Friday, August 15, 2014

The Best Kids Bookshop

I have found the best bookshop for children, and conveniently, it is online.  An Australian site The Kids' Bookshop is an online store that provides the best selection of children's books, and without a doubt it has the most fantastic customer service I have ever experienced.  Their logo (shown above), is gorgeous too!

I wanted to write about this experience as the staff were so incredibly helpful and put a lot of thought into my request.

I sent them an email asking if they knew of any books that would help my son.  You see my eldest, who is eleven, is from my first marriage, and his father is now living overseas.  It was supposed to be a six month visit but it now looks like it is going to be a permanent move.  How on earth do you tell your child that their father might not be coming back? 

As it turns out the best way was to just confront it head on and lay it out plain and simple.  After months of being kept in the dark by his Dad I figured it was kinder to just be upfront and then we could figure it out from there.

In the meantime I thought that perhaps there was a book with a story that was similar that he would be able to relate to.  I wrote to the staff at The Kids' Bookshop, who got back to me almost immediately, and after a few days they had come up with some ideas.

One of those ideas was this book, which I promptly bought.

I also own this on DVD so I thought that once he reads it we can sit down and watch the movie together.  It is, of course, not exactly the same as his situation, but it is an inspiring story about a boy who leaves both his parents and his entire family while he trains to be a ballet dancer and goes on to become extremely successful.  The fact that it is a true story and one where great things can still be achieved is perfect.  I want my son to realise that life still goes on and that he can go out and be whoever he wants to be even though his father has his own agenda. 

A big thank you to The Kids' Bookshop.  Go and check them out.

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