Friday, June 13, 2014

Shooting in all Weather

This week I met Archie the black Alpaca for another feature article, which is to appear in the Spring edition of the magazine.  This is Archie.
Well, I'm pretty sure this was Archie.  They were all black, and even though the owner could tell them all apart, I could see no difference between them whatsoever.  I felt very inadequate.

However, they were adorable.  Like this little fellow.
It was early morning when I went out to visit Clifden Alpacas in Yarragon and it was extremely foggy.  The farm is located up in the hills and made for great photos.

It was, however, difficult to take shots of the farm as the property extended below the house and down the hill quite a long way and this was entirely shrouded in fog.  This is where persistence, patience and scones, jam and cream come in handy.  Well sort of. 

I arrived and was greeted by the foggy fog so decided to hold the interview first, enjoying a cup of tea out of the type of china that I only use for display purposes, and a homemade scone with jam and cream.  After completing the interview the fog had only got thicker so, after getting some shots of the alpacas as they frolicked around the paddock and were hand fed grain, I decided to come back later in the afternoon.

I'm glad I persisted.
They have an awesome view from their veranda.  And the sweetest English Setters.
If I'd had the chance I would have smuggled them home with me despite the wrath of my husband!

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