Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Dress Challenge

For anyone who really knows me, and I mean those who have known me forever, or went to school with me (or have known me for the last 10 years at least), you'd be familiar with the fact that I always wore jeans.  And I mean always.  Jeans and boots.  So much so that my bestest best friend, who had me as her Maid of Honour at her wedding, expected me to turn up in said 'Pink Taffeta Number' with R.M. Williams boots.  No, seriously.  Even those who have only known me for about a year (ie. dearest blogger friends.....has it really been about a year?...yes I think it is....) would have seen me pretty much in nothing but jeans...and that includes all the many outfit posts I used to do.

For the last 'almost' two months I have been wearing skirts and dresses everyday.  And I literally mean EVERY day.  It started about the time I wrote this post, where I talked about my need to 'Step Back in Time' and start to live a more simple life, as well as start to take a bit more pride in my appearance and put in a bit more effort.  It's nice to do it for my husband, so I look nice for him and show him that I care about whether he is attracted to me or not, but also, importantly, it makes me feel great for the day, it makes dressing everyday fun (weirdly), and it also means I think a little bit about myself each day.....which is super important because all I ever do is run around after four kids and a husband!! 
So the skirt/dress wearing started one Sunday, way back at the start of July, where I put on a skirt.  This skirt, to be exact....
....ok....so minus the hat and boots....but this little greenish skirt was the one.  I picked it up last year from the Charity store for $4 and it's really cute.  (sorry about the random photo, this was from one of my outfit posts from last year).  Anyway, I was just dagging about at home, so no reason to wear a skirt, but I had it on...then hubby comes home and is all like "Why are you wearing a skirt?" 
Ummmm...good question, but my answer was simply "Because it's comfortable," and really....it was.  This little change of wardrobe choice for the day then led to a whole blog change and a whole lifestyle/mindset change....and subsequently I've whacked on a skirt or dress every single day since.  Seriously.  I went to put on a pair of jeans once but they were so darn uncomfortable, what with all the seams and the tightness around my poor stretched out tummy, that I whipped them straight off and popped on the old comfy skirt again.  My husband has said to me several times since....."I can't believe that it's taken you 40 years to figure out that skirts are comfortable!" (like he'd know how comfortable they are through experience!!  ;) )
One thing about wearing skirts or dresses in the past was that I always felt uncomfortable, like I was out of place, or that everyone was looking at me.  I mean look around, the next time you go to the supermarket, everyone is in their pyjamas basically, and it seems that no one cares what they look like.  Why is this?  What has happened to how people dress and how they think they should appear in public?  I went to church on Sunday and was amazed to see a woman with a 'hoody' on (which said 'Anarchy' on the front....go figure) and some other guy wearing a random t-shirt with jeans.  There were quite a few people dressed up,.... but church?  I mean of all the places you'd assume EVERYONE would dress up, would be church, but there were still a few just in their normal street clothes.  Why is it that no one seems to care?  How did we go from the decades like the 1940s and the 50s, where women mostly wore dresses, to the sloppy dressing that you see so much?  It baffles me completely.  I also find it weird when you look in the shops or the online stores, like Birdsnest (in Australia) or Modcloth (in the US) and see so many dresses for sale.  If they make and sell all these dresses who is actually wearing them all???  I'm so confused!!
Anyway here is my challenge for you, if you would like to take it up.  Can you wear a dress or skirt every single day for a whole week?  I've managed two months easily and put them on without thinking now, even when I'm just at home with the kids, so how would you go?  Would it be weird to skirt up everyday?  Give it a try!!

I can be found on Instagram at sweetwordsprettypictures so if you want to join in pop up a photo daily (until Tuesday next week!) and add the hashtag #weekindresses and see how we go!


  1. I sure could! And in the dead of summer it was something I did often. When I got my first "big girl" job I knew pants just couldn't be my "thing" anymore. Before this job, I worked in food, a teen retail store, and a gas station. It was either a uniform or jeans situation and up until two years ago, I only had ONE dress in my closet. It was soooo ugly and I just had It for those, in case I get invited to a wedding moments. (; Then I landed this job, at the same time I found out I was pregnant. I pretty much wore tunics and leggings my entire pregnancy. Of course in the cold winter I layered it up a bit more, but it was pretty much my "look." After Penny was born I started my dress collection. Some have come and gone, but I can almost never pass up a good froc on sale. (; Dresses are just no fuss outfits. I mean throw on a cardigan, toes and go. None of this top and bottoms having to match nonsense. (; At first I thought people would stare, but really, no one cares and if you feel good in a dress, twirl your little heart out!

    ps... I know it's winter there, but I miss your outdoor outfit posts. (; They were always my favorite. I think you'd have some great ones with this new style!

    1. I figured you would have no problem popping a dress on each day, you do have quite a varied wardrobe from what I have seen. Yes, you are right. No one cares what people wear, or what other people are doing in the grand scheme of things. So yes...let's twirl away! PS on the outfit posts, they were not agreeable to certain people so they had to go.

  2. Ha! Has it already been a year? Honestly I feel like I've known you for much longer, but still can't believe a year on the blog. Crazy.
    I really have been taking my appearance more seriously over the last several months, mainly because I'm so sad that people look like they just hopped out of bed when they are at the supermarket. Why have we as a society stopped caring about what we look like!? LOL I love your thought about so many dresses for sale, but WHERE ARE THEY BEING WORN!!? HA!

    For me, I don't think I could complete your challenge. I know for a fact I can't complete it with the wardrobe I have currently. I have a booty and every dress they sell sits just at the bottom of it and makes me look a little sleezy. I have to have a "midi length" or wear leggings or tights. But tights, we go back to the butt scenario. It just doesn't look RIGHT. LOL!!!!


    1. I've known you in a former life I'm sure! You and your booty are most welcome to not participate (!) so please, do continue to boogy on down in whatever you find most comfortable, glamorous and gorgeously you! x

  3. I've always loved wearing skirts and dresses. They're feminine, comfortable, easy to style and I always feel great in them :) x


    1. I've been surprised at how comfortable skirts and dresses are. I struggle in jeans now! I had a pair on this Sunday, I was daggy at my brother in laws farm and helping my husband to fit a spot light to the roof of his ute. It was a jeans kind of operation but boy did they squish me!