Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gippsland The Lifestyle Magazine, Winter Edition

I was pleased to see the Winter edition of the magazine come out, which I write and take photos for.  There are three articles that I wrote; one on The Butter Factory in Drouin, one covering the Warragul Harness Racing Cup and a feature on the Gippsland Harness Racing Training Centre.  I also did a photo shoot of wedding dresses for the special wedding section of the magazine and did the photos for an advertisement for a café in Trafalgar called 'Eat Live Fresh'.  Overall a very rewarding edition for me.

For many writers (and photographers) it can be a common thing to not get paid for what you love doing, so it has been a big step up to be appreciated and financially rewarded for my efforts. 

I am looking forward already to the Spring edition where I am in control of the special section of the magazine that will be featuring agricultural stories.  For this I will be writing and taking photos for around ten articles, some of which I have already completed.  Busy busy!

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