Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Yarragon Vintage Market

Today I visited the Yarragon Vintage Market, as I am writing an article for the magazine I work for.  It's due at the end of this week so no panic!  As all things vintage, retro and up-cycled have become a bit of a thing with me lately, it was a great opportunity to have a really good look around and find lots of things to lust over.  The market has only been in business for the last 6 weeks, and is made up of a combination of 40 stall holders who rent a space within the shed.  Di and Dave, who own the business and run the market, rent out these spaces to the individual stall holders, and then serve all the customers.  This way the stall holders don't need to be there, and because there is so many different stalls, the variety of goods on offer is huge.
There are all sorts of fabulous things, like furniture, crockery, old signs, toys and vintage clothing.  Bicycles, tricycles, jewellery, hats, dolls, old magazines, sewing patterns......
This stall above is owned by a lady who hand makes all this gorgeous old fashioned clothing, including the hats and bags.  She's been sewing since she was 8 apparently and everything is really reasonably priced and just too cute for words.  There are many things there that I have my eye on for my daughter.  Too many things.  And some things for myself.....
The couple who own the business are the nicest people, and so friendly and helpful.  It's the kind of place where they will offer you assistance and give advice, rather than just leave you to it.  Of course if you want to just 'go for it' on your own you are completely welcome to do that too!
Just love this gown!  And how about this wedding dress....
I'm going back when I have some spare cash!  Probably not needing the wedding dress however....
This particular stall holder makes trips over to England and buys things to bring back to sell.  This collection of toys was amazing.
I love these tins.  I didn't have a close look at them, no idea how much they were or what they could be used for, but I want them!  Apparently they also have a stall holder coming, who will be setting up in mid September, and she has been in America buying up lots of lovely vintage pieces there.  The container load (!) of goods is on its way over now!  Looking forward to that!
Dave is also an upholsterer and these old chairs here were re-fashioned by him.  Talk about funky!
This stall holder makes her own swimwear.  I love these modest styles.  Great for someone like me who needs to 'hide' rather than 'hang out'!
See...how cute is this two-piece?!  Yarragon is actually a little touristy type town here in Gippsland...and it's actually just up the road from me...literally five minutes....so 'unfortunately' it will be too easy for me to shop here ALL the time!
Yep...WAY too much good stuff......




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    1. I know they're super cute. I'm thinking maybe this summer......

  2. The whole market looks awesome, although I really love the vintage tea and sort containers as well as the idea of the vintage swimsuits!! I hope you can find some spare cash soon to get yourself something vintage and awesome!! Thanks for sharing this awesome little place!!

    MUCH LOVE!!!

    1. I liked the tea containers too, this is why I got a nice close up shot for the magazine. Hoping they use the photo. In probably another two months I'll be able to go in for a shop up!

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  4. Very nice post:)))

  5. I have a few of those book page flowers at home! Joshua stuck them on my orchid that I can't seem to make grow flowers..... Maybe he's trying to make me feel better?

    This market looks amaze. I feel like I'd have a field day in there. I really love tiny vintage pieces mixed in our home decor. It's fun and interesting. GIRL I wish they sold suits like that here. Well, they do, if you want to spend $100+ on one! Heck the "cheap" ones are at least $50. Why does something that covers so little cost so much?

  6. That vintage market looks amazing!

    1. It is quite large too, 40 stalls is a lot of treasures!

  7. Wow! What an awesome market! That gold gown is amazing!!! And the swimsuits?! Love.


    1. The gold gown was pretty tempting...just have to find somewhere to wear it!

  8. What a cute shop! I'd live in there!

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  9. Ah it looks sooo cool! Everything is beautiful. I'd love to visit there!! Great photos and post!

    Daisy x


    1. Thanks Daisy, I'd never seen so many good things in one place.