Thursday, August 7, 2014

String & Salt

I have a new favourite store.

It popped up one day quite unexpectedly on one of the main streets of Warragul and it is one of those types of stores that you just can't help but go in to, even if you have no real need. 
The billboard out the front is advertising cooking classes, which are incredibly tempting, and the country style oven in the window here has me weak at the knees.  If only.
It's even more beautiful inside.

There are so many gorgeous things that are just too tempting to buy.  All the kitchen accessories you could ever want but they are all just that little bit different, a bit special.  The jars in the background here are full to the brim with spices.

I adore these coloured glasses.  I want some, although I am having trouble deciding which colour I like the best.  I am leaning towards the pretty green.

Love, love, love these cute drinking jars with the pretty straws.  I gush over them every time I go in.  Actually this time I couldn't resist so I bought one.  Just because.

I think everything blue on this shelf is next on my list.  Everything is so quirky and lovely and just begging to be taken home.  Everything reminds me of a classic old fashioned country kitchen, which I hope to have one day.

See how cute my new jar is?!  I'm pretty sure I'll never use it to drink out of as the straw is made out of paper, although you can, but at the moment I have it sitting next to my favourite white teapot.  One day it might look lovely in my daughter's room.  These jars are made by a company called Rainy Sunday.  Check out their web page or they are on Facebook.

Better still, head on in to String & Salt.  I promise, you'll buy things you don't necessarily need but you will buy them to make you happy!

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