Thursday, October 30, 2014

OOTD Red Ruffles

I'm quite enjoying the sudden fashion turn that my blog has taken, and as well as doing something I really love, which is styling photo shoots, it seems to be turning my 11 year old son into quite a good photographer!  Unfortunately it is me that has to model all these outfits that I am finding in Op Shops (Charity stores), but I guess you are looking at what society deems a 'real' woman.  You with wobbly bits, stretched out tummy skin from having babies and an un-Photoshopped face. 
I have also discovered that it is helping me follow one of my true purposes behind this unleash a little bit of cowgirl in everybody!  If you've noticed my headings here on my blog; such as 'Cowgirl Up', 'Country Style' and 'Horses', it really is the direction I want to go with it all.
Anyway, today's OOOTD...(yes, another great Op Shop find!)
I really like this little ruffle top I found for the incredible price of $4.  It's a perfect top for Summer and as I quickly hides the tummy!  Joy!  I've never worn anything fluffy like this, at least not since I was put in ruffles by my Mum when I was younger, but I quite like the look.  I even wore this out to dinner last weekend when I took my kids out to the pub!
These are my Ariat jeans, again.  I shoot I will wear something different on the bottom half (!)...and quite possibly I wasn't wearing any shoes.  Actually I Ariat boots are under there somewhere.
These photos were taken in my Dad's front paddock.  Judging by the length of the grass his steers have been hanging about up the back of the farm.  Despite the lack of bovine bodies I still don't look particularly comfortable!  Not really a natural model.  I think I might even have been muttering instructions to my photographer/son here.
I'm pretty sure that I was getting hungry here, the grumpy face is creeping in.  I just look like I was so thinking about food.  I did, however, decide at this point that this was a great outfit to wear out to dinner, so off to the pub we went!
Would you wear something from a Charity/Op shop to tea?!  I did, and people were none the wiser!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

OOTD Cowgirl Up

For today's OOTD, or should I say OOOTD (I'm still keeping with my theme of purchasing items from Op shops) I have come up with a more Western look.  This fantastic t-shirt I found for a mere $4 at the local church charity store.  A simple white tee, it has a turquoise blue line of stitching across the front and the yoke to give it a look of a western shirt. 
To match the turquoise stitching I teamed it with a blue beaded bracelet and a turquoise stone and silver beaded bracelet I also found at the same store, along with a pair of long hooped earrings with the same colour beads.  The pale blue sequinned clutch was another lucky find!  Each item was a bargain at $3.
My jeans are by Ariat and once again, my favourite Ariat boots!  The little roll of left over baby padding (eerrkk!!) popping out from under the shirt is courtesy of my four children.
I think I might be getting the swing of this modelling thing!  Hmmm...then again....maybe not!
Have you ever come across anything great at an op shop/charity store?

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Little Lush

I read a lot of blog posts about Lush products but up until now have never tried any.  Lush stores have been in Australia for a while but I could never really bring myself to go in.  Why?  Because of the smell.  Don't get me was never a bad smell!  It's just that when I walked past the store I would immediately begin to feel itchy.  My nose would start to twitch, my throat would start to burn and even my eyes would water.  As you can probably guess I'm a bit sensitive to overly scented products, so for me a Lush store was equivalent to torture, despite the delicious treats concealed within.

So, as a result I have never bought anything from Lush, as tempting as the bath bombs and hair products looked.  But then I discovered Lush online and bath time has been changed forever.
I ordered four different bath bombs to try, one of them being this....
....  the 'Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic'.  It was super festive with it's shimmery gold and pretty white bow, perfect in the lead up to Christmas.
My husband was away shearing up north, the kids were (finally) in bed, so I decided to treat myself and have a relaxing bath.  Now I've never used a bath bomb before so this completely freaked me out!  (In a good way).
How much fun are bath bombs?!  This particular one had a description that read -  "Drop this gold dust gift in a warm bath and watch in wonder as golden stars burst out, turning the bath a vibrant blue.  The champagne-like fragrance of sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil will uplift your spirits."
I was pretty gobsmacked that it turned the water blue after all that gold.   I also really liked the gold stars and the lovely golden shimmer that drifted about the bath for a while after it turned blue.
Pretty gold stars! water.
All in all I did have a relaxing bath, something I should do more often as I know it will be good for my bad back and my frazzled nerves (!)  Now, with a couple more bath bombs to try, I have an excuse!
What are your favourite Lush products?





Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day Trip to Walhalla

I'm very lucky to live in the gorgeous state of Victoria here in Australia, and even luckier still I live in a region called Gippsland.  Now Gippsland is actually a rather large area, consisting of West Gippsland, South Gippsland, Central Gippsland and ( guessed it) East Gippsland.  It is a rural area, which if you look on the map, covers pretty much the entire south east corner of the state of Victoria. 

Here you will find such diverse country as mountains, rivers, farmland, rainforests, swamplands, National Parks, State Forests, beaches, the ocean and everything else in between.  It's a gorgeous part of the world but weirdly I don't often venture out into it for fun.  You know, just take my kids for a day out.  We're a little boring really! 

I do get to see a lot of Gippsland with my magazine job as it covers the entire region, so here I am extremely lucky.  Anyway, today I thought I would rustle up the kids...which is no mean feat...and take them on a day trip to the historic township of Walhalla.

Now Walhalla is a teeny weeny town lodged in the middle of a groove in the mountains north east from where I live.  It appeared in the mid 1800s due to a gold rush and at its peak had a population of 3,500.  Now roughly 20 people live there, although it has a continual influx of tourists due to its remoteness, it's historical buildings and the old steam train which you can ride on through the narrow valley down to the Thompson River.  This town is actually so remote you can't get service on your mobile (Oh no!  Shock horror!!) and I am assuming Wi-Fi is completely out of the question.  In fact they were the last mainland town in Australia to have electricity connected....which wasn't until 1998.  Yes...I said 1998 not 1888 or 1908 ...but seriously, only two years before the year 2000.  What the??

Anyway, here is a visual feast of our day.
My three boys.  They look adorable but no doubt are thinking about how they can get into mischief.  A LOT of mischief.
Little girl's very first train trip.
I know I'm biased...but how cute is my daughter!!
I think she's enjoying herself!
About to go over the Thompson River.  The boys are literally about to explode with excitement.  Either that or it could be the vast quantities of sugar they have consumed. 
In summer my husband comes up here to the Thompson River with a big rubber tyre and his brother.  Together they hop on the tyres at one spot and drift on down to where they leave one of their utes.  It takes a bit of ute Ping-Pong, so to speak, before they can hop in the river, leaving one ute at their destination, then driving back up the road together to their starting point on the river and getting in here up stream before drifting down to the first ute.  Later they then have to drive back up to the start point again to pick up the other ute.  Confused??  Trust works.  Although they still haven't taken me yet I'm hoping that this summer I'll be good to go.  Once my husband even had a little platypus swim along beside him, which is amazing because normally they are really shy.  He said it backstroked around him for ages.  For those who are unsure what a platypus looks like...just image an otter crossed with a duck.
My eldest and my youngest....10 years apart!  Good grief!
How pretty is the Australian bush?
There was even a ragtime band awaiting our return! it might not have been to herald our arrival...but it was pretty cool.
The old CFA building (Country Fire Authority), or should I saw Ye Olde CFA.
A local resident...a Rosella.
And a King Parrot.
Australia has awesome birds.
And just to prove I was actually there....
Judging by my expression it's been a long day and I'm ready to take the little terrors..I mean darlings...home.





Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Twist on OOTD

I have decided to start a regular series of posts based loosely around the traditional OOTD type post.  Funny, but I couldn't work out what OOTD stood for initially.  Was it some kind of funky disease?  Did it stand for Overtly Over The Top Dad??  (sort of)  Of course then I put two and two together, (the visual clues of photos of outfits WAS a big help!) and figured it out.  I felt pretty silly at this point.
Anywho...I have decided that these types of posts look kind of fun but here's the problem.  I don't have bucket loads of cash to spare, and I'm actually more likely to buy new clothes for my baby girl than myself, plus if I do buy new clothes it is far and few between and everything I do get is country gear.  So, I came up with this brilliant about I do a spin on the usual OOTD post and start a OOOTD?  Why not scour the op shops of the district (perhaps known as charity shops depending on where in the world you are), and come up with some outfits at bargain prices!  What a challenge I here goes.  An Op Shop Outfit of the Day.
For my first OOOTD I found this really cute skirt...for the ridiculous price of $4.50.
It has pink underneath, with a really nice brown lace fabric over the top, and pretty lace on the hem.  It is also really comfortable with the fabric being surprisingly stretchy, so it even fits over my much-stretched-I've-carried-four-babies tummy.
Here I am showing you my butt...which according to my husband is one of my better assets.  Me, I'm not so sure.  The singlet top was also a bargain at $3, but I got this new from Kmart.  Crazy huh?!
Here I'm really working it baby, and kind of getting into the swing of being a model.  Bwahahahaha!  I felt pretty ridiculous actually.  I'm more comfortable behind the camera, but...anyway.  The pink flower is a hair clip, which I think ties the whole outfit together and gives it that touch of Spring.
And on my feet are my trusty and much loved Ariat cowboy boots that I wear virtually everyday.  How is it that cowboy boots look awesome with everything?!
I hope you enjoyed my op shop outfit of the day...stay tuned for the next instalment of shopping on a major budget.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara

I have never owned an expensive mascara.  I have never even owned a 'slightly more' expensive mascara.  Never having worn a great deal of it, because my lashes are naturally dark anyway, I never really saw the point and have got by with the odd slick of a cheaper brand that you can pick up anywhere...such as in supermarkets and chemists.  Maybelline has always done me just fine, and I still can't really fault these lesser priced brands, but finally I decided to spend a bit more and get a different mascara.
So browsing through the fabulous online beauty store Mecca I came across this one - the Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara.  Having heard so many great things about Argan Oil and how good it is for your hair I thought I would give it a whirl on my lashes.
The one thing I have discovered is that it is definitely worth spending a little more on your mascara.  I actually can't remember what I paid for this, yes I'm a dufus, but I am pretty certain it was just under $30. 
My thoughts so far is that it creates quite a natural look with the first application and that it has a really good brush to it.  It left a few tiny clumps this morning but they brushed through ok and it did leave my lashes looking a little longer and thicker.  I did apply one coat but discovered that for maximum definition you will need at least two coats, particularly if you want your lashes to really pop.
I will probably need to keep using it for a while to see whether the Argan Oil has any long term effect, although I think it may be difficult to actually see whether my lashes are more conditioned or not....they are pretty small!  But I am confident that I will keep using either this one, or another that is a mid-range priced product.
What is your favourite mascara?