Friday, April 24, 2015

What's in my Bedside Drawers?

As a tribute post to Stephanie Eva I have filmed a little "What's in my bedside drawers" video as she did one and it was fun to watch.  So here are the horrors of my bedside drawers....

Thursday, April 23, 2015

OOTD A Good Investment

I live in vests during the cooler weather.  Bizarrely I tend not to wear jumpers, even when it's really really really cold, and I do wonder why I'm a little chilly.  However vests are a 'good investment' and the number of them in my wardrobe is a testament to this. 
Now I have done about 50 outfit posts.  I know....can you believe it.  I've showcased quite a few different styles of outfits, although most still with that 'country edge'.  This, however, is what I normally wear.  This is me.  Raw and uncut.  Any more raw and I'd be naked.  Rest assured THAT outfit post will not be forthcoming anytime soon.  Phew!
I hope you don't feel cheated, but this truly is what I look like most of the time, and actually what I feel most comfortable in.  This is what feels like me.
Out of all my vests this is actually my 'stepping out' vest.  It's my best.  It's really warm as it has a furry lining, and there is also a hood that goes with it that is obviously detachable and has currently detached itself elsewhere.  It's by R.M. Williams, one of my most favourite brands.
Underneath is a pretty floral shirt (with very tiny flowers), which is also by R.M. Williams.  My jeans are also the exact same brand.  This hat is my 'Rough Rider' Akubra. 
For some reason I completely cut off my feet in every single for this outfit post we will just assume that I have no feet.  None.  That way I have no boots either.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Weekly Vlog 14

What?  Another week gone by and another Weekly Vlog.  This week I made a new friend...of the feathered variety, my husband makes some awesome Lego trucks, I get my new glasses and look considerably nerd like, I have a therapeutic cleanse and visit the tip, I go wandering over a VERY hilly farm and get stupidly muddy feet and I see a large patch of ridiculously poisonous (but very pretty) mushrooms!  Enjoy!

Monday, April 20, 2015

OOTD Denim & Dress Ups

I have owned denim jeans.  I have owned a denim jacket.  And I now have a denim shirt.  I have a couple of denim skirts, but I have never owned a denim dress. 
Until now.
This is a great dress and is by Boho Bird, one I got through the Birdsnest website.  It is very thick, so definitely a winter dress. 
I also think it's definitely one that you wear with a belt, otherwise you look a bit sack-like.  Trust me, no one wants to look like a sack of potatoes.  However, if you were tall and skinny, and not short and squishy like me, it would probably look great without a belt too!  This is my blingy belt by Thomas Cook. 
On my wrist is a great set of bracelets that I picked up when doing a photo shoot for the magazine I work for.  I took photos at a shop called Impodimo and this was just calling out to me to buy it.
My hat is my trusty Akubra and is my 'Rough Rider' one.  It has a great wide brim, which is ideal for the harsh Australian climate.
In amongst all that long grass are my Ariat boots, which I think work well with denim; jeans and dresses alike!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Weekly Vlog 13

Hello, and time for another Weekly Vlog!

This week my daughter gets in a box, we unconventionally sew a paddock with turnips, Prince Harry arrives in Australia, I get a colouring book for grown ups (and it's NOT rude...what are you thinking?!?), we go to Maffra and experience the BEST pies in the WHOLE WORLD along the way, I get new R.M. Williams boots (the iconic Australian boot), I take the kids to the movies and I plant a pile of trees.....enjoy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

OOTD By the Billabong

In Australia a water hole can be known as a 'billabong'.  It's one of those Australian words.  I'm pretty sure it features in a few songs....such as..."Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong...under the shade of a Coolabah tree..."  The rest of the song involved a sheep (a jumbuck) and the swagman pinching the sheep and hoping to eat it for his dinner.
I didn't see any sheep here today.  The swagman, who I assume was here before, I arrived probably ate it.
In fact I didn't see any animals at all; wild, native or otherwise.  It was quite devoid of living creatures.  Even the birds had gone to snoozeville today.
Probably scared off with all my clumping and scrabbling over tree branches.  Or more likely blinded by my dazzling white legs.  How can they STILL be so the end of summer.  At the start of summer, fair enough...but at the end.  Obviously I don't get out enough.
This simple plain t-shirt was from Sussan.  The shorts are Kmart.  A nice easy summer outfit. 
Hello Ariat boots.  They are the most comfortable thing I own and look good with everything.  Except perhaps pyjamas.  But then again.....
...perhaps I need to do a nightwear outfit post?  Crack out the Ariats with that?
I'll think about it...while I wistfully stare into this nearby tree.  This scarf is one I've had for a while.  I actually bought it from my local pharmacy.  With winter just around the corner I will be getting some wear out of it again soon.
In the meantime...I think here I'm looking for that missing wildlife.  Possum?  Koala?  Nope. Hmmm...that swagman.  I hope he gets a tummy ache.

Monday, April 13, 2015

OOTD Stripes to Nowhere

I was once told I should never wear horizontal stripes.
What do you think?  Hang on...I'll just turn around....
I was told, that because I am so short and 'solid' looking (which I think might be a polite way of saying "a little bit chubby"), that horizontal stripes would make me look like a barrel.
I don't think horizontal stripes make me look like a barrel.  I think if I WORE a barrel I'd look like a barrel.  I do think, however, that I look a little chubby in everything...but then I've had four kids, and that is my body look a little chubby.  As Garfield the cat once said, "I'm not fat I'm fluffy."  I'm with Garfield.
Anyway, this striped top I picked up in Kmart.  I quite like it.  I've also got into this navy/grey colour lately.
I think it even disguises the 'fluffiness'!
It's a great top with jeans...these are my Ariat jeans and boots, and it's great to just throw on when you're doing the school run.  Or when you're standing out in the middle of nowhere contemplating a gate.
Or even several gates.....