Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's A Jolly Thing

I love it when people I know start businesses; whether big or small, for a life changing career or even just a hobby.  It's so inspiring.  There are so many clever people out there and even someone you might know really well can just suddenly, out of the blue, surprise you with an amazing light bulb moment.

Nicola is now a Facebook friend of mine, although I did play netball with her for a season about five years ago, and she did kindly let me tag along a few times when she went out with her friends (I was new in town, a single mum and didn't know anyone!)  She's the best! 


She was studying to be a teacher when I first met her, which is now what she does for a living, but her other 'job' is a little business she has started with her sister.  They are making the cutest posters under the business name 'It's A Jolly Thing', (which is very clever as this is their surname!  I love it!!), and I have a sneaky suspicion they will grow really big and launch into other areas of Home Décor as Nicola is very stylish and I am sure her sister is too.  Do go on over and have a looksie!

They can be found over here on Facebook.

These were made up specially for my children, and the one below was one that Nicola kindly adapted for me from a similar one she had.  I wanted it to reflect my boys who hang about on a farm a great deal, and are going to grow up around our sheep, and who no doubt will have ponies very soon.
   This one is for my little girl, which I think is adorable.
Luckily my Dad is a Picture Framer so I will save my pennies (or buy him a slab of beer), and get him to pop a couple in some frames for me.
These are all A4 in size, although I'm sure you can get different sizes, and these were only $10 each.


  1. These are all so adorable!

    -- Michelle | MXP STYLE

    1. Yes! She's so clever. Looking forward to having them framed and up on my kids walls.

  2. having lived in big cities all my family it's really inspiring to read about the life of a girl in the countryside! :)