Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cowgirl Dirt Review

With the major clean up of my 'well beyond it's expiry date' makeup I discovered this really great natural brand called Cowgirl Dirt.  Of course the name attracted me in the first place, and the cool names for products, like 'Yeehaw Lip Stick' and eye shadow colours such as 'Cowgirl Up', 'Let's Ride', 'Line Dance' and 'Rodeo Rose'. 
A family owned and operated company, they are based in Montana in the United States and "the brand stands for the best of Western tradition."  I like it.
As I needed a few bits it was more value for money for me to go for a gift set, so I went for the 'Cute Cowgirl Collection' at $59.99 US.  All contained in a little hessian bag (nice touch!), I received three eye shadows in 'Copper', 'Wheatfield' and 'Saddle Up', which are all neutral colours.  I have sort of sludgey coloured eyes, ranging between khaki and green, so these colours really bring out the green.  There was also a 'Mud Slinger Eye Liner' in a lovely brown, called 'Cow Pie'.  (Not sure what cow pie means in the US but here in Australia it's kind of alluding to a cow pat....or poop!)  But cultural differences aside (!) it is a really nice colour and blends in well.
There were also two lip products.  This one here is the 'Bodacious Botanical Lip Gloss' which I am quite impressed with.  It has a brush and the gloss goes on easily and is not too shiny or sticky, which I'm a fan of.  It also has a lot of gorgeous ingredients so that it is ultra-moisturising, such as Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax and Organic Coconut Oil.  The Organic Peppermint also gives it a lovely fragrance. 
The other lip product is the 'Yeehaw Lip Stick' in Sweet Tea.  It's a great brown sort of shade, which suits my auburn hair and eye colour.  There are 11 lip colours to choose from and I was tempted to try a few more.  You can buy samples of their products, which is a fantastic idea, and a lot of them sit around the 99 cent mark, so you are certainly not breaking the bank.  Plus it means you might give something a shot that you otherwise might not...and then you could discover a whole new look you may never have been brave enough to try!
Coming from the US they were pretty quick with their delivery, and they also ship to many places world wide, so all good!



  1. I haven't heard of Cowgirl Dirt before. I love how they manufacture the product with natural ingredients. Thanks for sharing :)


  2. First time hearing about this brand, but that lipstick looks gorgeous! :)

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  3. Very neat, I've never heard of that brand but such cute packaging and I always love natural products and supporting smaller companies. Great review!!


  4. All of the names for the products are so adorable! This is my first time hearing about them, but I love how they use natural products <3

    berrystylishofficial.com ♥ @ItsBerryStylish

  5. What a nice review! Thank you ...
    For the Cowgirl Dirt Team,
    Maria Norcia
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