Friday, June 5, 2015

MooGoo Brightening Cream

Our lovely friends from the herd at MooGoo have kindly sent me some gorgeous products to try, with this delicious Brightening Cream being one of them.  I am a long time big fan of all things MooGoo with my cupboards being stocked with their Shampoo (great for tears!!), their Cream Conditioner, their Deodorant (no nasty aluminium), the Full Cream moisturiser, the Natural Mini Moo Bubbly Wash (that the kids love in their bath!), the Nappy Balm and more recently I have been using their Anti-Ageing Face Cream...which I have very high hopes for!
Brightening Creams have come into existence to help improve the tone of the skin, working towards creating an even tone, which will improve the overall appearance.  They also address dark spots and sun spots and any pigmentation that may have occurred as you age.  A brightening cream is not something that will give you immediate results, rather something that you will need to use for a while to see the results occur over time.  I have been giving MooGoo's Brightening Cream a good go for a few weeks and already am happy with the appearance of my skin. 
MooGoo uses edible oils and I am happy knowing that there are no chemicals, bleaches or paraffin oil, particularly because I use their products on my children.  I also love their 'back to the farm' packaging and that cows feature so significantly on everything they do!!
The pump pack is really handy, as it doesn't spill and make a mess, and you can also easily control how much you use, making sure there is no wastage.  This cream is great because you only need a little bit....a tiny blob goes a long way!  The scent always gets me every time with MooGoo products, a combination of what reminds me of coconut/marshmellowy/milky goodness...and the Brightening Cream is no exception, with just a hint of a scent....fabulous that it is not overpowering...just a lovely 'barely there' fragrance.
I would definitely purchase this and am enjoying using this product and the results so far.
Below is my little video review...I hope you enjoy!

Thanks to the lovely people at MooGoo for sending me a gorgeous pail of products to review!


  1. This looks just lovely! I've never heard of this brand before but really want to try them out now!
    Great blog!

    1. Thank you Emma, I really appreciate your sweet comment. It's a lovely brand and well worth trying. x

  2. I'm wondering if MooGoo is only available in Australia? I love using all natural products on Pen and California Baby, and Honest company are our top favorites. Plus hey, I could use some brightening! (;

    1. Hi Kiki, I am pretty sure you can buy it in the UK or at least get it online because the lovely Bianca from Ditsy Sprinkles reviewed one of their products only recently. You should be able to purchase online, I'm sure they send overseas. Otherwise I could be your 'middle man' and send some products over. You would love them, especially for Penny.

  3. Replies
    1. These ones were 'borrowed' cows! I drove around for a little while around my neighbourhood until I found some pretty dairy cows! It was a lovely day, so a nice day for a drive.

  4. i love the name of it! sounds lovely

    from helen at

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  5. I'm with you, if I had kids I'd appreciate a "cleaner" product! The only products I know available to more than just people with a celebrity budget is the Honest brand. I think it was started by Jessica Alba? Your video was so nice! I loved the cows in the beginning, SO AWESOME. Seriously! Off to watch it on YT!! ;)

    Much LOVE!!