Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Little Glamourflage

Ok, so lately I've had to have a complete overhaul of all my makeup and skincare products because...well...I've kind of had things for way too long.  And I mean years too long.  It's disgusting. 

It's because I run out of me time.  I know it is.  It's certainly not because I am a hoarder.  In fact I'm great at throwing things out.  Probably too good at it actually. 

So here's where I thought I'd replace all my boring skincare and makeup with fun products.  Namely those with super cool packaging and those that smell amazing.  The maybe I would look at moisturising as a fun thing to do instead of something that is taking five minutes out of my life when I probably should be doing housework or taking care of the kids. 

I need to have some R and R some time.  Maybe this is a way to force a bit of pampering onto myself?!

So....this is Glamourflage and it is the most fun in skincare I've ever seen.  I stumbled across them a couple of years ago when I was living in the middle of nowhere in New South Wales.  They have gorgeous products and the packaging is so quirky.  And sexy! 

I needed a new face cream because the one that I got the other week is just not right for me.  See it here .  I do like this one, but just not so much on me.  I also needed a new body cream because I threw out two last week that were WAY past their use by date.  They smelt funny.  And they looked at me funny when I took their lids off.  In the bin with those.

Anyway I discovered that it was actually better value for money to buy the Spoil Yourself Gift Set because it ended up costing less than buying these products separately, and I also got a little candle and the gorgeous Daisy Delight Lip Balm within the set.  It's cherry flavoured.  Need I say more.

The whole lot came in the most beautiful box.

The Vera Vamp Body Cream has a lovely pearly sheen and it smells like tropical flowers. The Luscious Lucy Face Cream is exactly that.  It smooths on really well and is not too heavily scented, which is definitely something I prefer in a face cream. 

The Lip Balm is definitely a bonus.  The cherry flavour is divine. 
Hopefully after a while of using these products I will end up looking like these gorgeous gals on the lids!  Hmmm...maybe not!


  1. Oh my god, this packaging … loving, loving it !

    1. I know right! This was what got me in the first place! The products are lovely too.

  2. I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging too!

  3. What fun packaging!! Looks lovely, will have to check it out, I'm a complete sucker for cute packaging!

    1. The more fun it is the more likely I am to use it!