Friday, December 13, 2013

Wonders Never Cease

The new Dorset Ram

Incredibly my hubby doesn't have shearing today.  That is not to say that he is spending the day hanging around the house annoying me.  In fact, I wish he would sometimes hang around the house and annoy me.  Today he's off getting a haircut (amazing) and a Christmas tree (even more amazing!), and then he's going to pick up a new ram (of the Dorset sheep variety) and shear some more of our sheep (not so unusual).  Our sheep are kind of like the Magic Pudding.  Just when you think he's finished shearing them, and by the time he does with everything else that diverts his attention, they've all re-grown their wool and it's time to start again.

His day is a lot more fascinating than mine.  It started with my 10 year old telling me that the 2 year old had tried to help himself to my V8 tomato juice and had spilled it all over the floor.  I was still in bed half asleep feeding the baby, so I gave some vague muffled reply about 'clean it up', which he did, although it wasn't until I got up half an hour later that I discovered it wasn't spilt on the tiles like I had thought, but rather on the middle of the carpet.  My poor carpet.  If it was a fluffy animal I would have put it down by now to put it out of its misery.  Needless to say V8 tomato juice does not come out of wheat coloured carpets and it looks like someone has died a terrible death in the middle of my lounge room.  Yay.


My dad built some swings for my kids for Christmas and he put them up on Monday.  Never has a piece of play equipment caused such fun and mayhem.  They are out on it all the time.  In and out, in and out of the house like bees to a hive.  Unfortunately they keep nipping out the sliding door from the lounge room, which is the quickest way to the swings, and then traipsing mud and dirt back onto the deceased fluffy animal that is my carpet.  Oh well, I guess it gets them out of my hair.  There is only two swings, however, which is causing a little distress, particularly when the 10 year old, who sometimes doesn't think before he acts, kept throwing a plastic ride-on motorbike at the 2 year olds face every time he swung forwards.  It's getting to that time of year where I am going to have to try and dream up ways to keep kids amused over the holidays lest they kill each other.

Hubby just dropped by and said he had my Christmas present.  It was in the back of a trailer, had four legs and was wearing a woolly jumper.  Hmmm.  It looked surprisingly like a Christmas present from me to him actually.  Hello new Dorset ram.

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