Monday, June 29, 2015

Basia Mille - A Taste of Tuscany

Earlier this year I was really lucky to pay a visit to Basia Mille, a small winery and olive grove overlooking Waratah Bay in South Gippsland, my visit being due to an article I had to write for the magazine.  It turned out to be quite bizarre really, because the name of the owners was Tony and Geraldine Conabere.....and it just so happened that my old Headmaster from school was called Tony Conabere.  In the way of weirdness it DID turn out to be my old Headmaster from I wasn't sure whether to shake his hand or kiss it when I turned up.  He was always so stern and scary!  He'd greet you with a low "Miss Miller" (my maiden name when I was a wee young thing), and this would make me scuttle off even faster to whatever class I was running late for.
The name of their vineyard, Basia Mille, comes from a property of the same name in Italy that the couple fell in love well as the timeless love story that went along with it.  It affected them both so much that they wanted to recreate their own piece of Tuscany on their eleven acre property back home.  It took them three years to build, but in the end they have created a gorgeous weekender where they host the occasional wedding and have many visitors to their cellar door to sample their wine and olive oil. 
Their bright cellar doors....
...hide all that lovely wine and really nice olive oil...which I was lucky enough to be given a bottle to take home!  Just one of the perks of my job!!  And thinking about doors...check out these beautiful front doors to their home...
..they are 350 years old and have come all the way from France.  Yes.  France.  Cool, I know.  Their attention to detail around the whole property matched these doors.  If you decide to visit make sure you stay in what they call their Luscious Apartment.  It looks like this...
...and this... was just too nice.  It's a little pricey, but not too bad if you are planning on spoiling yourself, and would be just gorgeous if you were staying there after having just got married in the courtyard below.
I love these gates.  There were too nice not to photograph and this shot made it into the magazine.  This is what I am talking about when I say 'details'.  It was beautifully peaceful too, and despite feeling like I was at school again (!), I could have stayed there all day.
Check out those views across Waratah Bay and over to Wilson's Prom (which is those mountains in the distance).  That's their own small nine hole golf course below too!  Yep.  You can have a whack of golf while you're there.  Preferably with a glass of wine in hand!


  1. Beautiful place! They've done such a good job, it looks like you really are in Italy. x

    1. It was gorgeous Bianca! The view was stunning too. I'm lucky to live in such an amazing and diverse part of Australia!

  2. Ok, I've booked our Honeymoon. (; Jk, but really you are right. I think this would be a perfect newlywed getaway! I remember in your vlogs when you went here. Such a lovely place. (:

    1. Yes! Come on down!!! Australia would make a super awesome honeymoon destination!