Friday, December 19, 2014

OOTD Long Lost

Your first thought might be that a cemetery is full of sadness, and yes, they can be.  But they are also places of reflection, history and joy, and by joy I mean the feelings you get that are associated with remembering the lives of those who are buried there.
Today's OOTD is brought to you from the Yarragon Cemetery, where there are memorials to loved ones lost dating back to the late 1800s. 
This white Embroidered Gypsy Shirt is by my new favourite label Boho Bird which you need to head to Birdsnest to find. 
The skirt is the LBD skirt from Intimo which is the coolest thing ever.  You can wear it as a skirt or a dress and it has these handy ties on it which means you can wear it all these different ways. You can even wear it upside down, tie it creatively and it's a top.  It's very funky.  These are my Wrangler boots.
My necklace I have shown you before here in a post I wrote about Cowgirl Relics
My feather earrings are also from Cowgirl Relics.  As the title of this post suggests these earrings, (or should I say one of them) is now 'Long Lost'.  This was the first time I had worn them and I promptly went and lost one of them.  In fact I lost one at the start of this shoot so if you look closely might see I have only one earring. 
I was that upset I had to have a little sit down.
Looking at the bigger picture losing an earring was nothing really, considering these monuments all represent people lost and loved ones left behind.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

OOTD Ariat Around Town

Where I live, during spring and even through summer, the weather can be quite weird.  It can go from being in the mid to high 30s (Celsius) one day and the next it can drop back down to low 20s or even less.  In fact you can have a really hot day and then the cool change will blow through and it will literally drop 10 degrees in about 5 minutes, which trust me...on a really hot day I never complain about.  Anyway, for this OOTD I took advantage of a cooler day and have decided to show you my relatively new Ariat hooded top.
This I picked up for the ridiculous bargain price of $18.  I just happened to wander into Horseland (which is something I do often if the truth be told), and they were having an 80% off sale on winter clothing.  What a shame!
I don't normally wear clothes with a big brand name label plastered across the back but for this price I am quite happy to.  Plus it's a really warm top and the fur trimmed hood is lovely and cosy.
I'm actually wearing head-to-toe Ariat today, hello Ariat jeans and boots.  Although I'm pretty sure my undies weren't Ariat.  Actually I don't think they make underwear.  But if they did I'd probably own some.
I've got on a little Kmart cheapy white single underneath.  These things are $3 and I have a bunch of them in various colours.  They're really handy.
This hooded top was one of those things that happens to you when you go shopping for your horse.  You know..."I need a new halter and some worming paste and...Ooooo...I'll have that top at 80% off."  Such a tragedy. 
Has this happened to you lately?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Mascara

The other day I was very lucky to receive a gorgeous new mascara from Dusty Girls as a thank you for sending in a 'before' and 'after' photo, using their makeup, so they could display it on their website.  (The before photo was a little alarming!)  A lovely email popped in my inbox thanking me and asking what product I would like!  I had been wanting to try their mascara, and as I own quite a few of their products already, it seemed the natural choice.
This Natural Mineral Mascara, aptly named "Night Fall", comes in this pretty mauve packaging with their sweet country logo...a rustic timber fence with a well as a piece of wheat taking the place of the 'L' in 'Dusty Girls'.  Their country girl theme suits me to a 'T'!
In terms of mascaras I have been really impressed.  I mean this.  Truly!  A lot of different mascaras I have tried end up putting too much product on my lashes and doing that 'clumping' thing.  Big black blobs of mascara.  Sure they might make your lashes look fuller but a lot just glue your lashes together.  This mascara by Dusty Girls does not do this at all.
It doesn't have a fancy wand, which I like, and it delivers such an even amount of product that it does not put any lumps or clumps of black on my lashes at all.  It combs through beautifully and it doesn't even look like I'm wearing mascara, other than genuinely making my lashes look longer.  I'm a big fan of the natural look so this is perfect.  If you want a more made up look you simply just apply a second, or even a third coat. 
Love love love this!  I highly recommend this mascara, and in fact all of the Dusty Girl cosmetics I have tried have been fantastic.  To read about the other Dusty Girl products I have tried visit my post here.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

OOTD Off to Market

Earlier in the week we had a lot of rain, which was great for our crop, but bad for my children who are officially suffering from cabin fever.  Thankfully today (Saturday) has been a beautiful day.  My husband had a shearing job in Thorpdale so I decided to take the kids out to Mirboo North where they were holding a market.  Bringing along my camera we decided to shoot another Outfit of the Day for you.
Outside the old Mirboo North post office.  With Christmas coming up no doubt these guys are flat out.  In fact I received a parcel in the mail last Sunday!
This top I bought from Trade Secret which was hugely discounted.  It's a gorgeous top, very light and floaty and is by Andrew Marc at Marc New York.
My jeans had mud on them.  I was at the farm yesterday, so say hello to my favourite denim skirt by Boho Bird which is available exclusively at Birdsnest.  And say "Whoa!" to my incredibly white legs!  Holy Underwear Batman!!  They probably should pass a law against me wearing skirts.
There was lots of things to see at the market that made my kids lose their marbles.

And I spent a lot of time yelling at them... "DON'T TOUCH!!"  But then that's pretty standard.
Oooo...also, I nearly forgot!  These are my new shoes for summer.  My first pair of wedges.  Sometimes I call them 'wedgies', but then I'm pretty certain that's something different all together.  These I ordered online from Style Tread and they are by Naturalizer.  They are super comfortable, although I'm still getting used to walking in heels (even a slight heel is a freak out for me...and my bad back...but hey, the things we sacrifice for fashion!)  The leather has been hand finished so they are just that little bit nicer than your normal shoe.
I really liked these plants but I knew they'd last five seconds in my house.  My boys are plant destroyers.  Actually...I'm not so good at remembering to water them anyway.  Good thing I didn't buy them.
These candles were tempting...
....however these blokey things....not so much.
For some reason these lemons made me very grumpy.  Perhaps I was reminiscing about an unfortunate 'accidental-lemon-eating-incident'.
Alright...tomatoes instead.
Hmmm....decisions decisions.....
Giving up on vegetables.  Buying donuts instead.
Got to love cheap books!
And flowers....
After bribing my children with ice cream I discovered we had quite a successful morning!
Despite being decidedly sticky, they didn't break anything, I didn't lose anyone and I didn't spend an outrageous amount of money!  And I wore them out for a few hours!!
How did you wear out your children...I mean..spend your weekend?






Friday, December 12, 2014

More Blogger Friends

I did a post fairly recently (see it here) highlighting the bloggers who pop over here on a regular basis and leave me lovely comments.  It's always so nice to read them.  It makes you feel loved.  Or at least like you're getting a big squashy cyber hug!  Anyway there are a few more that visit me regularly who I'm always so grateful to see...kind of like a mate that pops over for a quick cup of tea, so I thought I'd share them with you so you can head on over and check out their beautiful blogs.
So to get stuck into it...
Ok you just have to go over and visit Stephanie's blog.  Trust  me, you'll be so glad you did.  She is absolutely hysterical (in a good way!) and is a really good writer.  She is a nail and  makeup artist, so you will find lots of great posts on makeup and beauty products, but you will also see a bit of food, shopping hauls and what is generally going on in her life.  She is very driven and lately has been aiming to stick to her healthy eating goals, which fortunately (or unfortunately for me) she has been achieving very well.  I actually was a little disappointed that she did achieve her goals because she did promise that if she didn't she was going to do a vlog of herself doing a workout to a Richard Simmons tape....which I was dying to see because I knew I'd be in stitches ....(is this selfish of me?!?)  She also does the odd vlog and these are highly entertaining...that great sense of humour again.  Anyway, I always am left with a smile after reading her blog, and even have a good laugh at the witty comments she leaves on mine.  She's good value.  Do go on over and say hello!
Helen is from Scotland and she has her own fashion and style blog which has got quite a following.  She puts together some fantastic outfits and pulls off some really unique looks.  She's also studying a masters course, as well as blogging, which I have no idea how she manages both!  Hats off to her!  I really love the outfits she comes up with because they are so 'wearable'...and by this I mean that they are not a combination of things that you would never wear (ie things that you would wear only if you were strutting your stuff on the catwalk and have legs up to your armpits).  She puts together lovely outfits that are within your comfort zone but are still very unique.  She will also do the odd different post too, sharing a week in photos or reviewing other items, such as jewellery, and lately she's done a couple of great posts on some monthly food boxes she's been receiving in the mail.  Nom nom nom!!
I really like Emma's blog because it is one of those really honest and open blogs that shares a life with you.  A lifestyle blog Emma will also write a little about beauty, makeup and fashion.  She also shares what she gets up to with her little girl who looks absolutely adorable.  Emma has also been open about how she suffers from social anxiety, which I think is very brave of her to admit.  It has been great to read a post here and there where she takes steps to tackle it, which I greatly admire.  Suffering from panic attacks myself I know how difficult these sorts of issues can be.  This blog is one those that is a little like a diary at times, which makes you feel quite privileged to be allowed to share in her life. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy these blogs and go over and have a look.  Please let me know of any great ones that you read that are worth a look, it's always great to find a new blog!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

OOTD Garden Dreams

The vibrant green of the garden, the overwhelming scent of the roses, the low hum of the bees, a fine patterned china tea set and a pretty strappy top.  A perfect day for a Garden Party. 

Tea and shortbread.  Lavender and freshly cut lawn.  Wear your hair loose and find your bohemian spirit.  Don't forget your favourite pair of cowgirl boots.
Enjoy the afternoon....
....hopefully the kids are playing in the garden!  And not letting the chooks out.  Again.
Enjoy the peace and quiet...
...before the kids find me.

Meanwhile I will contemplate plotting my escape.....
Top by Junk which I got from Trade Secret for a ridiculously discounted price.  My new denim skirt that I'm still in love with by Boho Bird from Birdsnest and boots by Ariat.  Heart.
Tea anyone? 
* Photos by my son Ethan, and thanks to my Mum for styling and snapping these beautiful tea party shots for me.  Thanks Mum x