Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beauty All Around

I've noticed lately that I'm starting to view life through the lens of a camera.  Not literally, I mean I don't walk around with a camera plastered to my face, but everywhere I go I'm seeing photo opportunities.  Even in the simplest of things.  Like these flowers for example. 

Roadside flowers

These were flowers on the embankment of the railway line in Waterloo Road.  Not really worth noticing but when you look a little closer, really they are.

I'm finding that what I photograph is only part of a whole, meaning that I'll see something but notice the finer detail first.  This has made me come to a realisation.  I'm finally starting to notice the world like a real photographer should.  You see these brilliant photos taken by talented photographers and wonder how they do it.  You wonder why the snap shots that you take of a landscape on holidays never looks quite the same.  Apart from knowing all about lighting, camera speeds, different settings and all the technical details of photography (of which there is a lot), it is also a lot to do with noticing things in a way that other people don't.  It has taken me a while but suddenly I think I have it.

It is proving to be a little inconvenient, however.  I mean I now find myself stopping in the oddest places, like on the way to bank a cheque this morning, pulling up on the side of the road, leaping out and taking a photo.  I've had some very strange looks from people driving by. 

Went to bank a cheque this morning

I'm not claiming to be an expert, by no means.  I think photography is one of these things where you just keep on learning and no matter how good you get you can always get a little bit better.   The good thing is that anyone can easily have a go, whether they own a flash Digital SLR, a little pocket snappy camera or they own an iPhone.  The quality of point and shoot cameras are so good nowadays it has opened the world of photography up to everyone.  Plus there are some brilliant courses out there too, many of them online therefore easily accessible.

Taking photos makes me happy, and gives me something other than the thankless task of kid wrangling.  And with today's ability to instantly publish photos online through social media you can share the world as you see it with others.

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