Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cattle Sales & Vanilla Chai

Saleyards at Warragul
An unexpected but pleasant visit to the saleyards today.  With a husband suffering from 'man flu', and having no shearing work on, he took the kids while I met up with my Dad at the yards.  He's entered the world of buying and selling commercial steers, after 25 years having stud cattle, so it's all very new and exciting.  It's also very confusing and takes a while to work out why they are doting cattle with different coloured paint on shoulders or tails, or painting stripes down their backs.  Buying cattle this way also requires a good deal of instant mental arithmetic, something I'm not good at that's for sure.
We didn't buy anything today.  I did however get some funny looks when I pulled out my camera and started snapping away.  I actually used to work here.  I was one of those people up on the metal walkway.  I remember it being cold. 

The smell of the cattle today brought all those memories back....

It wasn't a bad job actually.  Anything to do with cattle or sheep isn't bad.  If you're into that sort of thing!
After a while we got a bit bored so we headed in to town and met up with my Mum in 'Frankie's', which is a trendy café that has the yummiest Vanilla Chai Lattes.  This is my new discovery.  Mmmm..the spicy vanilla-ery milky goodness.  Perfect on a cold Winter day.

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