Sunday, September 11, 2011

Up coming freelance work to look out for

I am going to be writing two articles for 'Gippsland Country Life' magazine, which is part of the Country Life Publishing group.  One will be about a beautiful country home in Buln Buln East, in West Gippsland where the owners run a Murray Grey beef cattle stud and also a picture framing business.  The other is a profile on the Gippsland author Ann Cliff who has written the novels 'Moorland Lass', 'Bitter Inheritance', 'Yorkshire Rose', 'Lavender Girl', 'Summer by the Sea', 'Shadows on the Moor' and 'Haunted Creek'.  I am very much looking forward to meeting such an accomplished author in October and writing about her experiences.

Work done for Flawless Hair and Makeup website

Let me write the content of your website for you!  Attached is an example of work done for Flawless Hair and Makeup, a business owned by two women who do bridal hair and makeup as well as work for well known fashion photographers.  I was asked to re-write and update by the 'Home page' and the 'About us page.'  Depending on the length and the time taken I can write your web pages for around $200 to $600.

Save Australian Farming

I was asked to write an article for 'Save Australian Farming', a website that was started over the past few months in reaction to the ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia.  Being in the cattle industry myself I was open to seeing the other side of the story.  The article I was asked to write was about Annabelle Coppin, a young woman who has worked in the cattle industry all her life, has worked on a ship that transported 16,000 head of cattle and she visited many feedlots and abattoirs in countries like Indonesia and areas of the Middle East.  Read the full article at

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Current projects

Current writing projects on the go include the never ending string of articles to write for my 'day job' and a new job for 'Flawless Hair and Makeup' who needs their home page for their website updated.  I will post a link when completed so you can see the finished product.  For websites I charge anywhere between $100 to $200 a page, depending on the content and time it takes to write. 
I have also started a novel, this one is a piece of fiction that sprung from no where.  If I ever get time to work on it I will attempt to have it published.  Chapter one has been written but I am finding it hard to get back to what with work and three children, two of whom are under two, plus the lamb I am mothering too!
Something else that diverts me from my novel!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Month of June

My writing work for Web Profits is taking on a new format soon which should be exciting.  Articles will include two clients so topics should be a lot broader and easier to come up with.  I am now given work a month in advance so I can plan my days much better and have more spare time to....write!  I have a book idea in mind, a piece of non-fiction, but at the moment it is sitting in the back of my mind so I will sit on it for a while longer.  I now have time for additional projects so feel free to have me write for you.  Don't be lost for words yourself, pay me to find them for you!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Article written for The Murray Grey Beef Cattle Association

I was asked to write an article by the Gippsland Murrary Grey Breed Promotion Group about their display they ran at the recent Farm World event in March held at Lardner Park in West Gippsland.

See the article at

Monday, May 9, 2011

Advertorial published in the Trafalgar News, November 2010

An advertorial I wrote for an online store I was starting.  I have since had to close this store due to an increase in writing assignments.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Article Published in Australian Country Style Magazine

This article was published in Australian Country Style magazine in 2003, (surname at the time was 'Wilson').  The best part of this interview was sampling all the delicious chocolates that The Chocolate Mill had on offer!  The Chilli Chocolate was explosive!

Friday, April 29, 2011

This video is exactly what I mean about the power of the written word.


It's a beautiful sunny day and it's almost May.  I'm wondering how long this gorgeous weather will continue, but for the moment I'm loving it.  I just wish I was outdoors in it!  From my kitchen table, where I do most of my writing, I look over the vacant block next door and up into the nearby hills.  There are sheep and cows doing their thing, trees and lush green paddocks to help inspire me.  This week I have no writing projects for Web Profits so I am busy setting up my blog page and scanning some articles and an advertorial I have written to include here for you to read.  I have ordered some smart new brochures and business cards to advertise my copywriting services, and I am looking forward to them arriving.  To have a look at a recent advertorial I wrote for Flawless Hair and Makeup go to