Thursday, November 20, 2014

Too Faced Sweethearts

I went away on the weekend as my husband had to go 'up north' shearing, so this time he decided to take me and the kids, which was lovely as it was great to get away, and I got to visit my sister in-law and three nephews.
Then a travesty occurred.
Somehow in transit my blush exploded and ended up in a big fragmented mess all over the bathroom floor.  I was suitably sad and gave my Natio Mineral Blush in 'Pink Apples' a fitting burial of sorts, (dumped it in the bin) and quickly realised I would have to purchase a replacement. (*clap hands in glee)
So jumping on my favourite online makeup and beauty store Mecca I decided that I just had to have this one...
...the 'Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow' by Too Faced.  I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, and I always figure if you are going to buy a product you might as well get something that is fun and lovely to look at.  I mean...why not!
Encased in this cute cardboard heart shaped box it is a soft pink blush with a trio of shades that blend to create a light pick flush which can suit any skin tone all year round.  Purchasing this online, this was the safest shade to go for as I wasn't able to try it out.
Liking a more natural look this shade of 'Candy Glow' is perfect for me.
What is your favourite brand of blush?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OOTD Riverina Rider

Today's OOTD is being brought to you from the Riverina, an area of Australia that I used to live in for a while about 18 months ago.  It's about 5 hours drive north of where I live now and is in the state of New South Wales.  It is very different country as you can probably see.  It gets a lot less rain and is a lot more remote.  This is where my husband goes when I say "he's up north shearing".  It's kind of "man's country".  You know..."where men are men and women keep away from them because they forget to shave....".  Anyway... my in-laws have a farm up here, (as well as down south where I live), and this is where I am writing this from.
Yesterday I packed the kids up and headed into town for supplies.  It's almost 40 minutes drive away and I took a back road for a bit so I could get this fabulous dead tree in my photos.  Amazingly I saw another vehicle.  It was a bloke in a ute.  He stopped.  He asked if I had broken down.  I smiled, thanked him and said "not with this much lipstick on!"
I was trying out my new Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in the shade number 107 that everyone talks about.  It's very festive!
I found this outfit in my favourite opportunity shop in Warragul back home.  It was one of those outfits that just fell together in under 2 minutes.  The shirt was sitting right at the front of the racks.  It had that perfect Western feel.  It's a very light see-through type of fabric with a  little green leaf pattern, and I know I'm going to wear it again.
When I found this shirt I knew straight away it needed a friend in the form of a brown skirt.  Automatically I chanced upon this.
With it's asymmetrical hemline and tiny bead and sequin details at the hem I couldn't believe my luck...even though I don't look very happy about it in this photo.  However it is perfect cowgirl style!  And all for the bargain price of $7.
This particular store also sells new jewellery at crazy prices, which is where I picked up this wooden bangle and beaded necklace for $2 a piece.
I am guessing my little dead friend here in the photo is a kangaroo.  I was also sitting in ants.  The bitey kind.  Neither of them cared less about my outfit.
Hello Ariat boots.
However this is a different Akubra hat.  Originally it was my husband's, but it shrunk, which can happen if you leave them in the cab of your ute on a hot day, so I have claimed it since my head is one size smaller than his.  It's a 'Saddle Bronc' and I love the dark brown colour.  He wasn't so fond of it so it worked out perfectly!
(Here I think I might have spotted an eagle....)
I love hats in general really.  And in the country you can get away with wearing one because all farmers do.
It is very easy to do a photo shoot up here by the way.  There is no risk of anyone seeing you fluffing about with outfits, dark lipstick and weird poses. 
Expect for that nice guy in the ute.
And this little guy...
...although I sort of think he's beyond caring.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

OOTD Sunday Sparkle

To brighten up my lazy Sunday I thought I would break out the bling.  I could not believe my eyes when I came across this little number in one of the larger opportunity shops in town.  I nearly didn't buy it, as it was a size 10 (AUS), which I'm clearly not, but I just couldn't walk away from it, and figured that I would use it on somebody in a photo shoot at some point.  I mean at the hefty price of $7 (!) how could I walk away?
Anyway I got it home, and strangely enough, I could stuff myself into it.... 
...which for you guys...I'm not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing!  But, ignoring my teddy bear gorgeous is this dress!
I'm an 'Autumn' when it comes to fashion so I love this brown on me, plus the green and blue sparkly bits pick out the auburn pieces in my hair and my green eyes.  I love the diagonal line of green and blue at the waist.  It is actually quite flattering.
I really love the asymmetrical hemline too.  There's something about it.  I reckon if I slung a guitar around myself I could pass off for a fancy country singer.
Ok, maybe not, but it sure was fun pretending!! (Note...I so look like my older sister in this photo!)

I am also wearing my 'Rough Rider' Akubra hat and rocking the Ariat boots again.  Sigh.  The boots.  Love.
The one thing I really like about myself (and there has to be something we all like about ourselves) my hair colour.  Those auburn-ey bits are natural and are courtesy of my Mum who had amazing red hair.  The true red skipped a generation (I got a bit of it), and my sister's second daughter is a red head, my brother's second daughter is a red head......and I have two in my brood, my second son is a reddy colour and so is my daughter,  (probably doesn't help that my hubby has flashes of red beard when he grows one/can't be bothered shaving).
I'm not so fond of my 'tuck-shop' lady arms however.
And getting out of this dress was a challenge.  Just imagine me bending over, hanging myself upside down and wriggling around like a lunatic.  Yes...I know.  Nasty image to be leaving you with but it was true!  Easy to get on, nightmare to get out of!
Do you have any outfits like that?
(Photography by Ethan, 11 years old)


Friday, November 14, 2014

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

Just recently I ran out of my Manuka Doctor Age-Defying Serum, and despite being happy with it, I have been dying to try some of the products from Jurlique.  Having walked past the chemist in Warragul for a while and seen the display for their 'Nutri-Define Superior Retexturising Facial Serum' in the window, I finally went in for a look.  However, at $145 a bottle I just couldn't do it (!), but having a good look at their products I spied this...
.... the 'Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum', which is a youth defence active gel concentrate, and being aware that I'd just run out of my previous serum I knew that it was fate.  Ok, so maybe it wasn't fate, but I just had to give it a try.
For starters it smells gorgeous, with the initial scent coming through being a lovely sweet rose.  You only need a little bit, with 1 to 2 pumps onto your fingers only delivering a tiny amount, then it smooths well over the face.  I really like that Jurlique is an Australian company, it is a leader in natural skin care and their ingredients come from their farm here in Australia.
It is an anti-ageing product with hydration benefits, and claims to help reduce the appearance of fine lines.  It also says it will increase elasticity, restore radiance, increase hydration and has antioxidants to protect you against the harsh environment.  Having only had it a short while it is yet to prove itself, but so far I am pretty confident in it's abilities.  It is, however, lovely to use. 
Do you use a serum?  If so, which one do you like?


Thursday, November 13, 2014

OOTD Spring Dreams

The weather is well and truly warming up, although it is doing that weird Spring thing where it bounces back and forth between being 30 plus degrees (Celsius) and about 15.  Maybe that is why they call it Spring?!
For today's OOTD I have celebrated the sunnier season with a pretty fresh find from the charity store...yes, another OOOTD (Op Shop Outfit of the Day).
A pretty sundress, it has a lovely rose print with lace at the neckline and hem.  It has an Empire line waist, which is perfect for me to hide the post-baby bump, (or in my case, speed for each child).
This is my bike!  How gorgeous is it!?!  I bought it online from the Melbourne Bicycle Centre last year and I just love it.  The basket was extra but I just had to have it.  So far it has been handy to bring home lollies from the shop when I go riding with my 11 year old.

Today for my make up I used the Natural Tinted "Earth Cream" in the light shade from Dusty Girls, instead of a foundation, as I prefer a light natural coverage.  I also used their Natural Mineral Lip Shine in 'Argyle Pink'.  I did a post about their products here
I am also wearing Natio Mineral Blusher in 'Pink Apples' on my cheeks and on my eyes I used my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow palette, which I reviewed over here!  I used the colours White Chocolate, Marzipan and Black Forest Truffle.  I then used my new Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara and covered up a few red spots with a Covergirl Concealer in 'Light Pale'.
My 'squint lines' around my eyes are courtesy of working outdoors on farms and not wearing sunglasses, (a tip for you ladies...wear your sunglasses!!)...and for being...ummm...NOT 20 years old.
This was probably one of the funnier photo shoots I have done.  Walking up the road from my house, pushing my bike, my 11 year old pushing my little girl in the pram, the 3 year old pedalling along furiously on his little red trike, the 4 year old wandering aimlessly all over the wonder why we got some strange looks.  We looked a lot like a travelling circus.  Minus the monkeys.
My headpiece I made using a headband, three gorgeous roses from my garden...and some sticky tape.  Yes, I'm the world's best slap dash crafty type person.
The roses smelt beautiful by the way.
Even though I kept wanting to sneeze.
Now I know I'm boring and wear the same cowboy boots in every OOTD, but so far I haven't had an outfit that has suited my black ones, and as the essence of my blog is all about finding that inner cowgirl, I feel somewhat obligated to wear them.  However I haven't yet really shown them to you.
So here they Ariat boots.
Only one word can describe them.  Love.
Apologising now for my terrible legs.  If I could have hired a 'stunt double'...(is there such a thing for hideous legs??)...I would have, to spare you all the blinding agony of seeing my pins up close.  Blergh!  Please...go have a lie down.  Or a stiff drink. are some pretty trees to look at to help you forget about the leg incident.  And my bike!  Cuteness overload!!
And this was the photo where I edited out the part where I almost ran over my kids...
Photos, once again, taken by my 11 year old son. (I will be asking him to give himself a fancy photographer name soon...although no doubt then he will start charging me a fortune...)


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cowgirl Relics Designs

One of the things I love about reading other blogs is discovering new fashion, beauty products, accessories and jewellery.  As I follow along with the blog Horses and Heels I was struck dumb with ooos and ahhs at the beautiful wrist cuff that Raquel reviewed from Cowgirl Relics.  Heading straight on over to Lindy's site I found oodles of gorgeous necklaces, earrings, cuffs and other western style trinkets.  Not being able to help myself I just had to have this 'Sierra Western Extra Long Necklace with Leather Fringe'.  Priced at only $40 how could I not?

It is a bohemian-style western necklace that has white round magnesite stones, tiger's eye chips and round turquoise magnesite stones, with an upcycled vintage silver-tone, concho style connector that gives it a lovely south western flair.  The leather tassel is handcrafted deerskin that also has a turquoise magnesite talon shaped stone. 

The style of jewellery at Cowgirl Relics is a mixture of rustic and feminine, ideal for the "cowgirl in each of us", which I absolutely love as this is what my space here stands for too!  The pieces are all hand crafted, with owner/designer Lindy, paying special attention to detail.  Her goal is to bring out your cowgirl spirit!
For Lindy her love of horses, antiques, Texas country music and the great outdoors inspire her pieces, which I feel is truly reflected in this necklace.
I love that she also strongly believes in women's inner feminine strength and that inside us all lies a cowgirl - someone full of "grit and grace".
I have also bought a gorgeous pair of earrings from Cowgirl Relics, which I will showcase in another post!
Fashion today.... my shirt is from RB Sellars, my jeans are Wrangler's Booty Up jeans, (which make your butt look awesome!!) and there are those Ariat boots again.
And this photo is me looking more like my daggy self (true personality shot this one)..instead of a 'try-hard' model.
Note:  All the photos of me in my OOTD posts, including this one, are taken by my 11 year old son, who I think is becoming quite the little fashion photographer!