Saturday, July 18, 2015

Vintage Birthday

It was my daughter's birthday yesterday.  She was two.  She has three older brothers, so needless to say she was ridiculously spoilt.  It is extremely difficult to not buy way too many presents and go to a huge amount of effort for one teeny tiny, but one very special little girl!

This was just one of the many...
This is a ballerina doll for her dolls house and the floral headband I got from the Australian Ballet when I went to see a performance of 'Cinderella' recently.  The headband was also bought along with a beautiful set of fairy wings, which she's not so impressed with at the moment...they seem to annoy her...but give it a couple of years and I probably won't be able to get them off her.
We had a little mini party for her, just me, my husband and the kids.  Tonight my parents are coming over for a slow-cooked roast pork that my husband is in charge of.  Mmmmm!  Last night we indulged in pasta from the local pizza/pasta place, who does the best Lime and Chilli Prawn Pasta ever, and I had made cupcakes for dessert.
I was pretty pleased with my efforts.  I was going for a pretty vintage look.  The cupcakes themselves are vanilla and were a mammoth effort in themselves, requiring a ridiculous amount of butter and 4 eggs, but they were totally worth it....not to mention the butter cream icing (where I had to sacrifice 200 grams of butter and 8 cups of icing sugar....YES....I said 8!!!)  They were delicious.  I cannot, however, take credit for making the decorations.  I'm not that clever.
She was a bit unsure at first, but soon warmed to the idea.  My husband had to give her a bit of a prompt to blow the candles out.....but....she got it in the end.....

I've done a bigger sponge cake for tonight, as well as a chocolate mousse, although I'm not sure we'll need it after the explosion of sugar that is going to come out of the cake.  It has cream AND jam in the middle and the same ludicrously sweet butter cream icing that basically blows the roof of your mouth off.  This is it...
My lack of decorating skills is really showing up here...but the kids won't care!
I'm looking forward to my parents coming over this evening.  It is nice to entertain.  We don't do it enough.  We must rectify this.  It's a much nicer thing to do than going out to restaurants or pubs.  My nightclubbing days are long over, not that I indulged much in that anyway, but having friends or family over is really special, even if you aren't celebrating anything in particular.  I love to cook for others, especially when they enjoy what I've made.  My husband has started taking charge of cooking the will pull out the slow cooker and do some amazing things.  He's especially liking this because we grow and butcher our own lamb, pork and beef, so he really takes pride in what he's serving up to people.
It's nice to keep things simple too.  When you produce your own food it really highlights how possible it is to slow down life a little.  I know not everyone is able to grow their own lamb (no room for sheep in a New York city apartment....funny about that....) but even having your own vegetable garden, or veggies or herbs grown in pots is a step in the right direction.
I did briefly think about having a party for my daughter...but then she's only two and didn't think it was worth the hassle nor the expense.  When she's older she'll appreciate it more (and remember it!)
Anyway, a very Happy Birthday to my little girl!  I'd better stop writing and start tidying up the parents will be here in three hours.....!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Bianca! She had a lovely day! And she's now officially a Terrible Two! Awesome!! x

  2. Happy Birthday to Imogen! I loved the cake and cupcakes (even though you didn't make the decorations, you arranged them beautifully!!!!!)! I think the floral headband is so far my favorite Im-accessory!! LOL so sweet! Hope the roast went over well (JEALOUS!).

    I agree about the party. I think it's sometimes a little elaborate when parents spend hundreds (some, thousands) of dollars on 1/2/3 year old events. Yes it's nice for the adults and if that's who you're doing it for, fine. But when my friends went nuts on their child's 1st birthday for the BABIES, it's like.... Uh... And you had nothing better to spend $500 on? I'll take it! LOL.

    Much Love!!!

    1. I will have to start my own business now you've said it...."Im-Accessory's"...or how about "Im-cessory's"?? Everything would have to do with dancing...she's obsessed. She's had two fairy ballet classes now and she loves it. This week she really joined in (last week she was just gobsmacked by the whole thing so stood there a lot of the time just staring). Everything in the 'Im-cessory' line would be floral, pink and there would be a LOT of tutu's! I've seen crazy pictures on blogs, on Facebook etc about people who have spent crazy amounts on super fancy parties for the kids. I remember having fairy bread, lemonade and some balloons and thought it was the ducks guts!

  3. Happy 2nd birthday Imogen! She looks like she was about to dive into those cupcakes! I know I would have. Very impressive Amber! (:

  4. I just love parties with vintage theme and thanks for sharing it here as you helped me with a great party planning idea. Now I just need to rent a space for an event and to start planning my party.