Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Beef Farm and an Irish Pub

Yesterday saw me getting away from the kids for a day and heading out to do an interview in East Gippsland.  At a little place called Wuk Wuk to be precise.  This feature for the mag is about a couple, Peter and Rachel Treasure, who own a Murray Grey beef cattle farm and who sell their beef as fresh meat to high end restaurants in Melbourne, under their Wuk Wuk Beef label, and also their Happy Camper Gourmet products which are made from the off cuts of meat, (what is left after the prime cuts have been taken).  These are meals that are pressure cooked in bags that campers can take away with them and simply heat by boiling in the bag.  Brilliant hey!

My Dad came with me, which he decided to even before he knew that they had Murray Greys, which are the same breed of cattle he has had for twenty five years.  They are so beautiful.  He had a lovely time talking 'shop' with Peter's father, who took him off in the ute to go and have a look at the cows and calves.
This curious fella is a steer. 
Some more steers....
After the interview, and then traipsing around the paddocks, I then had to head off to the Lindenow Pub, which was conveniently only five minutes down the road, where I had to take photographs for an advertisement for this coming issue of the magazine.
It's a bugger that it is over two hours from my house because it's a great pub.
The interior was lovely too, lots of character.

I was quite disappointed we didn't have time to stop for lunch, but I sort of needed to get back home to rescue my Mum from my kids....who can be a handful sometimes!
Perhaps next time I'm out this way...
And right across the road is the view of Gippsland's Food Bowl.  I love my job!



  1. OMG! Gorgeous place and pictures! =D
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  2. Hi Jessica, thanks for your feedback! It was a beautiful spot! Had a look at your blog, you have a great fashion style, enjoyed it very much.
    Amber x

  3. Great post! I am also a mother to four crazies, and we live on a farm and raise grass fed beef. Your blog and writing and everything you have accomplished is amazing. I am lucky to brush my teeth everyday, so well done!!

  4. Hi, loved your blog, your farm looks lovely. Your cattle looked well looked after and content too. Yes, I agree...four kids is fun (!). I will stop by your blog again soon.