Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Back to Earth

It doesn't get more simplistic than this now, does it.  A mamma pig with her babies!  If you've noticed my absence of late (or even if you haven't!), I've been away for the last ten days, staying at my in-laws farm 'up north'.  My husband goes away up there shearing every now and then, and he went away...what seems like ages ago now...but he was gone a week before I took the kids up there to join him, and we stayed ten days, but now we are home again although hubby is still away with a few more days of shearing left.

We do live a very simplistic life while we are there, which is wonderful, and I always get the chance to unwind a little.  This time, instead of dragging up my computer to blog or write articles, I took up my sewing machine and made a little tunic (for my daughter), two skirts for myself and started making the sweetest little dress with a sailor collar (also for my daughter!)  I will share these projects with you at some point I promise.

Before you ask the photo above really did happen!  This is Mamma (the pig) and she belongs to my sister in-law.  She has had a few litters of piglets and while we were there she popped out this lovely collection!  She had 15 in total (whoa!), although several of them died...some unfortunately got laid on by Mamma (which sows often do...hence the 'sow stalls' in piggeries that the Animal Activists are so against).....and as my sister in-law discovered (which I also had a sneaky suspicion), the sow doesn't have enough milk so a few were lost through dehydration.  When I left yesterday for our five hour journey home......heaven help me with three little sister in-law was busy bottle feeding the sweetest pink piggy in the lounge room!  I really hope it makes it, along with all the others.
This is one of my boys with one of the piglets.  They are officially the cutest baby animal.  I swear.
This is my other son with 'Ryan'....the gosling.  Get it!  My sister in-law had to explain it to me.  I know, I'm not thingy about celebrities, and although Ryan Gosling does "look like he's been photo-shopped" he actually looks a lot like my brother and I just can't form a celebrity crush on him.  Because he looks like my brother.  It's just a bit 'weird'.
Here are my kids watching my husband doing what he does a lot of.  Shear shear shearity shear..... (note my daughter's double crown)  Shearing away behind him is his brother, which is testimony that maybe the craziness of the desire to shear may indeed run in the family.  Back breaking hurts just to watch them.
And just so you can get an idea of the landscape, this was part of the road home!  This is a very long stretch of road near where my in-laws farm is, where I might's very difficult to stick to the speed limit.  You tend to find yourself travelling along at astronomical speeds before you know it and when you drop back down to 100 kilometres an hour it feels like you're going at a snails pace. 

Thankfully we made it home safely, after only TWO traffic jams....arrgghhh...getting stuck for an hour because some grey nomad had rolled their caravan........


  1. Traffic jams are probably the number one reason I don't take road trips. Heck, I get antsy going to Cleveland, which we do about once a month, to visit friends. haha. It's only about and hour and a half away if that tells you anything. (; I'm so glad you were able to unwind a bit and enjoy the outdoors with your family! How cute are those piggies?! Though the thought of poor dehydrated and squished piggies is on my mind now. ): I do hope these ones make it. If they dont, lie to me and tell me they did. Tell me they are frolicking around in their mud getting fat and happy. Your kiddos are precious. Ryan the gosling is hilarious. And whoa girl, your brother must be FINE! hahaha So inappropriate. Calm yourself Kiki. I just really like Ryan Gosling. Which if you haven't seen it, look up[ "Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal." It's the dumbest yet funniest video I've ever seen. haha

    Looking forward to seeing your creations! Much love! <3

    1. Ahhh and the traffic jam was so annoying because after about 5 hours on the road I had less than an hour to go and then got stuck for about an hour between a relatively short distance because some idiot towing a caravan rolled said caravan. I hate caravans!!!!.....when they are on the road and to stay in! No, the squished piggies weren't so good but it happens a lot. Ryan the Gosling was so cute, he follows the kids and my sister in law around. I will find a photo of my brother to send you. See if you can see the similarities. My sister looks a lot like Princess Mary (you know, the Aussie that married that Danish Prince Fredrick guy!) I, however, look like nobody famous. I will look up the cereal video!

    2. Ok...just watched the cereal thing. Watch it again and early on in the piece where he says "Jesus f**king Christ he looks exactly like my brother there. It's only certainly expressions. I'll look for a pic of Nigel for you!

  2. Amber, sewing is the best relaxation activity--I love making potholders and baby blankets and throw-sized quilty things. Clothes I haven't made since high school when I used to alter my jeans and made all my tops (just before t-shirts went viral in the 70s). My mom sewed Sis's and my long dresses for every occasion for our whole school careers and even Sis's bridesmaid dresses.

    Curiosity strikes: with hubster shearing and sheep outnumbering people like they do, are you a yarnie-gal? Do you knit, crochet or weave with the magnificent yarn that comes from the backs of those sheep? I can only imagine the cool dyeing and spinning opportunities that may abound near you...

    Looking forward to seeing your sewing projects. I've put pics of my latest potholders on my blog if you'd like to take a look: No pressure.

    1. I love it Lynda, I do find it relaxing. And lots of fun! Never heard the expression yarnie gal! I have started to crotchet but buy my wool. The stuff from our sheep is too course, it would be used for carpets, but my husband really wants to have a go at spinning it and knitting it into a jumper. Ok....having someone else knit it into a jumper for him! I will go and have a look at your blog, certainly. Thanks for the url, I didn't know it. Heading over now! x

  3. Oh my God, I'm going to be begging Terry to let me buy a pigelet ALL day now. They're absolutely adorable - and cute kiddies, too!

  4. Oh my word, are those some fabulous cute critters. I really, really love pigs of all sizes and shapes. I know that in part that adoration stems back to the potbelly that my grade six teacher (who was my favourite teacher ever) had, but in general, I think they're smart, sweet, charming animals and wish I could have been there to give these darlings some snuggles, too! :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica