Friday, July 24, 2015

Samples of Time

I meet a really lovely lady this week during one of my interviews for the magazine.  She lives out in a gorgeous part of Gippsland called Jindivick, where the township is a tiny nest of a school, a café and a general store.  There is also a pretty nice restaurant.  If I ever go through there again I'll stop and take photos, I promise.  Anyway, this interview took twice as long because we really hit it off and found that we both have the same philosophy to life, for me this being a new mindset on what I want.  It was wonderful to hear my viewpoints coming from someone else and solidified the fact'm not crazy for wanting to turn back time a little and get off the whirly gig of what life is today.  She talked about how she wanted to live off the land, eating what she produces on her property as much as possible, and just accept things for what they are, living in the moment and enjoying the journey, rather than always waiting for what is coming up and hoping the future will bring us something better.  I totally agree with her. 

So there are a couple of eras I want to pinch things from to help make up my life.  There is the 1950s, as I have mentioned, but I am also quite fond of some of the aspects of the 1940s.  Love the clothes they wore, it's a style I have discovered that suits me as I bought a new dress that arrived yesterday and it's the first dress that actually looks good on me.  Remarkable.  Also, can't get enough of the music.  I was born in the wrong decade.  Anyway... the war was definitely a downside, but even so, there were some good things that came out of the war, particularly for women....who were needed to be employed in positions that were once almost 'men only' jobs.
I guess this is the bonus of living in the world that we do today, and something I discussed with the woman I interviewed the other day.  We are lucky that we can take the best from any time we want and mix it together with what we have today to create something perfect for ourselves.  For example, if you want to grow all your own vegetables you can.  If you want the convenience of buying everything from a big supermarket then it's all right there.  See?  Pick and choose.
So what is it I want to mix in my concoction of life?  Here goes...
From the 1940s....
The fashion... They had style.  Definitely.  And I love how resourceful women were back then with all the restrictions of the war.  Can't imagine drawing a line down the back of my legs so it looked like I was wearing stockings...but none the less, the fashions were quite flattering.  This is my new dress, I just had to show you.
I'm really sorry about this alarming close up bust, but I wanted to show you the detail in the collar and the cute buttons, and also that it isn't just a spotty dress.  How pretty are the flowers?!
Anyway, so there's the fashion and how women always looked nice and took pride in their appearances.  There was also the hairstyles!  The Victory Roll!  What a piece of artwork that was!
I'm afraid I haven't even tried any of these yet.  Somehow I just don't have the co-ordination, and frankly, I'm only JUST trying wearing my hair in other configurations that aren't a high ponytail.  Points to me for actually wearing it down, although I have been scooping up some of the front and creating some sort of rolly bit at the front.  I'll figure it out one day...perhaps if I suddenly grow an extra pair of hands, or if my husband by some strange chance just happens to decide that he wants to learn to do my hair (!) although this is doubtful.

The music!  Love the music from the 1940s.  I grew up listening to Glenn Miller Big Band stuff, as my Dad had a record (yes...I said record!), and I thought the Andrew Sisters were pretty cool too since I used to sing at school in choirs and loved doing harmonies and that sort of thing.  I actually found a lovely blog following the life of The Boyer Sisters who love vintage fashion and sewing and they have a singing group that is just like the Andrew Sisters.  You can buy their music here, which I did, and I have basically been listening to it and driving my kids crazy. 
I've talked about how I want to get back to a more simple way of cooking and eating, discussing it in a post here.  So far I have stuck to my guns and this week I have made pasta from scratch (without a pasta machine....that was fun!), ice cream and had a go at my grandmother's recipe for cordial...which was successful!  All of these were easy and tasted great and didn't really take that much effort at all.

No technology.  Ok, when I say that I mean less technology because today it's all around us but you can be strict with yourself and get in to the habit of using less technology.  Yes, I use the internet to write my blog, and there are a few blogs I like to read, and you can't go past shopping online when you're living in a regional town because it gives you access to so much more, however I'm not on Facebook much or any other social media very much any more, and it's a nice habit to get in to.  I have the television off a lot now, listen to music most of the time and limit how much technology the kids are exposed to.  I rarely watch the news now, (I know...I'm out of touch with the world) but it's all bad news generally and I'm just not interested in being depressed.
I think that both these eras were more about family, and spending good quality family time.  When I was little we would usually go somewhere every weekend, whether it was a picnic or a museum or the beach, my parents would take us somewhere so we could spend time together as a family and also have lots of life experiences.  I think this is really important.  Sometimes we did have weekends at home where Dad would mow the lawn and Mum would work in the garden.  We would ride billy carts down our street (we were on a crazy hill), ride our bikes, play in the back garden (which was least it felt like it then) and happily occupied our days with plenty of non-beep-beep-computer-type-thingos.  I guess it was easier to not play with technology then because we just didn't have it, but we certainly weren't lacking for anything in entertainment.

I think this is where this post crosses over and blends with the best bits of the 1950s.  Family was important then and you get the impression that the family home was a real nest, somewhere for everyone to come back to and feel completely secure.  It was the job then of the wife and mother to make it feel like this safe nest, and even though this today is an outdated idea, I really like it.  It shouldn't be an outdated idea because families are the most important thing, and caring properly for your kids sits well above that, it's just today's society that makes a woman feel bad about herself if she doesn't have a high paying career.  I do have a freelance job that takes up a little bit of my time, but mostly I am a housewife.  And now I think like one I am starting to enjoy it. 

Now this one, unfortunately, is quite controversial.  Shock horror!!  I like to take care of my husband.  WTF??!!  Yes, I know.  But I do.  I like to bring him a cup of tea in bed in the morning.  Sometimes he does it for me, and it's nice, however mostly I make him a cuppa.  I like to serve him up a nice dinner.  He always thanks me for it too.  It's nice to be appreciated for it.  I like to have his shearing clothes washed and dried for him, it's really important because he can only wear his dungarees shearing (his special shearing pants)...and they take ages to dry due to the double layer of fabric in the I have to stay on top of his washing.  I run the household.  He's told me several times that he couldn't function without me as I pay all the bills, do all the paperwork and handle everything to do with the bank, the accountant, etc...and even when we built our house I found the land, organised the mortgage broker, the bank, did the paperwork for that....etc...etc..etc...  He doesn't have time for all of this because he's at work earning the money to pay for it all of this is my job.  And he appreciates it.  So even though you might jump up and down and look at the picture above and think ..."how sexist!!!"... I actually take great pleasure in making my husband happy by doing the littlest things for him.  If you were to think about what he does for me then you would understand why completely.  He's bent over smelly sheep day after day after day after day after get the idea...and it's possibly one of THE hardest physical jobs ever.  Then when he's not at work he is either helping his parents with their cattle at their farm, or doing odd jobs, or he's shearing our sheep, drenching, crutching, mustering....the list goes on.  He deserves my attention when he gets home because basically...he works physically hard, and he PAYS for my life. 
The one other thing that I want to take from both the 40s and the 50s is the parenting ideals.  Some parts of it.  I hope that my kids grow up with strong morals and learn to respect their elders, as well as their parents, others and themselves.  I hope they get involved in sports, music, dance, drama and whatever else they are passionate about and don't have time to be roaming the streets aimlessly and causing havoc.  It would be nice to think that they could save themselves for marriage too, or at least make good and wise choices in that department.  It seems that kids and teenagers back then were more respectful and I think that is something that I hope can be brought forward into my household.
I guess we all want our kids to grow up to be the best they can be and that needs to come from the parents first. Thinking about what I can influence that will have an impact on their lives is the most important thing for me to focus on, and I think the rest will just filter on down from there.
So what are the best bits that I want to pull from today?  Probably not much you are thinking, and actually you are sort of right.  Today's society is really letting me down.  I'm sick of everybody having to have everything immediately.  I'm sick of obnoxious teenagers or 20 something's that have no respect.  I'm sick of the violence on television and the general state of the world.  I'm also tired of the pace of everything.  But things I can't live without? 

My car, unfortunate, but yes.  I'm 'Mum's Taxi Service' most of the time so our family just couldn't do without it.
My phone.  I do have a smart phone and probably could go back to just a 'normal' phone.  Actually I did once last year for a good while when I broke my last one while bumping up and down on my saddle.  I grew up during a time when mobiles weren't invented yet (say what?!) and we all survived ok.  When I was at school if you needed to ring your Mum you used the pay phone!  Crazy!  However now I don't have a landline and it is handy to have it on me.  It is also handy when you try and pay for groceries and discover that you forgot to transfer money from one account to another (this has happened to me) you can do it right there on your phone.
The internet.  As mentioned I use it to blog, there are a few blogs I read like I would a magazine and I need email for work.  And yes, I like having the access to clothing stores that are all around the world!  ModCloth anyone?!
Medicine.  You can't go past the fact that we are well looked after nowadays by our doctors and the ever increasing advances in medical discoveries are most amazing.  I take medication daily for epilepsy and without it I'd be in trouble. 
Modern conveniences in our homes.  Yep...these are handy, you can't deny it.  I'm not going to stop using my washing machine ( I don't have a I stick to the age old tradition of hanging the washing on the line outside), I use the microwave occasionally and like to watch the odd movie on the television.  It is a good idea to think about how much you use your appliances and try and limit things, just from an environmentally happy viewpoint.
What are your favourite things from which eras that you would combine to create a perfect life?


  1. I totally agree there are things that are focused on in every era that we can definitely learn from!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination
    Btw check out my sweet Lightbox Giveaway if you haven’t already!

    1. It's definitely good to learn from the past Tegan! Thanks for reading, I'll check out your blog for sure!

  2. Your story about you wanting to do nice things for Lindsay and him appreciating it is so sweet. The same goes for me, it's nice to feel appreciated and since I've found a GREAT fellah, my work is not all for not! I'm glad you've got the same! ;)
    There was a small period of time (sometime last year, I believe) where I was really depressed and down in the dumps. I never wanted to do housework and I was bitter about not being able to have a great job (like Spencer has at Hasbro) that perfectly suited my interests. I was sick of being a lazy "Debbie Downer" and started to find ways to work out of my funk, but one thing that helped me MAJORLY was a small YT video I found by chance. I think it was a recreation of a true story? It was about a woman, her husband narrated, who was told that she was to slowly go blind. She always wanted to do nice things for her husband and didn't want her vision impairment to burden him. So she continued doing everything (laundry/cooking/cleaning/etc) that she did before she went blind as she slowly lost her vision. It showed her struggle a little and that was sad. But in the end I took away from it that she WANTS to do those things for him because she loves him and DO I NOT feel the same way about Spencer? Who am I to be bitter for things that I CAN DO EASILY because my eyes still work, when she has got a larger burden to overcome and she's happy to do it.... I think it also motivated me because one of my biggest fears is going blind (every time I'm at the eye doctor my eyes need more fixing!). I'll find the link and send it to you on whatsapp if you'd like (just let me know!) to see it.
    Gurl, you and I have the same job WORD FOR WORD. I literally was just by the bank and paid the bills yesterday... I think it's awesome Lindsay can do such hard work day in and day out. It's one thing to have a challenging mental job, but a physical job!!
    I agree that the kids growth starts with the parents. Yes, today's society is really a buzz-kill at times. It scares me how the mentality of "need everything now" is seeping into every part of life. Relationships, I need this woman NOW, wait, no, THIS WOMAN NOW. And thus, more adultery. Jobs OVER family (which you mentioned in this post) is something I think has to do with the selfish societal views of today. If I have my career, then I'm powerful, and I have my money. Who needs family when I've got MONEY? Ugh.
    I have only used a pay phone in an airport and hospital, but those few times I'm so glad I had the opportunity. My kids won't know what a pay phone is (even kids 14 and under NOW don't really have a clue).
    YAY MODCLOTH!!! I had no idea you took medication for epilepsy! Wow, yes I'm thankful that you can take the medication to keep you upright! YOU DON'T HAVE A DRYER, WHAT!? I mean, I saw you hanging clothes up in your vlogs but just assumed it was too hot of a day to use the dryer HAHAHA. OH MY GOSH LEARNING SO MUCH in this post!

    This is just the coolest post. I want to have the time to write something like a post or maybe make a video about the eras I'd like in my life. It's something I've been working on but just never realized that I was picking and choosing from different time periods!! MUCH LOVE!!!!

    1. Ok, this was official THE longest comment ever!! It was awesome, thank you for taking the time! x It was a long post to write actually, took me all afternoon with interruptions from the kids! I love how one of the of the things that you took from the post was the fact that I don't have a dryer! I've never had one nor want one. There is plenty of air outside...although my lounge room does always look like a Chinese Laundry in winter when I have all the washing hanging up on the enormous clothes horse! I've had to take medication for epilepsy since I was 17, when I had my first over half my life. It's a pain but the alternative is worse. Love to hear or see something from you on this topic!! Amber xxx

  3. I completely admire this life change you've made. It inspires me to grow more of my own produce and make things from scratch. I'm even debating getting a few chickens to join the duck I unwittingly acquired last week! :)

  4. I think it's great that you found someone else to ease your feelings on how you want to start living. I think there's NOTHING wrong with choosing a life that's relaxed and "old school," for a lack of a better word. I think if we all lived our lives we less technology we'd all be a lot happier. I really hope this new chapter brings peace for you.

    LOVING that dress! I am a totally sucker for all things shabby chic and floral. (; Nearly half of my wardrobe is covered in pretty floral prints. They just "work," you know?

    I had no idea you had epilepsy! My Grandpa also suffers from it! Though in the US, he is not permitted to drive. It's a blessing that there's a medicine to keep it under control. I'm being totally honest, when we move into a house I want a clothes line! Linens smell amazing when line dried!