Friday, April 29, 2011


It's a beautiful sunny day and it's almost May.  I'm wondering how long this gorgeous weather will continue, but for the moment I'm loving it.  I just wish I was outdoors in it!  From my kitchen table, where I do most of my writing, I look over the vacant block next door and up into the nearby hills.  There are sheep and cows doing their thing, trees and lush green paddocks to help inspire me.  This week I have no writing projects for Web Profits so I am busy setting up my blog page and scanning some articles and an advertorial I have written to include here for you to read.  I have ordered some smart new brochures and business cards to advertise my copywriting services, and I am looking forward to them arriving.  To have a look at a recent advertorial I wrote for Flawless Hair and Makeup go to


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