Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Today I actually managed to get away.  By myself.  Alone.  No children.  And it didn't involve picking up emergency groceries or going to the pool to swim countless boring laps so I don't lose complete mobility in my back.  Actually, the only time I do go anywhere different is by myself, so it would be good to go and have fun with other people for a change, because really, as interesting as I am to talk to, it does get a little tedious talking to myself ALL the time, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.  Maybe one day...hopefully, it will involve me...and my horse...and other people, all doing something joyously fun together.  I'm thinking maybe trail riding through the mountains, or mustering sheep, or learning to barrel race or do a bit of team penning.  Hmmm... I'm getting off track...

Any-who...  this is the view from the Strezlecki Ranges.  It's very hilly and the roads wend their way quickly up and over and through and cling precariously close to the edge so you certainly can't drive and change CD's, even if you're losing your mind after listening to the same sixteen tracks over and over.

It is distracting however because every so often you can't help yourself but peer over AT the view, which means taking your eyes off the road...

..... which really isn't such a good idea.
But it is beautiful.
If you must know where I was off to today I was actually off to work.

My commute to work sucks hey!  And what is worse, each time I go to work I have to go somewhere different in Gippsland and see other such ordinary vistas.  Really makes me wish I was heading down to the big smoke everyday and sitting in gridlock.  Not!
I had to conduct an interview out in Dalyston at a mushroom farm and it was truly fascinating.  There is so much more to mushrooms than you would think.  There is quite a science to getting it right.  It's certainly not a jolly farmer in gumboots, tripping through the paddocks with a basket hanging off the crook of his arm and plucking mushies as he goes.  There's a whole peat moss, compost, humidity and balance of water thing going on, it is quite baffling. 
Once again I got to meet a lovely couple AND they fed me stuffed mushrooms!  I also came home with a brown paper bag absolutely brimming with beautiful freshly picked specimens and a new respect for these pretty little pieces of fungi. 

  Mmmmm.. Swiss Brown mushrooms stuffed with pesto and fetta cheese!
By the time I got home again I had been away for almost six hours, so I stopped off at 'Penny Worth of Lollies' in Yarragon (possibly the best lolly shop anywhere), and bought sweeties for the kids and my husband, who, when it comes to lollies, is really like a little kid too.
Expecting to walk in to a house of total destruction, I instead found a very intoxicating smell of the slow cooker going with a left-over roast lamb curry (a whimsical invention of said lolly gobbling husband), and my two little boys happily doing chalk drawings outside on the pavers.  My one year old daughter was still wearing her pyjama's, but she was busy chewing on Duplo and chatting to her dolly without a care in the world.
Back to reality...

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