Monday, October 19, 2015

Sewing: My Little Ballerina

I have mentioned in a previous post here, where I sewed a dress for my daughter using fabric with ballerinas on it, about how crazy she is about dancing.  So when I found this fabric in the craft store in my town I just had to buy it and make another pinafore for her.  I know.  This is my third version of this dress but it is a great one to show off pretty fabrics.
What better way to keep a ballet mad little girl happy but have a wardrobe full of ballet inspired clothes!  There was also enough of both fabrics left to make the skirt that came with this dress pattern, which was something I hadn't tried yet.  It was nice and easy too, with a simple elasticised waist.
The skirt has already become a firm favourite, with her becoming attached to it while I was trying it on her to get the elastic sizing right.  It then, unfortunately became extremely difficult to get it off her and resulted in tears, but I still hadn't done the hem.  This is a great skirt for using up left over fabric, so no doubt I will make this up many times. 

I still have a fair bit of this ballerina material left so I will find something else nice to make.  In the meantime I have my eye on the other version of's the same but the dancer's tutus are pink!


  1. Hey if this style works, why not make as many as possible! (; I think these work perfectly for play, or if you need to go somewhere. I can only imagine how excited little Imogen is to sport her favorite ballerinas on her clothes! (: