Monday, June 2, 2014

Commercial Photography

As well as taking photos to accompany magazine articles I have also done a little work recently taking shots for advertisements.  These photos were taken for a local café for an advertisement they are going to run in the magazine.  I particularly like this shot of the maple syrup.  The late afternoon sun had just dropped in low enough through the window and made these bottles glow beautifully. 
I didn't use a flash for these photos as I dislike the unnatural harsh light but the warm glow at this time of day was lovely.

I liked the green wall and the clock in the background here.  The biscuits look delicious too!
It makes me want to go buy tasty food condiments from a speciality store.....
I'm certainly available to take photographs for advertisements, this was a very enjoyable photo shoot as nothing was moving or wriggling and all the products were very well behaved!
I am located in West Gippsland, but will travel.

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