Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Weekly Favourites

End of the week and it's time for My Weekly Favourites!  Another busy week, with kids starting school and kinder, and the usual interviews and work for the magazine going plenty of blogging.  So without further ado...
I had some new jewellery arrive in the mail this week.  It took a little while to arrive because it came all the way from America.  This cute Rhinestone Arrow Western Bangle Bracelet and equally pretty Turquoise Magnesite Beaded Silver Bangle are both from Cowgirl Relics.... it this stunning necklace that I'm sooooo in love with.  Phwoar!!  (I'm thinking I might have nabbed the last of these because it is now missing from the site.)  I have done an outfit post and review on a previous purchase from Lindy at Cowgirl Relics Designs, which you can check out here.
I really love cards and stationery.  I have a special shoe box with cards in it, not to mention the boxes of cards that I made while I was busy gestating my daughter.  This box is quite rapidly filling because I took out a years subscription to the Happy Mail that the wonderful blog A Beautiful Mess sends out.  It's fab.  So quirky and colourful.  Anyway, this card I got yesterday when I should have been buying ice cream for the kids.  It's entitled 'Chilli' and is by Liz Thomas and is from Milkwood Publishing.  I also got this one, which I really love...
You can see that the original is a watercolour.  I really like the speckles!  This one is from England and there was a whole set there to choose from, which made it pretty difficult.  (I think I might just have to go back and get the one of the goofy calf!)  This one is entitled 'Feathers' and is by Hannah Dale.  It is from Wrendale Designs.
I'd run out of my Jurlique Serum so I decided to give this one from A'kin by Purist a go.  I also picked up the 'Pure Facial Cleansing Gel' to stick in my shower.  No real thoughts on these yet, however I think next time I will pay the little extra and go back to the Jurlique, I loved the texture and also the smell.
This delectable looking treat is called 'Caramel Snow' and is by Darrell Lea.  It's soooo good.  It's an Australian thing but it should go global.  Or universal. 
This is tea.  I love tea, and will drink several cups a day.  I like this one that I found.  It's English Breakfast, has come from England and even looks terribly patriotically Pom.  It is also telling me to "Keeping Calm and Carry On", so taking my advice from my tea.....I will.
As a side note, I have just signed up to do a course with the blog A Beautiful Mess (like I really have time!), which is Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks.  It's a photography challenge where you are given a photography project to do every week, obviously for 52 weeks.  I ordered it today and downloaded it straight away and already I'm really excited about making it a part of my weeks.  I have decided that my Saturday post will now become my day to showcase to you what I have done.  Kind of making sure that I keep up with my homework if you will.  So starting from next weekend I shall (hopefully!!) have completed my first photography challenge which is called 'Good Morning, Good Night'. 
Really I'm thinking it should be more like 'Good Luck'!


Friday, January 30, 2015

A Week of Sweet Words & Pretty Pictures

This is the first of what will be a normal Friday post.  My week in mostly pictures...with a bit of text thrown in for good measure.  So here goes...
The weekend saw me going all the way to Phillip Island to the town of Cowes to do a story on a paint shop for the magazine.  It was colourful!
My daughter got her first fairy costume.  It was cuteness overload.
I got windblown on the beach on Australia Day while shooting an outfit post.  It was cold.
Tuesday saw me driving down to Fish Creek to do an interview on an artist.  This is his studio.  It was unique.
This is some of his art work.  It was fabulous.
I thought this piece was pretty groovy.  Groovy.  Do people even use that word any more??  Anywho....this is a photo of his very friendly dog named Jack.  He was gorgeous.
Jack was his PR manager.  I was greeted with a very friendly tail wagging.
That night I had a 'date' with my husband and had complimentary tickets to see 'Strictly Ballroom the Musical'.  I was so excited I wasn't sure it was good for me.  It was brilliant.
(These photos were from the media call...I wasn't snapping away on the night of the performance!)
My eldest started back at school for a new school year, and my other two boys had their kindergarten orientation days this week, which my little girl enjoyed too.  It was fun.
I managed to fit in an outfit shoot... (it was awkward!)
....and fell even more in love with my new boots. (They are divine)  How did your week pan out?



Thursday, January 29, 2015

OOTD Peasant Angel

Today's outfit is brought to you from that happy place that you re-discover when your kids go back to school.  Ahhhhh!  Peace.  Although having said that I only have one at school and this year I have TWO at kinder, so there will be lots of running around.  And then of course I still have one at home.
However come mid February I will have a bit of a break on Tuesdays as it will be just me and my little girl ALL DAY!!!  Very excited.  One at school, one at kinder and one at day care.  Go a girl's day out! (even if it is just the supermarket)
For today's outfit I am inappropriately freezing to death (weird for summer) in a top and skirt I got from my favourite of favourite online stores, Birdsnest, (love you guys).  You have seen this skirt several times, my super comfy denim number by Boho Bird, and this lovely new Peasant Angel Top in Peach Pure is by the same label.  Yes, I'm obsessed with Boho Bird.  It's lovely and soft, has gorgeous cotton lace around the button up front and also around the hem.  I wore it out for the first time on Tuesday night when I went to see 'Strictly Ballroom the Musical', which you will see in next week's vlog.
These boots are the ones that featured in my favourites post from Sunday.  I haven't worn them yet.  Except for today where I got to stomp around amongst some undergrowth.  They're by Twisted Boots and I'm liking them more and more as time goes by.
Phwoar!!  (the boots, not the legs)
Just in case you hadn't had enough of looking at them......
Obviously I haven't had enough of looking at I'll leave you here for today.




Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weekly Vlog 2

Welcome again to Weekly Vlog Wednesday!  It was another busy week last week, which saw me shooting all over the country side, from doing an interview for the magazine at Neerim South at an on-farm cheese factory, to doing one at a paint shop on Phillip Island at Cowes.  I even eat some gelati and lose my husband in amongst a pile of sheep!  Jesse had his 4th birthday and there was a visit to the zoo.  I hope you enjoy this weekly vlog!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

OOTD Indian Summer

I am already behind with my blogging schedule.  Today is supposed to be 'Tips Tuesday' and yesterday you were supposed to see this outfit post.  But then again, yesterday was Australia Day and really, Australia Day is all about doing not much at all, so that was what I did.  I bludged.
I did, however, manage to take my outfit photos.  I spent my day at Inverloch visiting family and getting blown about on the beach.
As the title suggests the summer is being a bit of an 'Indian Giver'.  She comes she taketh away.  It was bloody freezing!!  Also, apologies for my bra strap showing.
This dress is by 'Just Add Sugar'.  My sunglasses came all the way via my Mum's luggage from Italy!  (they have travelled further than me) They're Ralph Lauren. 
I don't normal 'do' the beach.  To me it's just sand.  Sand getting into everything.  Every nook and cranny.  And with kids it means sand in places you never thought you'd find sand.
Despite the sand everyone had a great time.  Especially my 5 year old who decided to boogie board.  In his clothes.  Jumper and hat included.  He's game that one.
By my lack of tan you can tell I never go to the beach!  But I should.  I actually felt like I was on holidays.
And that, my friends, was a very good thing.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Weekly Favourites

I am attempting to get myself into some sort of blogging routine this year, with Sunday becoming 'My Weekly Favourites' day.  This could be anything from favourite things, favourite blogs, favourite posts or new finds.  The rest of the week will hopefully pan out with some sort of order going on, with Monday, Thursday and Saturday being dedicated to fashion posts, Tuesday becoming 'Tips Tuesday', Wednesday will have my 'Weekly Vlog' from the previous week and Friday will be a round up of 'A Week of Sweet Words Pretty Pictures', meaning that there will be lots of pretty pictures from my week with minimal words...because hey, by the end of the week I'll be exhausted!
Of course I can't guarantee that I will be able to stick to this cracking pace but I will give it a red hot go!
So without further ado here are my favourites for this week....
Ok, so these little beauties really don't need much of an introduction.....
.....oh've twisted my arm.
These are boots I picked up on Friday after finding out that my favourite Western apparel store is closing down in a week.  I had eyed these off previously but wasn't sure about the whole 'turned down' look.  But apparently they are all the rage in America, and my suspicions have only been confirmed by watching my newsfeed on Facebook where 'Cowgirl Magazine' keeps popping up photos of these types of boots.  They are so comfortable, plus they are going to be great in summer, and having tried them on with shorts I discovered they look pretty good with bare legs.  So...hello boots and skirts or shorts!  As an added bonus they were also 30% off!  They are by a brand called Twisted Boots.
This bag was also on sale.  Whoops!  Something else I also had my eye on.  It's by Thomas Cook.  Drool.
This is a photo of my computer screen but it is also a photo of Stephanie Eva's blog, which I highly enjoy.  This week Stephanie had a special beauty week going where each day she covered different aspects of her makeup collection.  You could participate in her week by posting photos each day on Instagram of your own collections that corresponded with her days collection, for example, Monday was all about eyes so you put up a photo of your favourite eye makeup. (#stephanieblogsbeautyweek)  My favourite vlog that she posted was the one showcasing her Everyday Makeup Routine.  As well as being informative it was also incredibly funny and highly enjoyable.  Go and check it out!
Why are you seeing a photo of an email on my iPad you might ask?  Last week I got an invitation to attend the media call of Strictly Ballroom The Musical, (you can see my post about it here) and on Friday I received this email to tell me that I have won two tickets to see the ACTUAL SHOW!!!  I don't have to wait long either as I will be going on Tuesday next week....which is in like two days!!!  I'm a little bit excited.  As you can probably tell.
For my final favourite.....  This is a photo of my 18 month old daughter, and although she is one of my favourites, this is not what my favourite of the week is about.  Nor is it the fact that I have to clean chocolate cake off her face, her hands, the floor, the table and out of her's the fact that she is now out of her high chair!!!  This is big.  Really big.  Doesn't sound exciting but high chairs are horrible to clean and it's just one extra thing to stub my toes on while I'm rushing around the kitchen.  This could almost be up there with my most favourite favourite thing of the week! (ok maybe not...I think it just might be the tickets...although the boots are up there...and that bag.....)
How did your week round up?


Thursday, January 22, 2015

OOTD Don't Fence Me In

You know when there is something about a town that really stands out, something that you think of first when somebody mentions the name of that town?  With my home town it is all about the fences.  And the quality of the take away food places.  This is what I think of.  Weird.  I know.  But true.  There are some really nice fences.  Cute ones.  Colourful ones.  Tin ones.  Hedgy ones and picket ones.  I mentioned the take away food places because I have just eaten the best Thai food for dinner.  We also have an awesome Chinese place (that yes...charges less if you pay cash), the best fish and chip joint and a pizza/pasta shop that makes drool worthy lasagne.  Sorry.  I was talking about fences, now I'm on to food, when in actual fact I am doing an outfit post.

Forgive me.  Voila.  The outfit.
Actually, all this talk about fences and this is, in fact, a door.  But I still like it.  As you may notice I still haven't managed to tan my legs.  I think I'm working on the theory that tanning is bad for you and that I have no skills with fake tan.  None.  Zip.
I think the person who built this fence was feeling very festive at the time, so decided on a bright and cheerful red.  They then ran out of red half way through and thought "bugger it" and slapped up some random orange they just had lying around.
Whatever the colour, it's very nice to lean against.
There is a little sign on the front of this house that says "The School House".  I am wondering whether this used to be the old school.  Or that the people that live here are a little weird and like to call their house "The School House" instead of "The Smith's Residence", or proclaim that people should "Bless this Mess" or announce that a "Spoiled Cat Lives Here".  I'm getting side tracked.
My little cotton crotchet cardigan is from Jigsaw, which I got years ago.  In fact I think it was from a time when my Mum used to buy my clothes.  Whoa.  Now that is going back back back away.
Hello again to my Boho Bird denim skirt, which is super comfortable, and I have a little singlet from Target on which is a very pale pink.  Also sporting my slip on sneaker thingos by I Love Billy.  This canvas bag is great with its bird print.  I got it from Birdsnest a few years ago and is by a brand called b. Sirius.
This is one of my favourite houses in my town.  It is just down the street from my house.
It's actually for sale.  Do you think I could twist my husband's arm.......??