Monday, August 25, 2014

The Sheep are Sheeping

Spring is just around the corner and the sheep are sheeping! (which is our families non-technical humorous way of saying that the sheep have started lambing).
They started at the beginning of last week.  They kind of appear like popcorn does when you cook it in a saucepan over the stove.  One day there was two, then the next there was four, then suddenly by Wednesday they had all started to explode and there was about fifty of the little darlings running around.  I went yesterday for a looksie and there would have been around sixty, and brilliantly there is still many more to go.
We even had a set of triplets! 
I couldn't get a clear photo of those little guys snuggled up together so here are one of our sets of twins, which there are a few.
Once they get a little older, say a couple of weeks, they become a little braver and head out away from their mums and bunch up, like a flock of school children, and play silly games together.  There is a very 'fun' pile of dirt in one of the paddocks and this is a source of endless amusement.  They run up it and over it and all around it, kicking their heels up, butting their heads and just generally being young and free.
As well as checking the ewes and their new arrivals I also spent a bit of time brushing my very hairy horse, who is losing her Winter coat.  To me it just looks really really itchy, so I figured I'd relieve her of some it while buttering her up with carrots.
See how muddy and yucko she looks.  Her paddock is looking a little worse for wear too after a wet and boggy Winter.
Of course, because I brought out the carrots Sabre had to show up too.  This is my husband's horse.  He is a big sticky beak.
And it does make it hard to take a decent photo of him...
He is also always trying to find more carrots, and seems to think you have them tucked away behind your ears, in your hair or, indeed, in your own mouth, so he will sniff and even lick your face in search for them.  He is lovely, but I'm not sure about all the smooching.  


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