Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

Start of a brand new year and I'm behind the times already.  It's taken me three whole days to get back to the computer and I'm suffering from some kind of writer's withdrawals.

My New Year's Eve involved a couple of drinks, okay, maybe three, but enough for me to get a tiny bit tidily and use way too much energy trying to ride some 'Green Machine'...some low-to-the-ground bike contraption belonging to some of my nieces.  Needless to say it was fun but my thighs regretted it the next day.  There was no massive party, of course, we have young children, but we did have a good evening.  See....

That's my husband.

Let's just say there is way too many kids about to be able to go out anywhere really fancy, which doesn't matter because I wouldn't have the right shoes to wear anyway.  We were in bed by about 10.30pm, although I was woken many times throughout the night due to my 2 year old deciding to come in and sleep with us, which involved kicking me half to death, and having my husband's phone pinging all through the night as messages to wish him a Happy New Year kept coming through.  I was not quite that popular only getting one message.

I have no New Year's resolutions as yet, although I never keep them anyway so there really is little point.  I think mainly my resolution would be to find a little more direction, keep persisting with things I love, like taking photos, and be a lot more social.  I've had a couple of fun outings recently, which has been a vast contrast to my usual 'stay-at-home-with-the-kids' scenario, and it's lifted my spirits enormously.  Perhaps buying a lawn mower would be a good thing too and doing something about my non-existent garden.

Anyway, here's to a bright 2014 for everyone!

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