Sunday, June 7, 2015

Writing and Photography Services Available!

I am a writer and photographer for a magazine called 'Gippsland the Lifestyle', which covers the greater region of a vast area of Victoria called Gippsland, naturally!  My job entails writing feature articles and taking the photographs to accompanying them.  It's a fabulous job, one I enjoy very much and I am very proud to have.  As a writer there is nothing better than seeing your work in print, along with your name.  The above photo was one that featured in the recent Winter edition of the magazine along with an article on Bass Phillip Winery.  I dropped off a copy of the magazine to the owner and was so pleased that he was delighted with it, and that he said, and I quote (!), "it was the best article ever written on the winery".  This was a big statement, considering this winery produces WORLD renowned Pinot Noir and I was exceedingly flattered.  This comment made up for so much.
I am very pleased to announce that I am extending my writing and photography services to include copywriting, of which I have done a lot of already.  Work includes writing the content for websites and selling photographs for commercial purposes.  I also used to work for a company called Web Profits where I wrote articles for SEO purposes.  If you are interested in my services please do not hesitate to contact me at and we can discuss your needs.
An example of websites I have provided the copy for can be found here at Sheridon Dixon Makeup Artist and Flawless Hair and Makeup.  


  1. I'm so proud of you Amber! Expand your horizons! I've always enjoyed your style of writing. You should put links to the articles you write for magazines. (If you can). I'd love reading them!

  2. Wow congrats on receiving such a compliment. Nothing better than producing an article on a subject and having that subject be truly pleased with the outcome. I'd love to have my words printed on paper one day. What a dream!