Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Warragul Farmers Market

Don't you just love a market?  All the beautiful stalls and gorgeous handmade and home grown products for sale.  The taste testing and food stalls, the live music and everywhere lots and lots of happy faces.
I had to make a visit out to the Warragul Farmers Market yesterday to take some more photos for a feature article I am doing for the Spring edition of the magazine I work for, plus I needed to stop by the stall that makes the nut butters and get some shots of her wares for an advertisement.  Needless to say I got lost in the rest of the market and all the other lovely photo opportunities.  I might have also got a little crazy about the Spiced Hot Chocolate.

It was to die for.  Lovely and thick, not too rich, and with a hint of spice.  Mmmmmm.  It was made by the lovely people from 'String and Salt' who I have written a post on just recently.  They own a kitchenware store in the town of Warragul.  Yes, it is a favourite store and I frequent it often!
These were then nut butters by 'Nuts About Fruit'.  They were very photogenic and looked extremely tasty.
And these meringues WERE very tasty, and I know this for certain because I sampled two different sorts and then promptly bought this bag of sprinkle covered vanilla ones.  I did buy them for my children, but then may or may not have eaten half of them myself.  Whoops!  Upon purchasing them the older gentleman said...
"Why do people eat snails?"
Me...looking slightly perplexed.  "Um..I have no idea."
"Because they don't like fast food!"
"Oh," I said, realisation dawning across my face, "Meringues and a joke!  Perfect!"
And how about them apples!  They were too beautiful not to take a photo of.
Of course there is always more than just scrummy food at markets.  These daffodils are a timely reminder that Spring is just around the corner.  I love Spring.  Our sheep should start lambing this week, so as well as the pretty flowers, there will be lots of babies.  My husband and I drenched them all yesterday so they are all set to go!  Something else to be happy about!


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