Thursday, January 9, 2014

Infestation and Hope

The word infestation doesn't bode well.  It could mean any number of things that are plaguing your life at any one time but for me, at the moment, it's head lice.  Ergh.  Of course it came home from school, hitching a ride on my eldest son's head, and he has been scratching like a dog with a persistent flea for weeks.  I've treated him 4 times already, and hopefully this 5th treatment today, is the charm.  Now that school holidays are here, and all three boys are constantly together, I've had to treat the two younger boys as well.  So far I've been spared.  How annoying are head lice?  And how hard are they to get ride of??!! 

Anyway, with a little bit of luck, and a whole day of washing sheets, pillow cases and doona covers, I might finally be rid of them.

And then I can relax a little...

Well...maybe only a little.  You can't really relax around your kids.  I mean you wouldn't turn your back on the ocean now would you?
Well..maybe my 2 year old did in this photo..but...normally no.

I ran into some old friends in Morwell the other day while I was buying as many pairs of underwear that I could lay my hands on for my two younger boys.  Actually I worked for them a few years ago, a lovely couple.  I worked on their farm for a while after the Black Saturday fires destroyed the farm I was managing.  The fellow had complete trust in me, which was refreshing.  He quickly showed me how to use his John Deere tractor and then left me to it.  This involved driving and reversing down narrow laneways, using the forks on the front of the tractor, attaching the feeder (which feeds out the round bales of hay), and chugging around the paddock distributing hay to his cows.  Very different to the creepy old guy I worked for in Barham in NSW who didn't let me do anything, other than be something to peerve on and occasionally grope.  Nasty.

Anyway, Nice John Deere Tractor guy mentioned the other day that, as he works at a rural TAFE (the same one where I did my certificate and diploma in Agriculture), sometimes he has farmers coming to him looking for workers.  He asked if I was looking for work.  Ummmm...ABSOLUTELY!!   Well, I wasn't but I told him I would love some work on a farm again, that something outdoors and with animals would be fantastic. 

Reading back over my last miserable and frustrated post perhaps this wasn't just a chance meeting at all.  Perhaps there is a thing called fate and I could (hopefully) fall back into a job that would break the monotony, even if it was only one or two days a week.

I think that's what everyone needs, don't you?  A change really is as good as a holiday and if you don't have something to look forward to it is hard to keep going and find anything good about the everyday.  It would also be nice to have some way to save up to buy myself another horse.  Not that my current horse isn't great, it's just that she's not so current being deceased and all and that makes her a little difficult to ride.  I feel like my 8 year old self again....dreaming of a pony...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Going Crazy

Does anyone else find themselves feeling like this or is it just me?

We're barely into the school holidays and I'm going crazy.  Even though only one of my kids is at school the holidays do mean that all other activities cease and I'm stuck day after day after day after day after.... yep, you get the picture.... at home. 

And the dog seems to love barking at my eldest when he plays on the swings or the trampoline, which happens a lot during the day.

This is my dog..

Yes, I know..her ears are stupidly huge.  She's a kelpie and bored too.  Just like me.  So she chases birds and barks at my eldest, without a pause for breath, and chews everything in sight.  She drives me nuts too...but I think she's feeling a lot like me.  A bit trapped.

There is a big part of me that hates being a stay at home mum.  Not to whinge, but really, I'd do anything to be able to have the freedom that my hubby does.  Even if it did mean shearing a whole heap of sheep every day.  How great would it be to be able to get into the car without taking 15 minutes getting everyone organised and strapped in.  Not having to make sure I have several spare pairs of undies and pants for the pre-schoolers and a whole swag of necessities for the baby.  How great would it be to be able to ring home (like hubby) and say "I'm not going to be home for hours, I'm raking hay (or I'm having a few drinks after work...or worse..I'll be really really late because we're on the piss)."

The fact is I don't get out with friends nor do I have much of a social life so it makes it ten times worse when my husband goes out and has a good time.  Not that I am denying him this, he works really hard and is more than entitled to have some fun, it's just that I do too and don't get rewarded for it by getting to share a drink with my work colleagues.  I mean, (and all you other mothers would know exactly what I am talking about), I do work hard.  And I don't even get paid for it either.  It never stops this childcare thing.  Combine that with the house keeping and washing and cleaning and cooking and the constant picking up after the kids and wiping little bums.  It really is about ten different careers combined into one.  In reality I should be on a six-figure wage.

Sorry, I don't mean to sound ungrateful.  I mean my kids are great and all, I just get a little tired of doing nothing else but be stuck at home with them.  Grrrrr.  The last couple of days have been particularly trying and I must admit I have no patience whatsoever. 

Anyway, I shall pour myself another cup of tea (perhaps lace it with something a lot stronger), and think about how I am going to keep myself amused for the rest of the day...well, the rest of the year actually.  If anyone has any suggestions about how to be a super fabulous stay at home mum, please, by all means, be forthcoming.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

Start of a brand new year and I'm behind the times already.  It's taken me three whole days to get back to the computer and I'm suffering from some kind of writer's withdrawals.

My New Year's Eve involved a couple of drinks, okay, maybe three, but enough for me to get a tiny bit tidily and use way too much energy trying to ride some 'Green Machine'...some low-to-the-ground bike contraption belonging to some of my nieces.  Needless to say it was fun but my thighs regretted it the next day.  There was no massive party, of course, we have young children, but we did have a good evening.  See....

That's my husband.

Let's just say there is way too many kids about to be able to go out anywhere really fancy, which doesn't matter because I wouldn't have the right shoes to wear anyway.  We were in bed by about 10.30pm, although I was woken many times throughout the night due to my 2 year old deciding to come in and sleep with us, which involved kicking me half to death, and having my husband's phone pinging all through the night as messages to wish him a Happy New Year kept coming through.  I was not quite that popular only getting one message.

I have no New Year's resolutions as yet, although I never keep them anyway so there really is little point.  I think mainly my resolution would be to find a little more direction, keep persisting with things I love, like taking photos, and be a lot more social.  I've had a couple of fun outings recently, which has been a vast contrast to my usual 'stay-at-home-with-the-kids' scenario, and it's lifted my spirits enormously.  Perhaps buying a lawn mower would be a good thing too and doing something about my non-existent garden.

Anyway, here's to a bright 2014 for everyone!