Friday, August 1, 2014

The Many Hazards of a Play Centre

Yesterday it was this sort of a day....

I had gone to visit my husband at the farm on the way home from town, although he wasn't there due to having taken our wool off to the wool buyer, and this is what greeted me as I tried to leave.  Ok.  So I wasn't going that way today.

It was mega windy everywhere.  Even the play centre, where I spent the morning with my two youngest children while the four year old was at kinder, was rattling in the wind like a ramshackle outdoor dunny.  I swear, the room was moving.  The play centre in question is housed in basically a big tin shed, with all the usual climbing frames and rules and regulations, and the room was threatening to do a 'Wizard of Oz' and fly away.

As well as the room adding a little bit of excitement to the morning, it made me come to the realisation that play centres really are dangerous places.  I mean, as well as all the bugs and snotty noses and little children sharing their colds, AND the hive of death that is the ball pit, there is also an untold number of accidents and injuries waiting to happen.  I mean check out this sign...

"No balls, cars or bikes to be taken on play equipment or jumping castles please."  The fact they have added 'please' is not going to make a difference to a three year old.  If he could read that is.  The reality is, for those who can string together their alphabet in a manner that makes sense, that this is just a big fat tease.  What a fabulous idea!! 
"Holy underwear Batman!!  Let's take the bike down THE SLIDE!!" 
This sign, by the way, is situated right NEXT to the slide.  Have bikes and little plastic ride-ons gone down this slide?  Well....yes actually.  And I've seen it done, and frankly, it looks like fun.  Although you are talking to a middle aged woman, who just last weekend, rode down a very long and steep driveway on a home made billy cart that was made out of the front wheel and handle bars of an old pushbike and one of those two wheeled trolleys that you use to move around heavy boxes.  This is what happens when you have a husband and brother in law who can sometimes be just a little bit red-neck AND the brother in law is a welder.  It was also done in the pitch dark too for added excitement, and with my six foot one husband and all of his 75 kilograms on the back of the thing helping to build up the incredible speed, it was speedy and the corner was scary and my boots are even more worn down due to acting as makeshift brakes.  It was, however, hilariously fun.
But back on topic.  Other dangers of yesterday's play centre included getting rammed by a kid and his plastic lawn mower, almost getting stuck in the curly-wurly tunnel slide and being forced to eat the hot chips that were just a little bit too irresistible. chips.
My little girl and youngest son, however, had a fabulous time...
Here's my little girl wearing a birthday dress she got from my mum.  How good is that Mohawk by the way?!  (I don't do that deliberately, she has a double crown at the back of her head.)
The slide is awesome...although it would have been WAY more exciting if he'd taken a bike on there with him..

Anyway, to finish up on this first day of August, I just want to wish my horse a Happy Birthday. 
Happy Birthday Ruby!  (Horse face!)

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