Friday, January 30, 2015

A Week of Sweet Words & Pretty Pictures

This is the first of what will be a normal Friday post.  My week in mostly pictures...with a bit of text thrown in for good measure.  So here goes...
The weekend saw me going all the way to Phillip Island to the town of Cowes to do a story on a paint shop for the magazine.  It was colourful!
My daughter got her first fairy costume.  It was cuteness overload.
I got windblown on the beach on Australia Day while shooting an outfit post.  It was cold.
Tuesday saw me driving down to Fish Creek to do an interview on an artist.  This is his studio.  It was unique.
This is some of his art work.  It was fabulous.
I thought this piece was pretty groovy.  Groovy.  Do people even use that word any more??  Anywho....this is a photo of his very friendly dog named Jack.  He was gorgeous.
Jack was his PR manager.  I was greeted with a very friendly tail wagging.
That night I had a 'date' with my husband and had complimentary tickets to see 'Strictly Ballroom the Musical'.  I was so excited I wasn't sure it was good for me.  It was brilliant.
(These photos were from the media call...I wasn't snapping away on the night of the performance!)
My eldest started back at school for a new school year, and my other two boys had their kindergarten orientation days this week, which my little girl enjoyed too.  It was fun.
I managed to fit in an outfit shoot... (it was awkward!)
....and fell even more in love with my new boots. (They are divine)  How did your week pan out?




  1. wow, i'm in love with your blog design)))))
    kisses from ukraine :-***

  2. Your daughter looks adorable! I also got my daughter a fairy costume this week! :) the strictly ballroom musical looks sooo good! I love that movie i've seen it way too many times!

    1. How funny that both our little girls got a fairy costume in the same week! We will have to see a photo of her! My husband has seen Strictly Ballroom tonnes of times too....even though he didn't want to! Apparently his sisters used to watch it a lot when he was a kid!

  3. Your daughter is super cute. And love your outfit at the beach.
    I am following you back :)

  4. Replies
    1. She wasn't so happy it...the wings were driving her mad! But I agree...she does look delicious!!

  5. Love the weekly recap! Your daughter's fairy costume is SO CUTE. I love it!! And how fun is Jack the PR manager!? Looks like you had a pleasant week. Mine was a little less exciting while still being busy the whole time. Glad to start fresh tomorrow!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva