Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sewing: Farmers Market Bag

I have had a busy week sewing as my husband has been away shearing up north, so it has given me free rein to ignore the chaos irrupting around me and worry about tidying up another day...although this is a slightly flawed plan as he comes home this evening and I need to do a weeks worth of tidying up this afternoon.  Oh was worth it!

I managed to spend every day sewing and made a total of five pinafore dresses (see the first two attempts here), a skirt for my daughter and this lovely bag!  I have a great book called "Sew Retro - A Stylish History of the Sewing Revolution" by Judi Ketteler.  It is basically a history of sewing, dating back from the early 1800s, that follows through the various decades up until the 1980s through to today (or there abouts!)  I was attracted to the book when I purchased it online because it has 25 vintage-inspired projects throughout it, and with my recent love of vintage things, I couldn't resist it.  I wasn't expecting all the written history on sewing, but frankly that turned out to be a bonus because it really is quite an interesting read.  Anyway, this 'Farmers Market Bag' is one of the projects towards the end, and as it is now looking like I will be having a little holiday next year (!) I thought it would be a good one to make.
I chose the fabric online from Kelani Fabric, which I have mentioned before....they are an awesome online fabric store that has too many lovely designer fabrics...and she is really prompt in getting your order out to you (unlike some other bigger chain store places that I have ordered from).  These fabrics are a little different from what I would normally go for, but I wanted something a little funky and versatile, rather than pretty and 'little girlish'...if that's the term for it.  The pattern called for three different fabrics...the front piece (where I chose this really nice grey leaf pattern), the back (which is the same as your pocket fabric), and then the lining.  Actually you could have the same fabric on the inside as the pocket or whatever combination that you liked, but I thought something different for the lining would be nice!  I love the pocket detail on this, with the lovely pleats!  I was so happy with how they turned out and how they give the front of the bag a lovely three dimensional look.  The whole bag wouldn't look anywhere near as nice if it was just a flat pocket.  The pattern also called for a simple piece of Velcro to secure the pocket flap closed, BUT (as well as not having any Velcro) I knew that a button would look even better.  I had a look through a jar of vintage buttons I found at the Yarragon Vintage Market (which I wrote about here ) and in it was this one.  What a beauty!
I only had one of these, so it was perfect for this project.  Since it's vintage it makes me wonder what other garments it has be fixed to...and what other places it has been carried too.  Who may have made exciting adventures across the globe!  To think...a button that has travelled further than me!!  (although hopefully that is all about to change!...)
I have this 'thing' when I'm sewing.  I sometimes will look at the instructions, (and even the ones with pictures), and I'm not able to make head or tail of what I'm supposed to do.  I sort of panic. far I've always been able to work through this dilemma and figure it out.  This was the case with these little gussets I had to put in the bottom corners, which give the bag this lovely squared off effect at the bottom.  I was so pleased with how this turned out. 
Here is a sneaky peek at the lining.  It's a bit hard to see but it's a soft peach colour and these white blobs are actually pine trees.  At the start I did debate whether to makes this the front piece and have the grey leaves inside, but then I figured it would look a bit wishy washy and I was really glad I went with the bold grey leaves on the front panel.

So, to talk about my 'travelling button'.  It seems that next year I will be going overseas!!!!  I can hardly believe I'm writing this (and hopefully I don't jinx myself by doing so) BUT my husband is going shearing in England for six weeks and Scotland for two weeks next year and I will be going over to visit him in England for two of those weeks!!!  (*squeal*)  I know it might not sound like much to those who are more travelled than me, but I never go anywhere and this is HUGE.  (Seriously, I haven't really had a holiday since my honeymoon and I've been married six and a half years.)  I have managed to find places for all FOUR of my kids to stay (which was no mean feat...major hugs to all those who are having my children) and since my husband will be working over there it works out to be a cheap holiday for me.  Hopefully he will get to take some time off while I am there, but I will be perfectly happy hanging about by myself, either watching him shear...OR...heading off for little day trips to various places nearby.  This was why I made myself this bag really.  I wanted something that would squish up nice and small in my luggage, and then if I do head into .....say London (!!!!!!)....for the day, then I will have a bag.  The excitement of it all is making me a little nutty, not to mention the fact that I can spend some alone time with my husband without children, something we really haven't done since our honeymoon as we had children straight away.  It will hopefully be a lovely chance to spend some 'us' time.  I know it's a long way to go for just two weeks (we're talking 27 hours of travel time from kidding)...but even that will be pretty awesome.  I mean, just imagine, no kids nagging me!  As much as a I adore my kids it will be fabulous to just be myself for two whole be able to go into shops and browse for as long as I want without freaking out about something breakable being broken (!) and on that long long long long....extra long flight...I can READ....without being interrupted!!  Oh joy! 

As you can see, I'm pretty excited, so I will stop rabbiting on about it now...but this bag represents more than just a fun sewing project...within it's stitches hold promises of adventure!!!

PS...sorry about all the exclamation marks....when I get excited my punctuation goes a little mental..! (sorry, just had to throw that last one in there...)



  1. That market bag is SO cute! You've inspired me to make my own :)
    What part of England will you be staying in? xx

    1. I actually sent you an email to your email address on your blog, but he is shearing in a place called Rugby so will be staying there. I will find somewhere here to stay. I can photocopy and post this pattern to you if you like. x

    2. Oh wow, thank you! That would be great if you don't mind, or you could email it and I'll print and put it together. x

    3. I'll do you a copy of the pattern and send it on over. x

  2. I love your bag and I think it will travel nice and compact! I've never been to England, but I'm so excited for you to go! (:

  3. I am so in love with this bag. I love the fabrics you chose for it, too. I'm so excited for you to travel. You really do deserve a nice break and two weeks is a good amount of time to at least get a "taste" of England. I have not been outside of Heathrow airport, so I'm 100% excited for our afternoon tea break!!!! I get carried away with punctuation when I'm excited, too! Now, if only Kiki could get a flight to England and we'd be !!!!!!!'ing all over the place... LOL. I'm so happy for you!!

    MUCH LOVE!!!