Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Back to Earth

It doesn't get more simplistic than this now, does it.  A mamma pig with her babies!  If you've noticed my absence of late (or even if you haven't!), I've been away for the last ten days, staying at my in-laws farm 'up north'.  My husband goes away up there shearing every now and then, and he went away...what seems like ages ago now...but he was gone a week before I took the kids up there to join him, and we stayed ten days, but now we are home again although hubby is still away with a few more days of shearing left.

We do live a very simplistic life while we are there, which is wonderful, and I always get the chance to unwind a little.  This time, instead of dragging up my computer to blog or write articles, I took up my sewing machine and made a little tunic (for my daughter), two skirts for myself and started making the sweetest little dress with a sailor collar (also for my daughter!)  I will share these projects with you at some point I promise.

Before you ask the photo above really did happen!  This is Mamma (the pig) and she belongs to my sister in-law.  She has had a few litters of piglets and while we were there she popped out this lovely collection!  She had 15 in total (whoa!), although several of them died...some unfortunately got laid on by Mamma (which sows often do...hence the 'sow stalls' in piggeries that the Animal Activists are so against).....and as my sister in-law discovered (which I also had a sneaky suspicion), the sow doesn't have enough milk so a few were lost through dehydration.  When I left yesterday for our five hour journey home......heaven help me with three little sister in-law was busy bottle feeding the sweetest pink piggy in the lounge room!  I really hope it makes it, along with all the others.
This is one of my boys with one of the piglets.  They are officially the cutest baby animal.  I swear.
This is my other son with 'Ryan'....the gosling.  Get it!  My sister in-law had to explain it to me.  I know, I'm not thingy about celebrities, and although Ryan Gosling does "look like he's been photo-shopped" he actually looks a lot like my brother and I just can't form a celebrity crush on him.  Because he looks like my brother.  It's just a bit 'weird'.
Here are my kids watching my husband doing what he does a lot of.  Shear shear shearity shear..... (note my daughter's double crown)  Shearing away behind him is his brother, which is testimony that maybe the craziness of the desire to shear may indeed run in the family.  Back breaking hurts just to watch them.
And just so you can get an idea of the landscape, this was part of the road home!  This is a very long stretch of road near where my in-laws farm is, where I might's very difficult to stick to the speed limit.  You tend to find yourself travelling along at astronomical speeds before you know it and when you drop back down to 100 kilometres an hour it feels like you're going at a snails pace. 

Thankfully we made it home safely, after only TWO traffic jams....arrgghhh...getting stuck for an hour because some grey nomad had rolled their caravan........

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Why Multi-tasking is Bad for You

We say it all the time.  'Women are such great multi-taskers.'  The other thing we also always say is that 'Men can't multi-task!!'  And usually this statement is accompanied by us women tearing our hair out and thinking they are useless.  However, with my efforts to slow down the pace of my life, I have realised that perhaps the men are right on this one and that it is us...the crazy, stressed out, worried, over-busy women folk who need to stop trying to do EVERYTHING at once and instead just focus properly on one thing at a time. 

Somewhere in my collection of old photos is a shot of me, multi-tasking in a really weird way.  I'm busy getting dressed, so in actual fact I'm 'half-dressed' or 'half-naked'...depending on whether you're a glass half full or half empty kind of gal....and I'm loading the washing machine with dirty laundry, while brushing my teeth and for some reason I'm standing in the empty washing basket.  No idea why, I just am.

I've been multi-tasking for years, and praising myself for it.  Silently patting myself on the back every time I think "Wow...I'm managing to do so much today...and all at once!"  Society doesn't help either because everyone talks about how women are such great multi-taskers and that if you're not, well...are we as women supposed to feel like a failure??  Of course, with all the multitude of things going on in my day by the evening I'm exhausted, and I still have a pile of things to do and I really don't feel like I've achieved anything.  I just feel tired, slightly fuzzy in the head from having to think about several things at once while doing five other things at the same time, and sometimes a little grumpy at my husband who is obviously very happy....engaged in a single solitary task, with plenty of focus and not a care in the world!
Another example is the way I tidy up the house, and by tidy up I mean wade through the mess the kids have made that day, and try and herd it all back into some sort of organised chaos.  Usually I start with the lounge room.  I start picking up toys, and random socks that have been flung off all over the room, and various books and DVDs and spoons and banana peels and always about a dozen Matchbox cars that my son has brought out of his room and forgotten are in his hands, and so has just dropped...before going and getting more.  While I'm doing this I'll pick up something, like the spoon, so I will take this over to the sink....then I'll discover a sink full of dirty dishes, so I will get distracted from the lounge room mess and start to pack the dishwasher.....however AS USUAL this is full of clean dishes which need to be un-packed then I need to put those all away........and then I will start to clear the kitchen bench and find something that belongs in my bedroom....then the next thing I know I'm down in my room trying to find a spot for the 'THING' that shouldn't be on the bench but should instead be in my room...and then I realise that I'm an enormous slob because it's half past four in the afternoon and I STILL haven't made my bed.....and so it goes.  Finally, after making the bed, I will head back down to the lounge room and go....yep...that's right...the mess that I started to tackle over an hour ago that is still lying all over the lounge room floor.  Grrrr!!

See...nothing is really getting done, and what is happening is that I'm getting frustrated because the mess seems bigger than it actually is, it seems never ending and by chopping and changing between tasks I'm not really achieving anything.

So this is my new conclusion.  Multi-tasking is BAD for you.  How can you possibly focus properly on one task when you are thinking about several others, or thinking about what you should be doing next?  How can you do something properly if you are doing two other things at the same time?  Instead of having one job done you will have three completed, but they will be three 'half-arse' jobs instead of a one really well finished task.  How can you enjoy sitting down to a well deserved cup of tea and that magazine you have been waiting weeks to find a 'spare moment' to read if you are thinking about the pile of laundry that needs to be folded?  You're certainly not going to enjoy the magazine because you'll be feeling guilty the whole time that you should be tackling that washing.

I've been reading a book called "What Would Audrey Do?" by Pamela Keogh on Audrey Hepburn, and naturally it looks at how stylish Audrey was and what she would do in certain situations.  Her take on multi-tasking was simple.  Don't.  Apparently she always focused on what she was doing at the time before moving on to the next thing, which helped her accomplish a lot more.

"When she reads she reads; when she fits she fits; when she talks clothes she talks clothes; when she sits under a drier she simply sits and dries." - Cosmopolitan

"She is the only actress I've ever had who doesn't gab, read, knit, wriggle, pick her teeth or eat a lettuce and tomato sandwich," - her hairdresser
So as a further step to simplify my life I am putting a halt to multi-tasking, and although I could NEVER be like Audrey, (she is just on another level of perfection all together) it is nice to aspire to try and think like Audrey and be more focused and dedicated to every single task, rather than doing things by halves and feeling like I'm rushing through everything.  It gets back to enjoying the journey rather than always reaching out to the outcome.  I'm finding I've been practising this single-minded focus while I have been sewing, although I will have to stop on semi-regular occasions when various children ask me to get them drinks or snacks or when I have to break up an argument (!)...but it is a starting point and has made me realise it can be done.  I have also noted that I feel a lot more satisfied with the results and have a real sense of achievement when I have completed something to the best of my ability.
Yes, I agree with the picture above...multi-tasking IS highly overrated and it's time we learnt to stop! 
Do you think you could stop multi-tasking?  Even as a busy mum? 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sewing is Addictive

My new found hobby has officially become an addiction.  I can't stop thinking about it, I can't stop thinking about what I'm going to do next and I can't wait for the kids to get distracted long enough to give me time to get cosy with my sewing machine.

It started innocently enough with a simple circle skirt that I made for my little girl.  I found the tutorial online, and after purchasing a pretty cream fabric with a vintage looking floral print, I set to work on my first creation.  It was supposed to have a simple bit of elastic as a waistband, with the elastic actually showing, but thinking this was going to look a little naff, I decided to create a waistband of fabric and slip the elastic through that.  With a little bit of fiddling I figured it out, and although it wasn't the neatest job, it was done.  She wears it with her shirt over the top, not tucked in, so the little imperfections don't really matter.

My next sewing adventure was revamping my pink dress, which you can see here.  For this I had to make up my own pattern for the fabric at the hem, and create a collar, so I was really chuffed when this came out.  Just like a bought one!  Now the fabric I bought for this little project was a pretty pale pink with polka dots, but I bought WAY too I had plenty left over to tackle my very first dress...a pretty little dress with frills at the shoulders.  I've bought a lovely collection of sewing books, all for beginner sewers, and this one Sewing For Your Girls by Yoshiko Tsukiori proved even easy enough for me to follow!

I found if I read ahead the instructions freaked me out a little, but doing each step, one at a time, was completely manageable and I was really happy with the end result.  Not only was I pleased with how it came out, but I was also totally excited that I was able to follow the instructions without losing my nerve!

This was the end result....
You might not be able to tell but there is pale pink lace on the edge of the frills at the shoulders and also on the top of the pocket on the front of the dress.  It gives it a lovely old fashioned look!

This was our evening at the park.  It was a surprisingly warm day today, so I decided to take the kids out on their bikes (me pushing my daughter in the stroller and struggling to keep up!) and they had a lovely play, before I sent my eldest son down to the shops to pick up some fish and chips, which we ate sitting at a park bench.  A really lovely simple evening with my children!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Steps to a Simple Life

The last couple of months I have been working towards simplifying things in my life, trying to slow down the pace of things and really start to enjoy the journey, rather than continually push forwards to the future.  A number of things has brought on this change; technology being a main offender, as it rapidly keeps altering before our eyes and forcing us onwards and upwards at a ridiculous pace.  I think it's also the quick convenience of everything too, as well as this feeling that we NEED to have everything, and not only that, but have it NOW. 

A very good friend of mine visited yesterday and we were talking about this very subject, and she pointed out how it was normal for people to always be wanting something, or wishing they had something, (or even wanting things that your friends have but you can't quite afford), and this goes on to make you feel, not only that you are missing something in your life, but also makes you feel bad.  As she very rightly said, once you stop and really think about it, you realise that you don't need these things at all.  And I mean NOT at all.  For example I have a fairly smallish television and my parents have offered to give me their big screen one when they purchase a new one.  This is a lovely offer but really I don't need it.  What with the kids, who always stand way too close to the one I already have, and there is the fear of my boys toppling it over on top of my two year old daughter and squashing her flat, I don't need a TV the size of half my wall.....I can still see the screen perfectly on my little one.....(my eyes aren't quite that bad yet!)  All a big one will do is throw out more radiation, use more power and cost me more money (not to mention potentially pancake one of my kids).
So if you keep on this theme, of thinking about what we really could live without, I think you would find there is an awful lot of things.  I've mentioned before in previous posts how last year my smart phone got broken whilst riding my horse and I was reduced to using just a mobile phone that was JUST a phone....and seriously....within a week I didn't miss having the Internet and all those other fancy do-dohs on it.  It was pleasantly refreshing....and a hell of a lot less of a time just have a phone that is a phone.  Having said that I have found my smart phone to be a life saver on the time I got caught in the supermarket with $400 of shopping at the check out and my card was declined because all the money was in the wrong a quick jump on my Internet banking, transfer some money and BANG...the problem was solved right there and then at the counter.  It certainly does have its conveniences but I think it is important to stop relying on it so much.  I grew up without the Internet, mobile phones, a computer and any sort of beep beep game and I got along just fine.  I did my final year of school without the Internet (it still didn't exist! old am I??)...we had a dicky dot printer for our computer (you know the ones that had the big feed of paper that you had to tear off) and I didn't get a mobile until I was about 22 or 23.  And it was HUGE!
So if you want to start thinking about enjoying a more simple way of life, and sort of wind back the clock a bit, below are some of the things that I have done which might help you on your way.  Of course this is by no means an exclusive list, or possibly even a very good one, but so far it has made significant changes in my life, with a main one being a change in my state of mind.  I feel a lot HAPPIER!  This is important.  I am by no means finished on my journey, so bear that in mind, and know that there are a lot more things that I can continue to do.  After all, the way we live in this day and age is very different to how people lived in the past, and I mean even only twenty years ago, so like anything that you get accustomed to (and I'm even talking about addictive things like smoking or eating lots of sugar, or drinking), it can take a while to wean yourself off a fast paced life and things like your smart phone.  So don't beat yourself up if you have lapses!  You might decide that you don't want to, or simply can't, not use your phone for certain things, so go ahead and use it, but perhaps instead you just don't use it as much. 
Steps to a Simple Life
1.  De-clutter 
I know, this one sounds like a bit of a botheration, but actually it's very therapeutic and you find all sorts of treasures you forgot you had.  Make a few different piles of things as you are sorting through it all; 'things to keep', 'things to throw out' and 'things to donate'.  Also you might find that you have a pile of 'things to sell on eBay', which is what I found when going through my I was then able to purchase quite a lot of new things that I really love and want to wear (aka the whole stack of pretty dresses and skirts I now own!)  You will find that there are things you need to keep for sentimental reasons, even though they are essentially useless (in a nice way!), but this is ok.  Don't throw away your past if there is an attachment to an item, and don't throw away Great-Grandma's old tea set either because you'll regret it later!
2. Take stock of your pantry
This is a de-clutter thing too, but also it is important to have a real good look at what you are eating and feeding your family.  You might not want to do the whole 'get rid of sugar thing' but just see how much of what is in there that comes out of a packet.  Food shouldn't come out of a packet!!  If it's in a packet it means there are all sorts of added nasties and it's not really food.  Have a think.  If your grandparents wouldn't recognise it, don't eat it!!  ( try not to eat it, or eat less of it) 
I never bought much packet stuff or things in boxes before, just the odd thing, but now I aim to buy only fresh fruit and vegetables and just the basics like flour, butter and milk.  I've been baking and cooking from scratch and we have been eating really well.  It's also not that time consuming and once you work out a selection of quick snacks for kids, and that type of thing, it really doesn't take that much time at all.
The other thing you will discover, as well as an improved diet and better tasting food, is that your garbage bin will be considerably less full.  This is something I was very delighted to find out, particularly that I now no longer have to jump up and down on my bin just to get everything to fit!  You will also find that you spend way less money.  Raw ingredients are naturally cheaper than processed food, where someone has to go to the effort of making it for you.  If you want to further reduce your shopping bill try and buy from local producers.  Less transport means less costs added to the price of the food.

3.  Learn to sew
Now I'm learning to sew so that I can make clothes, for fun mostly (I'm finding I love my new found hobby), but if you shop around for cheap fabrics it can save you money.  If you don't want to sew your own clothes, because really you can buy clothes quite cheaply, it is handy to have simple sewing skills so you can mend you clothes.  Why throw out a perfectly good pair of jeans just because they have a hole in the knee?  If you can begin to have a 'fix rather than throw' attitude you will save money and dramatic reduce your wastage.  Take a leaf out of our 1940s ancestors book and 'Make Do and Mend'! (see post here)
4. Plant vegetables
My husband spent some of the weekend building me some veggie boxes, which I'm very excited about.  I requested them a little while ago, but due to lambing going on, and then him being away shearing, it wasn't until now that he was able to get to it.  As it is the start of spring we need to get a wriggle on and get the soil organised, but we have a great stash of sheep poop under the shearing shed to use as fertiliser, and once that is all established I can set about putting my vegetables in.  We grow all our own lamb, pork and beef, and there is nothing like eating our own produce in this department, so it is going to be wonderful to pair up all our meals with home grown veggies!  If you have any room in your garden why not consider popping in some vegetables.  If you don't have a big yard perhaps consider vegetables instead of normal plants and flowers.  If you are really space restricted what about using the front garden, the nature strip or do you have a roof top that could be utilised?  Do a bit of research and see what sort of edible delights you can grow in pots!
5.  Baking
Stemming from my point about taking stock of your pantry, you can start to think about what you can bake yourself rather than buy.  I don't buy cakes or biscuits at all now, rather I make everything, which is not only cheaper (it makes a lot more than you would buy in a packet) but there isn't all the horrible preservatives and other weird ingredients in them.  Yes there is sugar, but my children don't live off them, and it is just a matter of being sensible and giving them fruit as snacks and being like the Cookie Monster (like he is today, not when I was a kid and he used to devour cookies at a rate of knots)....but cookies are "A sometimes food!"

6.  Technology
I did a whole post here on 'Back Away from the Technology' and I talk about tips to limit the use of technology.  To me I find that technology confuses things and lets so much of the outside world in to our lives.  In some ways this is good, we have access to unlimited information and education and can so easily communicate with each other.  It's wonderful and astounding and it's great that we can be so connected.  But sometimes we just need to 'disconnect' and it can be nice to be NOT contactable.  Sometimes we just need to slip off the grid.  I am finding that more and more I want to keep the outside world out to an increasing degree, not only to slow life down but to protect my children and myself.  It can be hard but set yourself some goals and see if you can limit your use of technology, or even a single piece, like only checking your emails once a day, or hopping on Facebook every second day.  See if it makes a difference to the time you now have available to do other more productive things and see if it makes you feel different within yourself.

7. Share the load and de-stress
By this I mean that I have started to rely on my husband a lot more.  I'm a pretty independent kind of gal, I've been a single mum where I had to be the mum AND the dad, so switching off from that was pretty difficult.  But I was finding that I was feeling like I was shouldering all of the stress, and almost feeling like I was making all of the decisions, and it was making me unhappy, and quite frankly, rather grumpy.  Now I make sure that I share the load with my husband, and in some cases leave the decisions up to him.  I find that I'm a lot less stressed, and really he is perfectly capable of handling things on his own without me worrying about whether he got it done or not!!  I also find, and to quote my lovely friend who was here yesterday, you need to 'pick your battles', so where I might have once argued or stood my ground about a difference of opinion, I now let him make the choice with certain things that really don't matter that much.  Of course the big things I will participate in a lively discussion, but the point is there really is no need to 'sweat the small stuff!'

Anyway, this has been my start to simplifying my life, and so far it has been working.  From here I plan to work on letting go of technology even more (while removing more of the unnecessary bits from my children's reach) and with the weather starting to warm up a little, get to work on my new garden.  With plans to one day own a farm, there will be many new additions to my simple life that will occur once this happens as I will have the capacity to have an orchard, keep chickens for eggs, have an enormous vegetable garden, maybe have a house cow.............!

Enjoy your journey!


Friday, September 4, 2015

The One in the Pink Dress

So I've been doing this whole wearing dresses and skirts thing, and finding it all very comfortable and lovely, but I've had this pink dress sitting in my wardrobe staring at me....and I've been staring back at it wondering what on earth I'm going to do with it.

You see way back at the start of July (or was it the end of June??) I bought this gorgeous floral number, with a full skirt, which had this extra bit of fabric in the bust...and it looked so beautifully 1950s...and made me feel all girly and whatnot....but it was way too big in said bust area.  Wowzer!  Anyway, I had no choice but to send this divine creature back and exchange it for something else.  So I choose some other bits and pieces, but it was weeks and I hadn't heard (or received anything), so I emailed the store and it turned out that parts of my order were 'on back order' so I decided to just get a credit and choose something else later.

So I did.  And I picked out this little number....
....and it's lovely...and it's cotton with some sort of stretchy flavour going on...and it's super was just so......well.....PINK!!!!!  However after the 'almost a month' from the initial order, and waiting and fluffing about with emails and credits and such I decided to just hang on to it.


I started to worry about said 'Little Pink Number' because it was just so BRIGHT and EYE CATCHING and although I've stepped out past my comfort zone and into the world of non-pants/jeans wearing, I still have my limits....and standing out like a bright pink beacon of hope and glory kind of had me at a stand still. 

After some thought I decided to bravely fade it.  Deliberately.  So I fired up trusty old Google and decided that dyeing it was going to be too extreme (and would probably result in blobs of stain and uneven fading), and figured that washing it in a really hot cycle a few times, plus hanging it out in the sun, could possibly do the trick.  Three washes later and my dress was decidedly paler, although still a fairly 'out there' shade for what I was used to.  Back in the wardrobe it went.

In the meantime I've been trawling my new favourite website (aka Modcloth) and seeing some cute and classy dresses, and filing those away in my memory bank of "these are on the mental list for when I have some spare cash".  However the more I looked the more I realised that some of the designs were similar in silhouette to what I already had in this pink number, except that these dresses all had this little extra 'something'.  My mind was made up, and with great trepidation, I decided to break out my new found sewing skills (of which they are considerably lacking in reality), but have a good go at fixing up my dress.

You see what was bothering me was the solid blob of pink.  It was just too much pink.  I know that sounds weird, because it's a pink dress, but it needed 'breaking up.'  Anyway I decided that it needed a little something around the hem, and perhaps a cute collar would give it a lift.  After a trip all the way out to Spotlight in Traralgon, I picked out some pale pink spotty fabric and began to tackle my dress.  I've never drafted a pattern before, and I probably did it in some sort of random way, but I was very happy with the end result.
So, now it has a line of paler pink spotty fabric around the hem, and what I think turned out to be a pretty sweet collar.  I also made a fabric covered button for the centre, which I thought tied it all in nicely (as well as hides the slight unevenness of where the left and right collars end!)
It was slow, and cutting in to fabric is slightly terrifying for some reason, but I figured I'd be like the tortoise out of 'The Hare and the Tortoise' and work on the theory that slow and steady was going to 'win the race' and not 'stuff up the dress!'  Good theory.

Anyway, I am now looking forward to wearing the little pink dress, that was previously lurking suspiciously in the corner of my wardrobe, like something that you know you'll never be brave enough to wear and will one day pounce on you when you are not looking....but I will now happily head out in it....particularly now that Spring is showing it's first signs of appearing and giving us the odd sunny slightly warm day!

Have you ever altered anything in your wardrobe so that you will actually wear it?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Dress Challenge

For anyone who really knows me, and I mean those who have known me forever, or went to school with me (or have known me for the last 10 years at least), you'd be familiar with the fact that I always wore jeans.  And I mean always.  Jeans and boots.  So much so that my bestest best friend, who had me as her Maid of Honour at her wedding, expected me to turn up in said 'Pink Taffeta Number' with R.M. Williams boots.  No, seriously.  Even those who have only known me for about a year (ie. dearest blogger friends.....has it really been about a year?...yes I think it is....) would have seen me pretty much in nothing but jeans...and that includes all the many outfit posts I used to do.

For the last 'almost' two months I have been wearing skirts and dresses everyday.  And I literally mean EVERY day.  It started about the time I wrote this post, where I talked about my need to 'Step Back in Time' and start to live a more simple life, as well as start to take a bit more pride in my appearance and put in a bit more effort.  It's nice to do it for my husband, so I look nice for him and show him that I care about whether he is attracted to me or not, but also, importantly, it makes me feel great for the day, it makes dressing everyday fun (weirdly), and it also means I think a little bit about myself each day.....which is super important because all I ever do is run around after four kids and a husband!! 
So the skirt/dress wearing started one Sunday, way back at the start of July, where I put on a skirt.  This skirt, to be exact.... minus the hat and boots....but this little greenish skirt was the one.  I picked it up last year from the Charity store for $4 and it's really cute.  (sorry about the random photo, this was from one of my outfit posts from last year).  Anyway, I was just dagging about at home, so no reason to wear a skirt, but I had it on...then hubby comes home and is all like "Why are you wearing a skirt?" 
Ummmm...good question, but my answer was simply "Because it's comfortable," and was.  This little change of wardrobe choice for the day then led to a whole blog change and a whole lifestyle/mindset change....and subsequently I've whacked on a skirt or dress every single day since.  Seriously.  I went to put on a pair of jeans once but they were so darn uncomfortable, what with all the seams and the tightness around my poor stretched out tummy, that I whipped them straight off and popped on the old comfy skirt again.  My husband has said to me several times since....."I can't believe that it's taken you 40 years to figure out that skirts are comfortable!" (like he'd know how comfortable they are through experience!!  ;) )
One thing about wearing skirts or dresses in the past was that I always felt uncomfortable, like I was out of place, or that everyone was looking at me.  I mean look around, the next time you go to the supermarket, everyone is in their pyjamas basically, and it seems that no one cares what they look like.  Why is this?  What has happened to how people dress and how they think they should appear in public?  I went to church on Sunday and was amazed to see a woman with a 'hoody' on (which said 'Anarchy' on the front....go figure) and some other guy wearing a random t-shirt with jeans.  There were quite a few people dressed up,.... but church?  I mean of all the places you'd assume EVERYONE would dress up, would be church, but there were still a few just in their normal street clothes.  Why is it that no one seems to care?  How did we go from the decades like the 1940s and the 50s, where women mostly wore dresses, to the sloppy dressing that you see so much?  It baffles me completely.  I also find it weird when you look in the shops or the online stores, like Birdsnest (in Australia) or Modcloth (in the US) and see so many dresses for sale.  If they make and sell all these dresses who is actually wearing them all???  I'm so confused!!
Anyway here is my challenge for you, if you would like to take it up.  Can you wear a dress or skirt every single day for a whole week?  I've managed two months easily and put them on without thinking now, even when I'm just at home with the kids, so how would you go?  Would it be weird to skirt up everyday?  Give it a try!!

I can be found on Instagram at sweetwordsprettypictures so if you want to join in pop up a photo daily (until Tuesday next week!) and add the hashtag #weekindresses and see how we go!