Thursday, August 27, 2015

Something Old Something New

Today's post is a little tag that I've been included in, which was devised by the lovely Bianca over at Ditsy Sprinkles.  Bianca was kind enough to include me as one of her 'regular reads' and I was also tagged by Kiki from According to Kiki. 

These are the tag rules...(when I was a kid 'tag' meant something else completely so I'm assuming I'm now 'it' and have to chase you around?!).....anyway....

* Thank the person who tagged you.
* List 5 blogs you've followed for a long time.
* List 5 blogs you've recently discovered.
* Tag all of your readers to join in!

I actually was reading quite a few blogs regularly, but a couple of months ago I had a big blogging break, then came back and my blog did a total flip and completely changed to this whole vintage lifestyle and simple living space that it is now.  Just before I had my break I was completely burned out with not only my own blogging, but also feeling the pressure to read all these blogs.  I was getting absolutely nothing done and weirdly I was just creating a whole pile of unnecessary stress in my life.  Having said all that...when I finally came back I changed my blog content, as well as the design, and now only religiously read three old favourite blogs...absolutely without fail....because these ladies I consider my 'friends' and one day we are all going to meet up somewhere (I'm thinking some tropical island somewhere because it will be about the mid-point), and we're going to look like these four ladies above.  I'm thinking I'd be the one on the end in the glasses pulling the stupid face, so Bianca, Kiki and Stephanie you guys can fight amongst yourselves as to who is going to be who in this funny photo from the 1940s!

So..I'm afraid I'm not going to list 5 blogs that I've followed for a long time because I'd be fibbing about the other random 2, so here are my beloved 3 blogger buddies.....

Stephanie Eva

I can't remember exactly when I first started reading Stephanie's blog but what first struck me was her sense of humour, and how much like mine it is.  Immediately I was hooked and very much enjoy her beauty posts (it is a beauty blog!), and her no nonsense reviews and opinions.  Her YouTube channel is also fantastic and her videos always give me a giggle.  She's been doing a Weekly Vlog of late and having a 15 hour time difference I always tune in to her Week in Adventures every Wednesday or Thursday morning, and I'm always excited to see Lola (her ex-cat) make an appearance.  Stephanie has actually become a good friend, someone I chat to via a fancy App that let's us text and send photos, and even chat over the phone (which we've done twice....totally weird!)

According to Kiki

Kiki writes a parenting, food and lifestyle blog and it has also been a pleasure getting to know Kiki on another level (other than just through blogging!)  She has the sweetest daughter called Penny, who if she wasn't living on the other side of the Pacific, would totally have an awesome time on a play date with my little girl Imogen.  Together they could tear my house apart or perhaps terrorise Kiki's tortoise, Luna!  Kiki has some fabulous recipes on her blog, that are great for busy Mums and her regular fashion and makeup posts are always really varied.

Ditsy Sprinkles

Bianca is in the UK and she was actually the very first blogger that I connected with.  She has a lovely blog where she posts about her latest craft projects (she's very clever!) and she also posts about all things beauty related, with the odd outfit post thrown in for good measure.  She lives in rural England, which makes me feel like I'm an Australian equivalent of her, and I'm always tickled pink when she mentions how she feeds the fox (that visits her home regularly) as well as the badgers!
With my own blog having a recent subject shift I have been discovering lots of new blogs lately, all focusing around a similar theme.  Here are my new favourite reads.

Boyer Family Singers

No idea how I stumbled across these young ladies but they are three of the sweetest sisters you could find.  They have their own singing group, (which was part of my attraction as I was classically trained and sang in way too many choirs and musicals) and do all the old 'Andrew Sister's' numbers, which I actually grew up hearing because my Dad had some Glenn Miller Big Band records, and I totally adore this type of music. They love all things vintage, have gorgeous wardrobes of clothes HANDMADE by themselves.....they are all incredible seamstresses...and their blog covers topics such as their singing, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and all their incredible creative projects.

Chronically Vintage

Jessica over at Chronically Vintage is such fun and is another recent discovery.  She is a professional vintage blogger (what a job!) and has a Etsy vintage shop where she sells gorgeous vintage pieces.  History is her passion, particularly the period from the 1920s to the 1950s.  She has a fabulous wardrobe of vintage clothes and takes fantastic photos, having a photography background.  Jessica lives in Canada (in a recent post just missed out on having a face to face with a cougar!) and has a channel over here on YouTube.  She brings together fabulous vintage finds and does great hair, makeup and fashion posts.

June Bugs and Georgia Peaches

Stay tuned for some gorgeous vintage style outfit posts here at June Bugs and Georgia Peaches.  Total style inspiration and beautiful photos, I'm telling you!  Put together by two sparkling red heads, Amanda and Katie, they regularly get together to showcase the loveliest clothes...which is going to end up costing me a fortune because I want everything they wear!  Their blog is one of those that you go to when you want to have a relax with a cup of tea and drool over all the pretty pictures.

Forever Amber

As well as sharing my name, Amber over at Forever Amber, seems to share a similar sense of humour because I always get a giggle from her writing.  As well as the name and the humour, we are both journalists, although she now blogs full time and does a fabulous job.  She lives in Scotland and blogs about a great mix of everything that takes her fancy, although she does have a big love for 1950s fashion (so has an amazing dress and shoe collection) and she has the most gorgeous red hair.  I discovered her because she recently started following me on Twitter, so I checked her out (ok, her blog, not her) and I haven't stopped reading.

The Glamorous Housewife

I found this blog when I made the switch on my own, and by that I mean starting to embrace the old housewife tag.  Bethany, who is The Glamorous Housewife, has actually had a little holiday of late, which has been since I've just discovered her, but now that her kids are back at school she seems to have got back up with the blogging and vlogging (she has just started her food channel called "Making it Modern", which is turning vintage recipes into tasty dishes that are more appealing by today's standards!)  She blogs about a lot of different topics that are relevant to women who are at home with kids, so lots of cooking, homemaking, relationship, style and inspiration type posts.  A good mix of everything really. 

So there you have it!  My favourites and new finds in my blogging library!


  1. You are tremendously sweet, dear Amber. Thank you so very much for including me in such venerable company and for the wonderfully lovely write-up about my blog, complete with Etsy and YouTube mentions as well. I appreciate that immensely and really enjoyed reading about some of your other favourite sites. I follow most of them myself, too, and am off to check out the couple that are new to me.

    Huge thanks again - this lovely post made my whole day and then some!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. My pleasure Jessica. I'm so glad I found your blog and enjoy all your posts very much!

  2. You are adorable, and as long as I get to be the lady on the left, I'm cool. (; I mean, my hair looks like that if I brush it anyway. (;

    You are so sweet and Imogen and Penny would be so hilarious. I picture us sitting on the couch just watching the madness of those two. Of maybe outside? I feel like outdoors there's less to run into? haha Can't wait to check out these other great blogs!

    Always stay true to yourself Amber! <33

    1. Yes, you can be the lady on the left! ;) Yes, we should just let the kids go wild outside for sure. I have a trampoline, so perhaps we could stick them on that and zip up the netting that surrounds it!?! (then go inside and have a cuppa....or cocktails......!)

  3. AH~ This is a wonderful post. I don't know where to begin. First of all, I think I would be the lady to your left (immediately right from 'you' when looking at the photo)... I ALWAYS end up having my mouth like that in group photos because I'm laughing and chatting at the person who makes the weird face.. LOL. Hope Kiki and Bianca don't mind my choice ;) Kiki always has me drooling with her recipes!
    I very much love that you named Lola my ex-cat!!! Yes, my ex. What a brat she is..... But she's just so dang beautiful!! UGH. And soft. You are the best and absolutely one of my ride or die blogs as well!!!!
    I hadn't thought about Imogen and Penny hanging out, but that would work!! Ha! So cute!
    The Glamorous Housewife is a really awesome blog. I didn't know about "Making it Modern" so I will head over to see what that's all about!!

    MUCH LOVE!!!!!

    1. Awesome, you are on my 'right' in this photo! Yes I had to name Lola and when I finally get over there to visit I need to have special visiting rights with Lola! She does look so SNUGGLY!!

  4. Teehee, that photo suits the four of us perfectly! I'd totally be the lady next to 'Kiki' :)
    I can't wait to hop over and check out all of your latest favourites. x