Sunday, August 24, 2014


Do you have a favourite café?  I do.  It's called Frankies and I visit once a week on a Thursday while my four year old is at kinder.  He attends a special kinder in the town of Warragul, which is a bit over 20 kilometres from home.  So being little point in heading back home for just 2 hours, I tend to hang out with my three year old son and my baby girl and we enjoy a Vanilla Chai Latte and Babycino's and usually a cute rainbow coloured biscuit with a 'face' on it, (my kids, not me!)
This Thursday my son and I decided to share a Vanilla Slice.

Needless to say he had a little trouble with it. 
Forks aren't the best for cutting through pastry...particularly when you are three and impatient.  Actually, it sort of ended in disaster but it was fun while it lasted!
It's as relatively new café, and has that 'trendy city' feel to it, which is kind of cosmopolitan for little old Warragul, but they make fabulous breakfasts.  Their French Toast is the best I've ever had.
I usually can't hang around too long in cafes because the kids start to get a little bored and start climbing the walls, but I do think it is good for them to learn how to behave in a cafe or restaurant.  They have their 'please' and 'thank you' down pat now!
And the staff are always lovely here too.  Despite how many crumbs we leave behind (courtesy of the kids), they never seem to mind.


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  1. those vanilla slices look amazing!

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