Monday, August 17, 2015

Old Skills Are New Skills

As I have mentioned in a previous post here I have just started to learn to knit, and today I successfully undertook my first crotchet project.  I was pretty chuffed because it initially made no sense to me whatsoever.  Last night I visited my Mum for dinner and she showed me how to do a basic chain stitch, and even though I was a big old muddle head at first, it suddenly 'clicked', the light bulb went on, and I could get my head around it.  A couple of YouTube videos later and it was seeming a lot more doable. 

So far with my knitting I have been practising away making a scarf of sorts with simple stocking stitch, but last night I also 'sort of' mastered moss stitch and have begun a lovely green scarf.... see below... (note... scarves are definitely all I can manage for the moment....!)

It is these sorts of traditional skills that I have wanted to learn, to go along with my new simple lifestyle, so along with all the baking and cooking things from scratch, it would be great to be able to make all my own clothing as well.  The other thing is that doing all of these things takes time, so rather than rushing through life and trying to complete as many tasks as possible at once (multi-task really is an evil word), knitting, crotchet and sewing really makes you sit down and focus on the job at hand.
Ok, so the flowers are a bit wonky, and actually a bit uneven, but I was pretty excited to create SOMETHING when yesterday it was all a massive mystery. 
I have only been knitting a few weeks and it was amusing the comment I got from my husband.  "Why are you being such a Granny?!"  Ok, yes...I know, sometimes these time honoured skills can seem a bit grannyish (is that a word?), but there was a stage a few years ago when knitting became really trendy and today people of all ages clack away with their needles. 
Knitting and crotchet are a lot like sewing, where today it doesn't actually save you any money to make your own clothes.  Wool is really expensive but the whole point behind making yourself a garment is knowing that you have MADE it yourself.  Watch out everyone I know because you'll be getting scarves and crotchet flowers for gifts ..... unless of course, I can extend my repertoire!

But despite the cost of sewing, knitting and crotchet, there is the joy in actually making the item and you can be happy in the knowledge that you are creating clothes that you know where they have come from, and how they were made.  By this I mean that someone stuck in a sweat shop, being paid $1 a day, hasn't made your clothes.  By making your own you are abandoning the support of cheap labour, and this is a good thing.
So where do I go from here?  I really want to learn to do Granny Squares as I want to have a whole blanket made out of them, just like the ones my grandmother made who was apparently brilliant at crotchet and made my Mum a WHOLE suit out of it, and people couldn't stop asking her where did she get her Chanel suit!  With  my knitting I still haven't learnt how to cast basically I'll just have to knit this scarf from here to eternity...or at least until I work that one out, and I will also need to learn how to increase and decrease my stitches so I can start to do garments.  Oh...the challenges that lie ahead!
Have you taken up a craft or hobby lately? 


  1. Hey your knit flowers are looking great! I do recall that trendy knitting phase society went through. I think it is mostly not a thing anymore because people don't need to knit to have those necessities. Socks, hats, booties, mittens, gloves, scarves, whatever... They can all be found for under $5 (not saying they are good quality, but you can find something!!), which is basically less money and time than if you bought a skane of yarn and knit it yourself. Isn't that a pity! Because as you mention, when you do it yourself you know they were responsibly made. Now-a-days you really don't know (unless your clothes comes from USA/AUS/EU) if your clothes is ethically manufactured. I'm almost done developing a real talk about fast fashion and this sort of topic. Probably going to make a video too, because I have a lot to say. I just need to figure out a way to do it so I'm not sitting in front of the camera rambling. LOL. Anyway, moving on.

    I can't imagine crocheting a whole suit! How cool! I'm not very good at casting on, but I can cast off if reminded the first few. I've learned that knitting is NOT like riding a bike. If you stop for long enough (unless you had years and years of knitting experience) you will forget! It would be awesome to see you do something with knitting a garment!! Good luck in your knitting journey!! ;)

    Much LOVE!!

    1. Yes I agree, so much quicker and easier, and yes (unfortunately) cheaper to buy clothes which are all manufactured unethically. But with the cost of living so high it is so easy to just get these cheaply made clothes. If you buy anything Made in Australia it costs a bomb because the cost of our labour is high...which of course it should be as people need to be paid what their efforts are worth. Looking forward to hearing, reading or seeing your thoughts on this topic.
      I just bought a craft book at the charity store today (which I'm just about to do my next post on!) and there was a few knitting tips, one being how to cast off. easy. I get it now!

  2. Crochet is my favorite and I have done it for years. I took up quilting a couple years ago and have fallen in love with fabric and the stuff one can do with it. Crochet really is fun, versatile and I think WayEasier than knitting and it goes way faster (for me) with a hook than needles. I can shape anything with crochet, unlike knitting. I especially like crocheting water bottle holders to keep the desk dry and my hands warm. Then neck warmers and fingerless gloves-must have several of each by now in all colors. Quick and useful-what's not to love !~!

  3. You need to give yourself more credit! I find nothing "wonky" about your flowers. I think your knitting skills are beautiful! It's so sad to think about sweat shops and the controversy that surrounds them. ): Not going to get into that, because it's a sour subject and I may tear up. I have so many fond memories of being under a granny square throw when I was a little thing. Can't wait to see more of your journey. (: