Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sewing: The Delphine Skirt

So my sewing adventures continue, and this simple little skirt is called the 'Delphine' skirt and is by Tilly and the Buttons.  I've been using her awesome book, "Love at First Stitch" and finding it wonderful.  Really loving this book because of the step by step instructions, and the way that each project you do, as you progress through the book, gradually builds on your skills.  I love it when I find a particular person whose instructions I can follow!! I'm finding Tilly's perfect...even for my fuzzed out brain! 

The Delphine Skirt is a simple A-line skirt and this was actually the second I have made in this pattern.  This does have a zip in the back, which this time around I managed just fine (the first was a little dodgy!) but since I was not using an invisible zip as the pattern calls for, I had to look up how to put in a zip on trusty old Google, and then fiddle around with the method myself to make sure that the facing didn't cover up the zipper when I turned it all back around the correct way after sewing it in place.  Sound confusing?!?  Yes, it was a bit at this end too, but I was so pleased that I figured it all out and that it came up so well.  Triumph!! 

I made the skirt in this plain navy drill fabric specifically because I bought this gorgeous blouse.  It's from Modcloth and I just adore the polka dots....which is weird because I never used to like spots and now my wardrobe is full of all this dotty goodness.

I have, since making this second Delphine Skirt, gone on to make a third, which I whizzed up yesterday...but I will save that for another day to show you!


  1. First off I love this photo. It's different, shows your style, and focuses on the beautiful clothing alone with the beauty of the old wood behind you. I know you wanted to shy away from the typical outfit posts you were doing, I really think you're on to something here. (;

    I LOVE the skirt. You go girl! I've never purchased anything from ModCloth, but I constantly browse their site. It's like I'm so overwhelmed I have no idea where to start? (; haha.

    1. I'm glad you approve of my new outfit shoots (!) I know you liked them so was sorry that I wasn't doing them for your sake! I think this version of myself (the headless one!!) might make everyone happier all round! lol I love this skirt too, it fits me really well. Ahhh..Modcloth, it's got too many lovely things over there......addictive! (but expensive!)

  2. i think the skirt turned out adorably. i am a recent dots convert as well!

  3. Very cute and a job well done. I love the new outfit posts too; funny how changing things up sometimes is a good idea. I once heard a preacher say, "Nobody likes change except a wet baby." It made sense in 1982 and it makes sense today. But if not for change, progress wouldn't come to us ever, I guess. Wow, this comment is all over the map sorry !~! Love the skirt.