Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Country Life

I live in a beautiful part of Victoria called Gippsland, which is quite a vast area and covers a large portion of the south east corner.  The landscape varies from paddocks and farm land, to snow topped mountains, wetlands and rivers, beaches and lakes and lots of lovely regional towns, some large, some small.  I'm lucky that I get to scoot around a fair bit with my job when I go out doing interviews for my articles that I write for Gippsland The Lifestyle magazine, so I get to see lots of different parts of it and meet a whole array of different people. 

As this is essentially a lifestyle blog, and a country lifestyle one at that, it's about time that this is what you will see here.  I will put together little videos, such as the one below, to take you on trips around this gorgeous part of Australia.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. Gippsland, which is the region I live in, is quite large. It takes up the entire south west corner of Victoria, which is the state I am in. It is so diverse...from farms and regional towns, forests, mountains, wet lands, bushland, right out to the ocean.... It's an incredible place.
      Amber x

  2. I'm loving this! I've always been so curious of Australia and I feel movies give a false sense of how it really is. Literally any movie is like bam, here's a kangaroo and a desert. Which since watching your vlogs, I've noticed is not the case. If anything, it's similar to where I'm from, one of the biggest farm areas in Ohio. (:

    1. The desert part is mostly in the middle of Australia, and no...we don't have kangaroos bouncing down the road everywhere (!)...although having said that, it just depends where you live. At my in-laws farm up north the kangaroos are everywhere! I will pop in the odd video every now and then, particularly when I go out on jobs for the magazine because that takes me to all different parts of Gippsland so I can show it off!
      Amber x