Sunday, September 11, 2011

Up coming freelance work to look out for

I am going to be writing two articles for 'Gippsland Country Life' magazine, which is part of the Country Life Publishing group.  One will be about a beautiful country home in Buln Buln East, in West Gippsland where the owners run a Murray Grey beef cattle stud and also a picture framing business.  The other is a profile on the Gippsland author Ann Cliff who has written the novels 'Moorland Lass', 'Bitter Inheritance', 'Yorkshire Rose', 'Lavender Girl', 'Summer by the Sea', 'Shadows on the Moor' and 'Haunted Creek'.  I am very much looking forward to meeting such an accomplished author in October and writing about her experiences.

Work done for Flawless Hair and Makeup website

Let me write the content of your website for you!  Attached is an example of work done for Flawless Hair and Makeup, a business owned by two women who do bridal hair and makeup as well as work for well known fashion photographers.  I was asked to re-write and update by the 'Home page' and the 'About us page.'  Depending on the length and the time taken I can write your web pages for around $200 to $600.

Save Australian Farming

I was asked to write an article for 'Save Australian Farming', a website that was started over the past few months in reaction to the ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia.  Being in the cattle industry myself I was open to seeing the other side of the story.  The article I was asked to write was about Annabelle Coppin, a young woman who has worked in the cattle industry all her life, has worked on a ship that transported 16,000 head of cattle and she visited many feedlots and abattoirs in countries like Indonesia and areas of the Middle East.  Read the full article at