Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Weekly Favourites

Another busy week with lots of lovely favourite things!
Attending a blogger event through Nuffnang to hear about the travels and adventures of a group of bloggers who got to experience a fabulous trip to Dubai.  It was at the Doc Martin's bar in Collins Quarter in the 'Paris' end of Collins Street in the city of Melbourne.
Eating fancy food...
Mmmmmmmm!!  And then there was the specially created cocktail with a Dubai inspired flavour!
It was called 'The Burj' and it was a mix of Vermouth, Chamomile, Orange Blossom and Apricot liqueur, especially created by Doc Martin's head bartender, Zeb.  It was an experience!  The first sip highlighted one flavour, which was then followed by a burst of orange blossom and chamomile, followed by something else.  It was quite unusual but definitely delicious!
On a completely unrelated note...I finally got the fenders back for my saddle.  They had to be considerably shortened because I am so vertically challenged.  Anyway now I can AT LAST use my new saddle that I got for Christmas.  It's from Toowoomba Saddlery
I got this Neck and Decolletage Cream by Natio, which is an Australian brand that I really like, and is available from my local chemist.  It's reasonably priced and uses lots of natural ingredients.  This cream has Plant Peptides, Argan, Moringa Butter, Fennel, Frankincense and Myrrh...and as well as feeling a bit like one of The Three Wise Men with the whole Frankincense thing, it smells gorgeous.  I decided to invest in this cream because the old décolletage gets a bit neglected and it is one of the first places that you can start to show your age.  That and the back of your hands (which in my case seems to be happening...probably all that time working on farms.)  Natio, I discovered recently, is also pronounced 'Nay-T-O'.  I don't know what I was saying before but it was definitely wrong.
This other item, which everyone would no doubt recognise, is my all time favourite Brazil Nut Body Butter from The Body Shop.  I actually used to sell The Body Shop products through The Body Shop at Home party plan and I learnt some really weird facts.  Probably the weirdest was that the original store was actually located right next door to a funeral parlour.  A funeral parlour next to 'The Body Shop'.  How confusing.
This favourite is a representation of my 11 year old son's first classical ballet class which he had this week....and did very well at I might add.  This is my daughter waiting outside during the class...something I am going to have to get used to with my 2 other small children.  Next time I will take more toys to occupy them.  I will also get some photos of my son... but for the moment here is a little video.
And a teensy bit more...
What were your favourites for the week?


  1. Lovely post and images! Have an awesome new week!

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  2. Replies
    1. Hopefully Bianca! It's been weeks since I've ridden her. My husband has been so busy it's been too much to ask him to watch the kids while I go for a ride. Hopefully this weekend!

  3. Loved your favorites this week! That "The Burj" drink sounds delicious. Spencer and I partake in a little bit of amateur mixology.. LOL. So I'm excited to try that. Hope you had fun at that blogger event! I've never heard of Natio, but I'm assuming that is because it is Australian. I think it looks mighty interesting..! I've used "Lovely Jubblies" Neck and Decolletage cream by LUSH and it was... an interesting experience. I feel like the cream didn't do anything for me, but perhaps I'm not needed to benefit from it yet? LOL. I don't know. I also love that fact about The Body Shop. That is so strange... Next to a funeral parlor, haha! That name could get a bit confusing. Congratulations to your and your son for the ballet class. I used to take ballet and dance, it was such a great experience and I loved how it was fun for me but also kept me in shape...

    Much Love!
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. will have to show us watch concoctions you and Spencer come up with! There were some other weird and interesting facts about The Body Shop...for example they started doing that 'recycle your bottle' thing because they didn't have enough bottles. And the company colour is that dark green because it was the only paint that would cover up the colour underneath of the outside of their first store!