Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Party

I actually when out.  Socially.  Yes, I pinched myself too.  Several times.  And not only that but I went out without the kids.  And even more amazing I went out with my husband!  It was his shearers Christmas bash and let's just say it wasn't your conventional Christmas party. 

It was held in a paddock by a river and had all the things a good night needs; a barbeque, a fire-in-a-barrel, alcohol and plenty of good company.  Thanks to my husband, and his unusual sense of humour, it also involved an echidna in my car, a midnight paddle down the river in a kayak and milking cows at 2 a.m. in the morning.

I met a couple of great girls too, who I hit it off with in about the first two minutes.  I honestly haven't laughed that hard in ages, and frankly, it was just what I needed.  I think a night of shenanigans was also what helped my husband see me in a new light and realise that I can actually be fun to hang out with.  His comment that we should leave the kids at home and go out more often was very encouraging. 

These are my new mates..

I'm on the far right and, weirdly, seconded from the left.

We arrived home, eventually, and greeted my mother-in-law by trying not to look guilty, with my husband completely wet from the waist down (after a dunk in the river), and both of us covered in cow s#*t. 

This is why, my friends, you always wear your boots to a party involving shearers. 

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