Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gippsland Country Life articles

It was very exciting to see the Summer edition of 'Gippsland Country Life' magazine with my two articles and photographs.  Always lovely to see your work in print, with your name on it and be able to hold it in your hands.  Online publishing is one thing, but having your work in a magazine, newspaper or book is even better.

It was lovely to have one of my photos across two pages like this.  This is such a gorgeous farm house and the garden is beautiful, and so well cared for.

The challenges of working with different lighting, both inside and outside.

As a writer it is so rewarding to see your work displayed so well, particularly after all the time that goes into creating such an article and the photographs.

Next on the adgenda is another article, which has been completed.  Again this will appear in 'Gippsland Country Life' magazine for their Autumn edition along with my photos.  I enjoyed writing about a new deli in Trafalgar, my home town.  It is called 'eat...LIVE...fresh' and it was great taking photos of food, which didn't wriggle or protest at having it's photo taken!

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