies. Being a large family these sorts of things can be very limiting too because can get expensive. I'm actually planning on taking the kids to the movies this summer holidays and trust me, I'm starting to save my pennies now!!

So being quite a professional at the whole 'staying at home' thing I have quite a list of things to remedy the vague possibility of being bored, (when I'm not washing, cleaning, cooking, tidying up or tearing my hair out!)

I used to be an avid reader, you know, that nerdy kid with her nose always stuck in a book. I used to read with a torch under the bed clothes at night. THAT type of kid. I don't get as much time to read nowadays but I still can get lost in a good book and will often sit up in bed for hours reading, much to the amusement of my husband (who does not read). Books can be expensive so perhaps join your local library, although if you are anything like me I'm addicted to new books and I'm always adding to my collection. Something about the smell and feel of a new book. And the way the pages aren't creased and the cover is so glossy. Mmmm. I know. I'm weird.


Ok, before you think “Say what?! Isn't that housework?” Yes, it is. Technically. But have you really ever got stuck into all your random stuff and had a good clean out? Trust me. It's ridiculously therapeutic and highly recommended. You never know what you will find and it's especially good to do before Christmas, right before you introduce a whole swag of new toys into the house. I went through my boys things just the other day and managed to get rid of a WHOLE box of toys. Really. True story.


Ok, so we've established my love of sewing and how I'm slightly obsessed, but sewing, like any crafty hobby is a fabulous activity to have waiting in the wings if you are starting to get a little bored. I know I can lose myself for hours in bundles of fabric and metres of thread and it gives me some relief from the monotony that can sometimes be my everyday life. Plus there is nothing quite as satisfying as creating something. I can clean up all day after the kids but five minutes later there is a mess again. At the end of my day of sewing I actually have something to show for it and it's brilliant!


I've said before in previous posts that I'm not a huge fan of technology, particularly children and technology (!), but to me technology is a little like fast food. Everything in moderation. I'm not opposed to my son using his new Leap Pad, which I bought to help him learn, (so thumbs up for something educational) and I will while away an hour every now and then perusing Pinterest and my eldest is quite fond of the games on his iPod. I know a lot of people like to play online casino games which I think is alright too every now and then. Once again, everything in moderation.

Cooking and Baking

We all need to cook, whether it just be throwing something together for the evening meal or creating something magical. Baking isn't for everyone but I do happen to enjoy it and find it can relieve the boredom. With four kids I need to keep up a ready supply of snacks so “Cookie Robots” are something I bake often, (which are just chocolate chip cookies but my kids name them “Cookie Robots” because of the movie 'Despicable Me') and any time there are manky bananas (which is a fairly regular occurrence), I'll whip up a banana cake. Which reminds me....there's manky bananas waiting in the kitchen for me right now.....


  1. To cut back on my spendy habits, I've been sitting in my car on my lunch break and reading. Joshua is a HUGE reader so there are always books laying around. I swear he can finish a book in three days, work a full time job and be a family man. (; Takes me like a month.... haha.

    I'm actually planning on spending my holiday "time off" cleaning out our room and doing mass declutter. Lord knows I'll have the time and it is sooooo long over due.

    Baking? Sigh, sadly I have never managed to successful bake, well anything. I can cook up a storm, but measuring stuff and following directions is clearly not my thang. (; Perhaps I'll tackle something easy over the holiday like muffins?

    1. That's a good idea about reading in the car. I don't get out to the shops much because I hate shopping with the kids, it's a nightmare, but then there's always online shopping...which is so much harder to escape! I'm like Joshua, I'll read a book in a couple of days too. Have fun with your 'de-clutter'. I tackle one bit at a time, makes it a lot less nasty!

  2. Spending is the easiest thing to do it seems and cutting back is Hard for me. I buy cool stuff like fabric and coloring pens and crochet hooks and fancy merino wool for my weaving and hooking habits--which must be fed. I've scored two bundles of 24 fat quarters of African print fabrics and they are the most amazing fabrics I've laid eyes on, Amber. Just delightfully different and so unique. She's "sewfancy2" on ebay and man-alive has she got pretty fabric bundles. I need one more I think. My husband even loves this new source of beauty. I'm making potholders out of the prints and it's way fun.

    Cooking seems to have left me in the dust. The last couple meals I made were meh! and some parts were burned-bummer, and not impressing the lady I was cooking for. I'm mostly eating toast and lemonade these days since that keeps my tummy happy and quiet. Hubster cooks for himself in big batches and freezes individual portions several times a month so I don't even have to think about his needs; he shops and does dishes too now that he's retired.

    Have a great summer. Are the kids out of school for holidays yet? I have abso no feel for when you all are on summer break...or even if that's how your school year works. Maybe you have a more modern way of dealing with school holidays-our summer off system is from when most kids lived on farms and were needed for harvest. That is so no longer the case and yet we cling like limpets to the old schedule much to the chagrin of working parents who have to pay for camps and babysitters for ten to twelve weeks every summer. Fools, I say, get with the modern programs !~!

    1. Isn't it great when you find someone with awesome fabrics!! (and then it's not so great when you can't stop buying!!!) I've been a little bit over cooking lately, but then I've been really tired. I sort of go in cycles where I can be bothered, and then I get over it again!
      No, the kids are still at school (well at least my eldest is), and the other two boys are still in kinder. Only a few weeks left to go. The school year finishes at the end of the year and then they all go up a grade at the start of the calendar year. It does seem to make more sense!

  3. Great post! I love these vintage visuals :)
    Christina ♥

    1. Thank you! I love the vintage pictures too. They are so innocent somehow!

  4. I am very much into the de-cluttering as therapy, it is true! Great tip! Now that I have had the opportunity to test out my new oven (that came with the new apartment) I am so happy. I get to go back to baking!! LOL cookie robots!!! I love those little crawlies. So cute. Too bad the real cookies don't sprout tiny legs and help you spy on the neighbors... heh.. not that I need to spy on my neighbors or anything.....

    Much LOVE!!!