Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Best Blogs

Blogging is sort of like a really decadent box of chocolates.  It's kind of addictive, and once you start it's sort of hard to stop.  (These chocolates are from Haigh's by the way and if you haven't tried them you haven't lived.)

People blog for many different reasons and about a huge range of topics.  Some just want to document their thoughts and feelings, some want to inform others and throw their point of view out into cyberspace and many do it because they love to write and create their own special corner of the internet.  Many businesses also have a blog as part of their website so they can really connect with the public and keep their customers up to date.

Since becoming a blogger it has lead me to explore the enormous world that is the 'blogosphere' and have a really good look at just what is out there.  According to statistics a new blog is created somewhere in the world every half a second (!), which means that over 172,000 blogs are launched everyday.  This is incredible!  So many people with so much to say!  Whether it is any good or not is up to personal opinion, but my leap into the blogging world has helped me step into the lives of some really interesting people.

As a writer and a blogger I often wonder if anyone reads what I write or is interested in what I have to say, but since I now find myself checking out my favourite blogs daily it is obvious that, yes, people really do like to read blogs.  Actually, they are kind of like magazines but better because they are generally updated more regularly and they are full of so much personality.  As the blogger lets you into parts of their lives you really feel like you get to know them.

The other thing is the beautiful photographs.  Some of my favourites are simply visual feasts and it only inspires you to take better photos yourself. 

A great place to find lovely blogs is at Blog Lovin  You can add your own blog to this site so that people can find and 'Follow' you and then you can 'Follow' others in return.  You will then receive updates via email whenever your favourites have added a new post. 

Some of my favourite blogs that I would like to share with you include the following:

Poppy Loves - This is a really lovely London lifestyle blog by Poppy that has beautiful photographs and really really makes you want to go to London.  When reading it you feel a bit like she takes you everywhere with her as she goes out and about in London.  Her writing style is great too.

The British Girl - Another London blogger, this one is great.  I love the fun, colourful look of Beth's blog, her banner is really cute.  She also shows you about London, looks at travel, food and fashion and has a fabulous time doing it.

Milk Bubble Tea - This one is really sweet and Becky showcases the prettiest things.  She also has the cutest sausage dog I've ever seen who features quite a bit!

World of Wanderlust - If you enjoy a good travel blog then this is fantastic.  Brooke is an Australian (yay!) who has only been blogging for about a year but she now does it full time as a profession and spends all her time travelling!  How awesome is that!  She has also written a few eBooks of which I purchased one ("How to Create a Successful Blog") and it was incredibly useful. 

Zoella - To get your beauty fix head on over to this one.  It basically reviews beauty products, with lots of tips and hints thrown in, and showcases an amazing array of lovely things that you just want to buy right away.

Do you have a favourite blog?  Please let me know, it's always nice to share!


  1. thank you for your comment on my blog so I could come discover yours. Wow 4 babies, thats amazing. I'm so busy with only one. I can't wait to get back into blogging and makeover my blog. This was just the inspiration post I needed.

    1. No worries, it is lovely to discover new blogs! I find that blogging is a great escape from kids for a while and a nice change from nappies, feeding, lack-of-sleeping...etc..!

  2. Very please to have come across your blog today, what wonderful pictures :)

    Fleur x

  3. thanks for sharing these! can't wait to check some new ones out :)